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Are you looking to live it up in the lap of luxury during your next vacation? Well, New York City has just what you’re looking for! Luxury hotel accommodations are abundant in this city of constant light and action. Living life like the rich and famous, even for just a few days, is an experience everyone has dreamt about at least once or maybe a million times, so why not make that dream a reality? Valet paring for your New York rental car, room service every night and silky soft sheets await you! Read on to learn about some of the special features provided by luxury hotels and for the names of some of New York’s finest!

New York City is by far one of the biggest, busiest and most popular places in the world! With literally millions of people visiting yearly, New York has become the epicenter of business, entertainment and much more. The business of luxury accommodations in New York has become a huge industry, creating some fantastic hotel options for those people visiting the Big Apple. Luxury accommodations offer you more than just a place to sleep at night; in fact they offer you a whole new travel mentality. From world famous restaurants to top notch spa retreats, there isn’t much you can’t do at a New York luxury hotel!

When you’re driving through the City in your New York rental car be sure to stop and stare at some of these luxury establishments. They tower over the city like giants, oozing the very best that money can by. Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue are home to some of the best hotels in New York City including the historic Waldorf Astoria, the Plaza Hotel and the Kitano. If you want to take a short drive in your New York rental car over to West and 60th you’ll come face t face with the Trump International Hotel and Tower talk about luxury!

Amenities Offered in Luxury Hotels and Suites

Depending on what hotel you stay amenities could include: a turn down service, refrigerators, 2-line telephone, fax machine, high speed internet, complimentary cell phone during your New York stay, DVD player, min-bar, in room library, personal masseuse, coffeemaker and so much more! Luxury suites are decorated with the crme de la crme of interior design, often offering plush sofas, beautiful lamps and immaculate views of the city that never sleeps.

Hotel Amenities

The luxury hotels available in New York City offer everything! From valet parking for your New York rental car to state of the art fitness facilities, NYC knows how to treat its guest’s right! If you’re traveling on business don’t worry, luxury hotels offer business centers, and professional boardrooms perfect for presenting your big business pitch in style. By far one of the best perks of staying in a luxury hotel is the food. Many of the best places to eat in New York are located inside hotels like the Ritz Carlton and the Carlyle. Fine cuisine is provided by world-class chefs, prepared with the finest ingredients from all around the world. Don’t feel like getting all dressed up to go down to the dining room? Why not have it sent up by room service? Many restaurants located in luxury hotels offer the option of room service, allowing you to enjoy the mouthwatering dishes from the privacy of your own room.

Luxury hotels don’t come cheap, so be sure to visit sites like or to check out deals and discounts. Also be sure to check out the luxury hotels website, often they will post special opportunities online.


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