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When visiting New York there are a few must-see and must-do experiences that simply cannot be missed. Places like the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and Times Square are obvious options, but by far the most enjoyable New York experience is shopping! New York is home one of the worlds leading fashion industries, so it’s almost guaranteed to find something perfect for your budget, body and taste. Before you get to excited though, be sure to reserve a New York car rental with lots of trunk space you’re going to need it!

New York City Malls

To start your shopping experience be sure to check out some of New York City’s premiere malls. Finding a parking spot for your New York car rental might be a little tough, but it’s worth the struggle. Malls like the Manhattan Mall on 6th Avenue and 33rd Street offer practically every store in the world, from hip clothing distributors to modern house wares. The Staten Island Mall located at 2655 Richmond Avenue offers all the big names like Macy’s, Sears and JC Penny along with other specialty stores, so be sure to check them out! Other malls in New York City include the Queens Center at 90-15 Queens Boulevard at Woodhaven Boulevards, and the South Street Seaport at 12 Fulton Street to name a few!

Designer Duds

In the mood to splurge a little on yourself during your NYC trip? Why not check out some of the amazing designer clothing stores found in New York! Gas up that New York rental car and empty out the backseat, you’re going to need as much cargo room as possible! Most of the stores like Anna Sui, Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, Prada, and Vera Wang can be found nestled into the New York City fashion district that is Madison Avenue. There are literally thousands of new designer clothes available in New York, so let your inner shopping personality go wild! It is totally understandable if you need to make a few trips back and forth to your favorite stores because you’ve run out of trunk space in your New York rental car!


Vintage clothing is always in style, so don’t miss out on scoring some seriously sweet swag at some of New York’s trendiest Vintage boutiques. Stores like The Antique Boutique, Alice Underground, Canal Jeans and Cheapjack’s are all located on Broadway, which makes it an easy cruise in your New York rental car. These shops offer one of a kind merchandise at great prices so don’t miss out!

Toy Stores

Are you traveling with small children during your trip to New York City? Why not take them to one of the many elaborate toy stores located throughout the city! These toy stores are a perfect distraction for tired and cranky kids with all the bright colors, sweet smells and kid preferred merchandise. You may even find your adult self revisiting your own childish roots inside stores like Chimera, Enchanted Forest, Penny Whistle Toys, Star Magic and Warner Brothers Studio stores.

New York is also home to many beautiful furniture stores; both antique and designer, leather or wood New York’s got it all! There are also bookstores galore from the large chain stores to the more personal and cozy privately owned endeavors. Bookstores are the perfect place to relax and de-stress after a long day of sight seeing and fighting traffic in your New York rental car, so be sure to take advantage of the serenity! Camping goods, cosmetics and electronics are just a few of the other products available at some of the many fine retailers in NYC. So stop by the bank and get ready to indulge in some retail therapy you never know when a pair of slinky black sling-backs may start calling your name!

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