NYC Shopping

When visiting New York there are a few must-see and must-do experiences that simply cannot be missed. Places like the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and Times Square are obvious options, but by far the most enjoyable New York experience is shopping! New York is home one of the worlds leading fashion industries, so it’s almost guaranteed to find something perfect for your budget, body and taste. Before you get to excited though, be sure to reserve a New York car rental with lots of trunk space you’re going to need it!

New York City Malls

To start your shopping experience be sure to check out some of New York City’s premiere malls. Finding a parking spot for your New York car rental might be a little tough, but it’s worth the struggle. Malls like the Manhattan Mall on 6th Avenue and 33rd Street offer practically every store in the world, from hip clothing distributors to modern house wares. The Staten Island Mall located at 2655 Richmond Avenue offers all the big names like Macy’s, Sears and JC Penny along with other specialty stores, so be sure to check them out! Other malls in New York City include the Queens Center at 90-15 Queens Boulevard at Woodhaven Boulevards, and the South Street Seaport at 12 Fulton Street to name a few!

Designer Duds

In the mood to splurge a little on yourself during your NYC trip? Why not check out some of the amazing designer clothing stores found in New York! Gas up that New York rental car and empty out the backseat, you’re going to need as much cargo room as possible! Most of the stores like Anna Sui, Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, Prada, and Vera Wang can be found nestled into the New York City fashion district that is Madison Avenue. There are literally thousands of new designer clothes available in New York, so let your inner shopping personality go wild! It is totally understandable if you need to make a few trips back and forth to your favorite stores because you’ve run out of trunk space in your New York rental car!


Vintage clothing is always in style, so don’t miss out on scoring some seriously sweet swag at some of New York’s trendiest Vintage boutiques. Stores like The Antique Boutique, Alice Underground, Canal Jeans and Cheapjack’s are all located on Broadway, which makes it an easy cruise in your New York rental car. These shops offer one of a kind merchandise at great prices so don’t miss out!

Toy Stores

Are you traveling with small children during your trip to New York City? Why not take them to one of the many elaborate toy stores located throughout the city! These toy stores are a perfect distraction for tired and cranky kids with all the bright colors, sweet smells and kid preferred merchandise. You may even find your adult self revisiting your own childish roots inside stores like Chimera, Enchanted Forest, Penny Whistle Toys, Star Magic and Warner Brothers Studio stores.

New York is also home to many beautiful furniture stores; both antique and designer, leather or wood New York’s got it all! There are also bookstores galore from the large chain stores to the more personal and cozy privately owned endeavors. Bookstores are the perfect place to relax and de-stress after a long day of sight seeing and fighting traffic in your New York rental car, so be sure to take advantage of the serenity! Camping goods, cosmetics and electronics are just a few of the other products available at some of the many fine retailers in NYC. So stop by the bank and get ready to indulge in some retail therapy you never know when a pair of slinky black sling-backs may start calling your name!

Luxury Accommodations

Are you looking to live it up in the lap of luxury during your next vacation? Well, New York City has just what you’re looking for! Luxury hotel accommodations are abundant in this city of constant light and action. Living life like the rich and famous, even for just a few days, is an experience everyone has dreamt about at least once or maybe a million times, so why not make that dream a reality? Valet paring for your New York rental car, room service every night and silky soft sheets await you! Read on to learn about some of the special features provided by luxury hotels and for the names of some of New York’s finest!

New York City is by far one of the biggest, busiest and most popular places in the world! With literally millions of people visiting yearly, New York has become the epicenter of business, entertainment and much more. The business of luxury accommodations in New York has become a huge industry, creating some fantastic hotel options for those people visiting the Big Apple. Luxury accommodations offer you more than just a place to sleep at night; in fact they offer you a whole new travel mentality. From world famous restaurants to top notch spa retreats, there isn’t much you can’t do at a New York luxury hotel!

When you’re driving through the City in your New York rental car be sure to stop and stare at some of these luxury establishments. They tower over the city like giants, oozing the very best that money can by. Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue are home to some of the best hotels in New York City including the historic Waldorf Astoria, the Plaza Hotel and the Kitano. If you want to take a short drive in your New York rental car over to West and 60th you’ll come face t face with the Trump International Hotel and Tower talk about luxury!

Amenities Offered in Luxury Hotels and Suites

Depending on what hotel you stay amenities could include: a turn down service, refrigerators, 2-line telephone, fax machine, high speed internet, complimentary cell phone during your New York stay, DVD player, min-bar, in room library, personal masseuse, coffeemaker and so much more! Luxury suites are decorated with the crme de la crme of interior design, often offering plush sofas, beautiful lamps and immaculate views of the city that never sleeps.

Hotel Amenities

The luxury hotels available in New York City offer everything! From valet parking for your New York rental car to state of the art fitness facilities, NYC knows how to treat its guest’s right! If you’re traveling on business don’t worry, luxury hotels offer business centers, and professional boardrooms perfect for presenting your big business pitch in style. By far one of the best perks of staying in a luxury hotel is the food. Many of the best places to eat in New York are located inside hotels like the Ritz Carlton and the Carlyle. Fine cuisine is provided by world-class chefs, prepared with the finest ingredients from all around the world. Don’t feel like getting all dressed up to go down to the dining room? Why not have it sent up by room service? Many restaurants located in luxury hotels offer the option of room service, allowing you to enjoy the mouthwatering dishes from the privacy of your own room.

Luxury hotels don’t come cheap, so be sure to visit sites like or to check out deals and discounts. Also be sure to check out the luxury hotels website, often they will post special opportunities online.


Fine Dining

Hungry? Then it’s time for you to check out one of New York City’s 18,000 plus restaurants! Are you in the mood for some exquisite culinary cuisine this evening? Then treat your taste buds to some Fine Dining experiences la New York! New York offers innumerable fine dining options in its upscale neighborhoods, so regardless of what you’re craving; be it seafood and steak, or a finely aged wine, there’s sure to be something perfect for you and your travel mates. Plus there are so many fine dining establishments in the city you won’t have to drive all over the place in your New York car rental searching for something just right!

Times Square Area

Are you looking for a place to eat after in a show in the New York Theatre area, better known as Times Square? How about something a little cultural? The Times Square area offers a handful of mouthwatering Asian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants perfect for those of you craving something a little oriental! The Haru and Ruby Foo’s are both located on Broadway, so why not park your New York car rental for the night and enjoy a leisurely stroll. For those of you watching your wallet this vacation restaurants like Little Saigon and Siam Inn Too offer moderate and inexpensive prices without skimping on taste! If you’re looking for delectable sushi jump into your New York car rental and head to 57 West and 46 street to Sushi Zen! The Times Square area also offers other international cuisines like French at Les Sans Culottes, or Italian at Candela and there are always authentic American restaurants like the Times Square Brewery Restaurant available.

Central Park

Have you lost track of time during your visit to Central Park and are now absolutely ravishing for some good eats? Don’t worry, there’s no need to drive uptown in your New York car rental! Why not drop in at Fantino’s Italian fine dining restaurant? Interested in grabbing a nightcap before heading back to your hotel room in your New York car rental? Why not visit Caf Pierre or Nirvana? Both offer a fully equipped bar on-site, so why not try and stump the bartender with an extravagantly elaborate drink order!

The Lower Manhattan Area

Heading downtown this evening in your New York car rental? Why not stop by and grab a bite to eat at the Fleur de Sel? The Fleur offers a three course tasting menu for lunch along with a six course seasonal tasting menu for dinner. The lounge area at the Eugene restaurant is open until 4am for those of you who prefer the New York nightlife! Offering fine dining and a fully equipped bar, Eugene’s is sure to become one of your fast favorites! If it’s a good steak you’re looking for than Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse is where you want to be! Uncle Jack’s offers an award-wining venue which features impeccable service and an exceptionally tasty array of items on the menu.

Greenwich Village

If you’re in Greenwich Village during your stay in New York you simply must visit Butter. Butter has an ever changing menu thanks to the guidance of the Executive chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli. His exotic re-interpretations of classic New American tastes is something you try! Plus the deserts are simply to die for! Guarnaschelli has created such concoctions as Bittersweet Chocolate Crme Brule by combining European techniques with classics American ingredients.

Bon Appetite!


Economical Accommodations

Just because New York is the city that never sleeps doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in a little shut eye! And no, sleeping in the back of your New York rental car does not count! That’s why New York is full of literally hundred of thousand hotel rooms, perfect for taking a snooze in. And just because you’re visiting New York City on a budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for budget comfort! There are plenty of relaxing hotel rooms available in the Big Apple at reasonable prices, so don’t you worry! There’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel room that you barely use, (beside for the occasional nap between adventures!) so check out some of the below options for some money saving tips!

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a great option for the business man on the budget. Corporate housing offers fully furnished accommodations for weekly, monthly and sometime even daily stays! Corporate houses will often include 2 phone lines, high speed internet, fax machines and plenty of space to organize your work. Corporate housing is also available for a fraction of the cost of a suite style hotel room! What more could you possibly ask for! For more information on corporate housing in New York visit!

Chain Hotels

Another great money saving accommodation option is that of the chain hotel. Hotels like the Howard Johnson, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn and Days Inn (too name a few) all offer economically priced rooms that are both spacious and clean. There’s plenty of parking available for your New York rental car creating a safe atmosphere for your rental vehicle. Chain hotels are a great option because they are located in high traffic areas which are full of fun and excitement.

Bed and Breakfasts

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast can be both romantic and economical, allowing you to create lasting memories without emptying your bank account! Bed and Breakfasts are located in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, so don’t think that you have to drive all over the city in your New York rental car looking one! Bed and Breakfasts have an added bonus of private ownership, which creates a cozy personalized experience. Plus a home cooked breakfast is included so what’s not to love! Bed and Breakfast in the Manhattan area include Bevy’s Bed & Breakfast and Efuru Guest House (1-212-431-8214), and the Holmes Bed and Breakfast (1-917-838-4808).

Online Reservations

Booking your hotel accommodation online is simple and easy, PLUS it can save you money! By visiting sites like or you can search for discounts and deals on some of the more expensive hotel rooms available in New York City. It isn’t uncommon to find some pretty amazing steals online so be sure to check out your online reservation options. Please be sure to read over any legal documentation applied on the site to ensure that your credit and privacy is being protected.


Another popular accommodation for those of you traveling with a large group of friends is the hostel. Hostels are dorm style rooms which offer comfortable bunk bed accommodations at extremely cheap prices. Hostels also offer double or single rooms for those travelers looking for a little more privacy. Hostels also offer a floor kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals, saving you even more money! Hostels in New York include the Chelsea Center, the International Student Center, Wolcott Hotel, Amsterdam Inn and many more!

AAMCAR understands that saving money is an important part to planning a vacation; that’s why we pride ourselves on offering economically priced New York rental cars and helping give information on other money saving times. We hope you enjoy your stay in New York City!

NYC Theatre

The Theatre has always been a major part of New York tradition; a memorable night is practically guaranteed! Whether you’re planning on heading to an on-Broadway smash, or an off-Broadway independent production, there will always be something suiting your tastes playing on or off Broadway. Just drive your New York rental car over to Times Square’s Theatre District to take in one of the performances! You can choose from comedies, tragedies, musicals, opera and so much more!

A Brief History of Broadway

The first smash theatre built in the New York area was the Park Theatre at City Hall in 1810. The Park Theatre retained full reign over NYC for approximately 10 years until the Bowery Theatre was opened in 1921. These theatres offered a rich line up of shows, but not much variety; all of the productions had a rich Victorian air due to the surge in immigration from European countries to US soil. Tragically the original New York theatre, the Park, was burnt down in the mid to late 1800’s, but the property didn’t sit idol very long. Two brothers purchased the land and rebuilt the theatre, renaming it the Madison Square Theater. This theatre was like no other at the time because of its dual stage feature – the stages were controlled by elevator mechanics and could easily be moved!

The Madison Square theatre was soon known world wide for its revolutionary stage, and it wasn’t long before mechanical dual stages were installed in more and more theatre houses worldwide. In 1891 Madison Square theatre became famous again, this time for installing the first flashing marquee over the boulevard as a way of attracting people to the building. Theatre had finally made it mainstream, with all the glitz and glam of Haollywood! At the turn of the twentieth century more than 16 theatres had been built in what is now the Times Square Theatre District, also know as Broadway. Burlesque acts were also flourishing, marrying theatre with flashy dancing and erotic behavior. The early 1900’s saw over 70 plays performed in New York City, plus a growing popularity in the burlesque sector. The Broadway of today was taking shape!

Today’s Broadway offers none stop entertainment, encompassing multiple genres. When driving through the Theater District in your New York rental car signs advertise everything from the Muppets to musicals, horrors and tearjerkers. Many of the older theatres have kept their original 1920s name but have been replaced with newer, state-or-the-art buildings like Studio 54 and the Majestic.

New York is also home to Off-Broadway theatrical houses. These theatres often house post-Broadway tours of your favorite show so be sure to spin by in your New York car rental to check out the line-ups. Off-Broadway has also been known to launch an unknown independent theatrical piece into Broadway stardom, so be sure to check out some of the locally produced shows! Popular Off Broadway hits include the Little Shop of Horrors, Nunsense, and Bring in Da’ Noise, Bring in Da’ Funk.

Tickets for On and Off Broadway shows can be purchased online at websites like, and Or you can drive your New York car rental to the theatres box-office. For more information on the shows playing during your next trip to NYC visit the official source for Broadway information at AAMCAR encourages you to take part in this truly New York experience, because a night on Broadway is something that you’ll never forget!


NYC Subway

The First subway company in New York City was the IRT – the Interborough Rapid Transit Subway which opened in 1904. This masterpiece of engineering allowed for folks to get from place to place quickly and economically through the use of elevated trainlines throughout the city. It wasn’t long before NYC decided that they needed to build an underground transit system to help resolve the congested streets and the over development of many neighborhoods. The subway system in place today in New York City is run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City connecting the Bronx to Brooklyn and everywhere in between. Tired of looking for parking spots in your New York rental car? Why not hop on the subway instead. You’ll not only save yourself a little road rage, but you’ll also feel like a true blue New Yorker!

Never been on the Subway before? We here at AAMCAR have compiled a list of helpful tips for first time riders and some safety advice for all subway users. So after you return your car and hang up those New York rental car keys, hop on the train!

  • The fare for New York Subways are $2 – Senior citizens and people with disabilities who have proper identification are entitled to reduced fares
  • There are 468 stations that serve 24 routes – the most of any other system in the world!
  • The routes are identified by letters and numbers – they serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens (Staten Island is served by the Staten Island Railway)
  • Trains run from ever 2 to 5 minutes during prime hours and every 10 to 20 minutes during the other hours
  • Please look for black and yellow signs telling you where to wait safely on the platform
  • There are plenty of signs on the platform that will tell you were to wait for your train
  • Please don’t lean against the doors of the subway, they will open unexpectedly
  • Be sure to hold on to the provided handholds if there are no seats available and please offer your seat to elder riders if there are no other seats left


  • There are approximately 4.5 million riders on average per weekday with about 1.4 billion riders a year!
  • The subway is a safe and economical alternative to driving your New York rental car.
  • There were over 6,400 subway cars in the New York Subway fleet in 2002 and these cars cover over 347,188,000 miles a year!
  • There are over 840 miles of subway track hidden beneath the busy streets of New York.
  • Laid end to end these tracks would stretch from New York City all the way to Chicago!
  • The newer trains in the New York Transit fleet come equipped with a specialized computer system that helps to regulate the speed of the trains resulting in more accurate arrival and departure times
  • The New York City Subway system uses the same amount of power per year as the city of Buffalo does annually!

For more information on the history of the New York City subway system, begin with the IRT, please visit the Metropolitan Transportation Authority at This site also has information on other forms of public transportation in New York, so if you feel like giving your New York rental car a break one night, log on to browse the schedules of subway trains and buses in your area.


NYC Restaurants

Getting a little hungry? Then hop in that New York rental car and check out one of the fine eateries native to NYC. Whether you are in the mood for Italian or Japanese; seafood or a succulent steak, New York has something for every taste bud. New York offers both fine dining, for those on a romantic trip to the Big Apple, and a more relaxed family atmosphere for those of us tooting around with the kids. No matter what your price range is, New York has a restraint for you. Read on to learn a little bit about the diverse dining options in New York City. AAMCAR will be adding more specific pages in the near future, full of interesting information on some of the top restaurants in NYC. This way when the munchies hit you won’t have to waste valuable time in your New York rental car searching for the right restaurant!

Fine Dining in New York City

New York City is home to every type of dining facility on the planet, from fast food to elegant gourmet restaurants. There are over 2,500 fine dining restaurants alone in New York offering every type of ethnic cuisine in the world. From Mexican to French, and Russian to Indian, New York has all the basics covered! Restaurants that fall under the fine dining umbrella include the Four Seasons and the Rainbow Room in Midtown Manhattan.

Most of these fine establishments offer live entertainment and include a full bar. Please note that these dining establishments may have a dress code requiring a jacket and forbidding jeans or sneakers. You may also want to make reservations before you leave your hotel in your New York rental car – these restaurants often fill up quickly, so plan ahead. A meal at one of these establishments will also cost you a pretty penny; you’ll be lucky to find anything under $30, with the sky as the limit. The food is definitely worth it though! Many of these restaurants employ world-class chefs, use top-grade ingredients and offer a superb wine list. For a night that you won’t soon forget be sure to drive your New York rental car to one of New York’s finest world-class eateries!

Coffee Shops NY

Everybody needs a good cup of Joe once and a while, so why not drop by one of New York City’s taste coffee shops for a latt? Places like Big Cup, Serendipity (and you thought it was just a movie with John Cusak!), and In the Black offer a bit more personality then the hectic rush of Starbuck’s, but if you just can’t bare to part with this staple of home, don’t worry there’s a Starbuck’s on practically every corner!

Family Dining

If you’re looking to sit down for a hassle-free meal with the family during your New York vacation places like The Barking Dog, Good Enough to Eat and Grilled Cheese NYC offer kid friendly atmospheres. They provide economically priced kids menus that are both fun for your kids and cheaper for you. The adult menus are also priced accordingly and offer a wide variety of classic favorites.

It would be impossible to list every restaurant in New York City on our page, so be adventurous! Instead of eating at one of those chain restaurants that can be found in every state, why not take your NY rental car to some place totally new and exciting! Your stomach will thank you!


NYC Events

You will always find some type of event happening in New York City regardless of the time of year you plan to vacation there. New York hosts everything from art exhibits to rodeos, film festivals to car shows. Many of the events staged in New York year after year have become world famous, attracting both tourists and locals to join in the celebrations. Not sure when to plan your trip to New York? Read on to learn when some of the most exciting events are taking place in New York this up coming year, and stay tuned to AAMCAR’s website for more exciting information to be posted.


New York knows how to kick off holiday’s right, so why don’t you plan to visit the Big Apple during a season of celebration? You’ll have to keep your New York rental car back at the hotel though because many of these parades shut down some of the main streets of the city. Parades include the Columbus Day Parade celebrating the founding father of the Americas, the Easter Parade that features wacky hat designs and colorfully clad pedestrians, the Labor Day Parade that salutes the many men and women who make New York great and of course the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade that includes wonderfully decorated floats and even Santa Clause is known to make an appearance!

Parades not really your cup of tea? How about fireworks? When you plan a vacation to New York City during the Fourth of July weekend you’ll be sure to catch an eyeful of color in the sky! Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks celebration features barge loads of fireworks that can be seen throughout the city, whether you’re sitting parked in your New York rental car or watching from the balcony of your hotel. These colorful spectacles are shot out over the East River. Before the fireworks get underway at night, be sure to drive your New York rental car over to historic Battery Hill to watch the Battery Fourth of July Celebration that features live outdoor concerts on the lawn.

How about searching for some Easter egg fun? If you visit the NYC area during this holiday you can participate in a classic New York tradition. The Annual Easter Eggstravaganza will involve a little bit of exploration in your New York rental car, but seeing the smiles on your children’s faces will make it all worth while! First you can create your own Easter bonnet at Cherry Hill, before you begin the Easter egg hunt at the Bethesda Fountain. There are also puppet shows, arts and crafts and an Easter bunny petting zoo at Rumsey Playfield.

By far the most famous event in New York is the Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration and Ball Drop hosted by the one and only Dick Clark! Hundreds of thousands of people flock to Times Square to watch the ball descend over New York City, ringing in the New Year. The First Night in New York celebration also takes place New Years Eve, which includes live entertainment, orchestra performances and other shows. If you don’t want to brave the crowds and the cold you can always tune in on your hotel room TV to Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve Celebration.

Other events in New York include the Feast of San Gennaro Festival, the Annual American Crafts Festival, Fleet Week and many, many more! Visit to search for more events during your stay in New York City.



New York Accommodations

Making your vacation memorable depends on a few things; where you go, who you go with – but most importantly: Where you stay! Finding the right kind of accommodations for your vacationing style is an important factor for making the most of your vacation. If your trip to New York is a romantic excursion for two, chances are you’ll be spending more time in your hotel room. Traveling with the family? Than you are more than likely going to spend more time in your New York rental car rather than your New York hotel. Vacationers also have different price ranges, from lavishly luxurious to economical and thrifty.

Luxury Accommodations in NYC

For those of you planning on getting some lasting R & R during your trip to New York City, investing in a luxurious hotel could be just what the doctor ordered. Just imagine relaxing in a Jacuzzi style tub, sleeping in late and ordering room service during the wee hours of the morning. Or what about driving up to the valet parking in your New York rental car or getting a massage at the in-house spa. Luxury hotels are a wonderful experience, so why not indulge during your next trip to NYC?

Planning a romantic weekend getaway to surprise your sweetie? Go ahead and splurge! The obvious downfall of luxury hotels are the price. More often than not you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars per night to live in the lap of luxury and some of the famous penthouse suites can go for thousands. Thrifty shoppers can attempt to find some discounts online at websites like but be sure to check out the legitimacy of the web company before rendering any credit card information. Some of the popular luxury hotels in New York City include: The Plaza, The Peninsula, The Ritz Carlton and The Grand Hyatt.

Economical Accommodations in New York

Not everyone can afford chocolates on their pillow at night so thankfully there are other alternatives when it comes to finding an affordable hotel accommodation. Most vacations aren’t spent confined inside four walls of a hotel room, so why spend all that money on something that is essentially a bed?

Vacations are about sightseeing in your New York rental car and visiting world famous attractions. So hotels that cost less that $100 a night are often perfect for many family vacations or sightseeing expeditions with friends. Imagine all the cool gifts you can buy with the money you’ll save staying in hotels like the Best Western, or the Days Inn. Another super economical form of accommodation is the hostel or a hotel that has shared bathroom facilities. These dorm styled rooms are perfect for moderate groups of friends planning on taking in the glitz and glam of New York City on a budget.

The most important part about reserving a hotel room is finding the type of accommodation that suites your needs, just like finding the right kind of New York rental car depends on your personal driving needs. Stay tuned to AAMCAR’s website for more in depth reviews on selected luxury and economical accommodations in the New York area.


New York City Overview

Welcome to New York! New York is sure to show you a good time, whether you’re here for business or pleasure. As one of the busiest places on the planet New York offers a wide variety of attractions for tourists and New York natives alike. Not sure where to begin? Well read on here to learn a general overview of New York, and then feel free to browse the remainder of AAMCAR’s informative web pages. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat, or a national monument New York has it covered and we here at AAMCAR are dedicated to helping our customers with all aspects of their trip, not just their New York rental car!

Brief New York History Facts

  • In 1789-90 New York was actually the capital of the United States
  • By 1790 it was the largest city in America
  • In 1898 a charter was adopted, splitting New York into the Five Boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island
  • Manhattan was supposedly bought from the Native Americans by the Dutch for $24 worth of trinkets
  • It is rumored that during the depression many well-to-do families were forced to make ends meet by selling apples in the streets of New York City. This is where the name “The Big Apple” comes from. (Fact or Fiction? No one is really sure!)
  • Another popular story about the origins of “The Big Apple” is based on the 1920’s and 30’s jazz musicians of New York. It was believed that once you got a gig in New York you had hit the big time or got “The Big Apple”!

New York Attractions

From Wall Street to Yonkers, New York has got it all. There are museums, national sports teams, monuments, world class restaurants, international corporations, world famous theatre, endless shopping centers and so much more! You can never get bored in New York, but you definitely will get tired! The New York lifestyle is fast paced and exciting, ensuring a fulfilling vacation for both you and your travel companions. Be sure to gas up your New York Rental car before you start sight seeing because New York has plenty to offer! There’s the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue and Times Square smack dab in the middle of Manhattan.

Next you can park your New York rental car and catch the ferry out to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. Still not tired? How about taking in a game? New York offers NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL and NFL teams so grab a foam finger and start cheering! Feeling a little hungry? Why don’t you check out the Rainbow Room or one of the over 5000 other restaurants in NYC! After that you can jump back in your New York rental car and check out Broadway, or maybe drop by the Guggenheim Museum. Still got some energy left? Then why not end your day with a romantic stroll through Central Park, before turning in for the night at the scenic Waldorf Astoria or any other the exquisite 5 star hotels located in New York.

As you can see, New York is literally bursting with fun and exciting things to do. For more information on some of the key tourist attractions in New York please feel free to browse AAMCAR’s constantly growing database of information. Or visit for complete listings of attractions and events that are happening right now in the Big Apple!

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