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Getting a little hungry? Then hop in that New York rental car and check out one of the fine eateries native to NYC. Whether you are in the mood for Italian or Japanese; seafood or a succulent steak, New York has something for every taste bud. New York offers both fine dining, for those on a romantic trip to the Big Apple, and a more relaxed family atmosphere for those of us tooting around with the kids. No matter what your price range is, New York has a restraint for you. Read on to learn a little bit about the diverse dining options in New York City. AAMCAR will be adding more specific pages in the near future, full of interesting information on some of the top restaurants in NYC. This way when the munchies hit you won’t have to waste valuable time in your New York rental car searching for the right restaurant!

Fine Dining in New York City

New York City is home to every type of dining facility on the planet, from fast food to elegant gourmet restaurants. There are over 2,500 fine dining restaurants alone in New York offering every type of ethnic cuisine in the world. From Mexican to French, and Russian to Indian, New York has all the basics covered! Restaurants that fall under the fine dining umbrella include the Four Seasons and the Rainbow Room in Midtown Manhattan.

Most of these fine establishments offer live entertainment and include a full bar. Please note that these dining establishments may have a dress code requiring a jacket and forbidding jeans or sneakers. You may also want to make reservations before you leave your hotel in your New York rental car – these restaurants often fill up quickly, so plan ahead. A meal at one of these establishments will also cost you a pretty penny; you’ll be lucky to find anything under $30, with the sky as the limit. The food is definitely worth it though! Many of these restaurants employ world-class chefs, use top-grade ingredients and offer a superb wine list. For a night that you won’t soon forget be sure to drive your New York rental car to one of New York’s finest world-class eateries!

Coffee Shops NY

Everybody needs a good cup of Joe once and a while, so why not drop by one of New York City’s taste coffee shops for a latt? Places like Big Cup, Serendipity (and you thought it was just a movie with John Cusak!), and In the Black offer a bit more personality then the hectic rush of Starbuck’s, but if you just can’t bare to part with this staple of home, don’t worry there’s a Starbuck’s on practically every corner!

Family Dining

If you’re looking to sit down for a hassle-free meal with the family during your New York vacation places like The Barking Dog, Good Enough to Eat and Grilled Cheese NYC offer kid friendly atmospheres. They provide economically priced kids menus that are both fun for your kids and cheaper for you. The adult menus are also priced accordingly and offer a wide variety of classic favorites.

It would be impossible to list every restaurant in New York City on our page, so be adventurous! Instead of eating at one of those chain restaurants that can be found in every state, why not take your NY rental car to some place totally new and exciting! Your stomach will thank you!


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