You’ve locked your keys in your NY car rental vehicle!

carkeysLet’s face it, locking the car keys actually inside the car is something we’ve all done (or at least most of us have) at some stage in our lives. How much worse though if the car happens to be an NYC car rental vehicle and therefore one for which we don’t automatically have a spare key in our handbag or back in a drawer at home?

And isn’t it always the way that you’re in a nightmare location – and a ridiculous hour of the night – when this scenario occurs? It is in our experience anyway.

Meanwhile, what should you do when you lock the keys inside the car? There are several options of course. You could call try and open the car window with a coat hanger, try and unpick the car lock or call out an emergency road assistance team/the local garage. All of these are awkward and are going to take time. So what’s the best thing to do? Well read on…

Call the police

Chances are you’re in the middle of nowhere in a rural location or a tough part of town. It could be dangerous just standing around – especially if you are a female on your own (emergency break down companies always prioritize lone women). Call the nearest police station and tell them you’re worried and vulnerable. Chances are someone from there will be along to pick you up – and they may well have the know-how how to get into the NYC car rental and get the keys for you too.

Call the emergency road side team

You should be a member of an emergency road side team such as Allstate or AAA – especially if you already own a car of your own. The good news is that they will definitely come out to get you. They’ll also have the equipment to unlock your car and get the keys for you. The bad news is you may have to wait for them. If so, and you’re in a worrying location then it’s still fine to call the police and have them wait with you.

Give us a call here at Aamcar

We may very well have a spare key for the car or NY van rental you have rented and could come out and drop it off – provided you’re not hundreds of miles away from our location. Alternatively, if you are a great distance away then we can call emergency assistance on your behalf to make sure you’ll get home safe. Where we can, we’ll also make sure that you have alternative transport to allow you to finish your journey.

What to avoid

It may be tempting but it’s not a good idea to break into the rental vehicle by smashing a window or jimmying open the door. The reason for this is that it is going to turn out very costly in the long-run when it comes to replacing these items – especially if, as well as breaking the window, your intervention also results in the upholstery being ripped.

We hope the above has been helpful but obviously are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen to you! At least if it does, now you know what to do. You can find out more tips and advice about car rental hire by taking a look through the rest of the posts on this blog or by going to our website at

There you’ll also be able to take a look through the type of vehicles we have for hire and find out – via an online calculator – exactly how much it will cost you before you even call us. Having said that, feel free to contact us any time.

Impress your date with stylish wheels

Catalogues PageThere are many ways to impress a woman – and one of them is to turn up at her apartment door to take her out on a date with some of the smartest wheels she’s ever seen. Failing that, a pretty stunning looking car rental in NYC will do.

Here at Aamcar in the Big Apple we’re pleased to say we certainly have NY car rentals that will do the job as far as guaranteeing a smile on your date’s face. These range from a smart and compact Mitsubishi Mirage to a two door Ford Mustang and a five seat Jeep Cherokee SUV.

One to one intimate driving

The more comfortable and smart-looking the car rental, the more your new date is going to want to be happily cruising around downtown in that palace on wheels of yours. After all – she might spot some friends that she wants to show off too, and then again, so might you. No-one needs know, after all, that it’s a NY car rental and not your own (including your date – at least not until you get to know one another a bit more).

What’s more, your date may love driving around so much that she doesn’t want to go to that fancy restaurant you had planned on taking her to (which means you have already offset the cost of hiring the car rental in the first place!).

A party on wheels

But then again, maybe there’s more than one woman you want to impress? For instance perhaps you and your buddies are planning on more of a party with a handful of dates? If so then the 15 passenger NY passenger van rental would definitely be more your scene. It would certainly be comfortable enough to take you all to your final destination without anyone getting annoyed because someone is squashing their big toe or sitting on their new skirt and crushing it (we’ve personally been there, you see!).

The larger rental vans come in a wide variety of smart colours and are perfect for a crowd – thanks to the fact they’re so spacious inside. They also tend to have a pretty funky music system so excellent for entertainment value too.

Another great thing about going with a group is that although you are the designated driver, it doesn’t mean that you will be footing the bill. In other words, hiring a 15 seat passenger van with a handful of you chipping in for the cost will work out so much less expensive for everyone in the long run, giving you more cash left to spend on eats and drink.

Under age car rental

Hiring a NY car rental with us here at Aamcar is fine – providing you have a licence and are old enough to drive. We’d also like some proof of responsibility ie that you have driven regularly before and that you are prepared to pay additional insurance cover.

If you’d like more information about these extra charges then do feel free to give us a call and ask at any time. We’ll happily explain them. Meanwhile, why not take a look through our New York car rental firm Aamcar website to see if there is any vehicle in particular that takes your fancy?