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Hungry? Then it’s time for you to check out one of New York City’s 18,000 plus restaurants! Are you in the mood for some exquisite culinary cuisine this evening? Then treat your taste buds to some Fine Dining experiences la New York! New York offers innumerable fine dining options in its upscale neighborhoods, so regardless of what you’re craving; be it seafood and steak, or a finely aged wine, there’s sure to be something perfect for you and your travel mates. Plus there are so many fine dining establishments in the city you won’t have to drive all over the place in your New York car rental searching for something just right!

Times Square Area

Are you looking for a place to eat after in a show in the New York Theatre area, better known as Times Square? How about something a little cultural? The Times Square area offers a handful of mouthwatering Asian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants perfect for those of you craving something a little oriental! The Haru and Ruby Foo’s are both located on Broadway, so why not park your New York car rental for the night and enjoy a leisurely stroll. For those of you watching your wallet this vacation restaurants like Little Saigon and Siam Inn Too offer moderate and inexpensive prices without skimping on taste! If you’re looking for delectable sushi jump into your New York car rental and head to 57 West and 46 street to Sushi Zen! The Times Square area also offers other international cuisines like French at Les Sans Culottes, or Italian at Candela and there are always authentic American restaurants like the Times Square Brewery Restaurant available.

Central Park

Have you lost track of time during your visit to Central Park and are now absolutely ravishing for some good eats? Don’t worry, there’s no need to drive uptown in your New York car rental! Why not drop in at Fantino’s Italian fine dining restaurant? Interested in grabbing a nightcap before heading back to your hotel room in your New York car rental? Why not visit Caf Pierre or Nirvana? Both offer a fully equipped bar on-site, so why not try and stump the bartender with an extravagantly elaborate drink order!

The Lower Manhattan Area

Heading downtown this evening in your New York car rental? Why not stop by and grab a bite to eat at the Fleur de Sel? The Fleur offers a three course tasting menu for lunch along with a six course seasonal tasting menu for dinner. The lounge area at the Eugene restaurant is open until 4am for those of you who prefer the New York nightlife! Offering fine dining and a fully equipped bar, Eugene’s is sure to become one of your fast favorites! If it’s a good steak you’re looking for than Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse is where you want to be! Uncle Jack’s offers an award-wining venue which features impeccable service and an exceptionally tasty array of items on the menu.

Greenwich Village

If you’re in Greenwich Village during your stay in New York you simply must visit Butter. Butter has an ever changing menu thanks to the guidance of the Executive chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli. His exotic re-interpretations of classic New American tastes is something you try! Plus the deserts are simply to die for! Guarnaschelli has created such concoctions as Bittersweet Chocolate Crme Brule by combining European techniques with classics American ingredients.

Bon Appetite!


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