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Making your vacation memorable depends on a few things; where you go, who you go with – but most importantly: Where you stay! Finding the right kind of accommodations for your vacationing style is an important factor for making the most of your vacation. If your trip to New York is a romantic excursion for two, chances are you’ll be spending more time in your hotel room. Traveling with the family? Than you are more than likely going to spend more time in your New York rental car rather than your New York hotel. Vacationers also have different price ranges, from lavishly luxurious to economical and thrifty.

Luxury Accommodations in NYC

For those of you planning on getting some lasting R & R during your trip to New York City, investing in a luxurious hotel could be just what the doctor ordered. Just imagine relaxing in a Jacuzzi style tub, sleeping in late and ordering room service during the wee hours of the morning. Or what about driving up to the valet parking in your New York rental car or getting a massage at the in-house spa. Luxury hotels are a wonderful experience, so why not indulge during your next trip to NYC?

Planning a romantic weekend getaway to surprise your sweetie? Go ahead and splurge! The obvious downfall of luxury hotels are the price. More often than not you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars per night to live in the lap of luxury and some of the famous penthouse suites can go for thousands. Thrifty shoppers can attempt to find some discounts online at websites like but be sure to check out the legitimacy of the web company before rendering any credit card information. Some of the popular luxury hotels in New York City include: The Plaza, The Peninsula, The Ritz Carlton and The Grand Hyatt.

Economical Accommodations in New York

Not everyone can afford chocolates on their pillow at night so thankfully there are other alternatives when it comes to finding an affordable hotel accommodation. Most vacations aren’t spent confined inside four walls of a hotel room, so why spend all that money on something that is essentially a bed?

Vacations are about sightseeing in your New York rental car and visiting world famous attractions. So hotels that cost less that $100 a night are often perfect for many family vacations or sightseeing expeditions with friends. Imagine all the cool gifts you can buy with the money you’ll save staying in hotels like the Best Western, or the Days Inn. Another super economical form of accommodation is the hostel or a hotel that has shared bathroom facilities. These dorm styled rooms are perfect for moderate groups of friends planning on taking in the glitz and glam of New York City on a budget.

The most important part about reserving a hotel room is finding the type of accommodation that suites your needs, just like finding the right kind of New York rental car depends on your personal driving needs. Stay tuned to AAMCAR’s website for more in depth reviews on selected luxury and economical accommodations in the New York area.


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