New York City Overview

Welcome to New York! New York is sure to show you a good time, whether you’re here for business or pleasure. As one of the busiest places on the planet New York offers a wide variety of attractions for tourists and New York natives alike. Not sure where to begin? Well read on here to learn a general overview of New York, and then feel free to browse the remainder of AAMCAR’s informative web pages. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat, or a national monument New York has it covered and we here at AAMCAR are dedicated to helping our customers with all aspects of their trip, not just their New York rental car!

Brief New York History Facts

  • In 1789-90 New York was actually the capital of the United States
  • By 1790 it was the largest city in America
  • In 1898 a charter was adopted, splitting New York into the Five Boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island
  • Manhattan was supposedly bought from the Native Americans by the Dutch for $24 worth of trinkets
  • It is rumored that during the depression many well-to-do families were forced to make ends meet by selling apples in the streets of New York City. This is where the name “The Big Apple” comes from. (Fact or Fiction? No one is really sure!)
  • Another popular story about the origins of “The Big Apple” is based on the 1920’s and 30’s jazz musicians of New York. It was believed that once you got a gig in New York you had hit the big time or got “The Big Apple”!

New York Attractions

From Wall Street to Yonkers, New York has got it all. There are museums, national sports teams, monuments, world class restaurants, international corporations, world famous theatre, endless shopping centers and so much more! You can never get bored in New York, but you definitely will get tired! The New York lifestyle is fast paced and exciting, ensuring a fulfilling vacation for both you and your travel companions. Be sure to gas up your New York Rental car before you start sight seeing because New York has plenty to offer! There’s the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue and Times Square smack dab in the middle of Manhattan.

Next you can park your New York rental car and catch the ferry out to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. Still not tired? How about taking in a game? New York offers NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL and NFL teams so grab a foam finger and start cheering! Feeling a little hungry? Why don’t you check out the Rainbow Room or one of the over 5000 other restaurants in NYC! After that you can jump back in your New York rental car and check out Broadway, or maybe drop by the Guggenheim Museum. Still got some energy left? Then why not end your day with a romantic stroll through Central Park, before turning in for the night at the scenic Waldorf Astoria or any other the exquisite 5 star hotels located in New York.

As you can see, New York is literally bursting with fun and exciting things to do. For more information on some of the key tourist attractions in New York please feel free to browse AAMCAR’s constantly growing database of information. Or visit for complete listings of attractions and events that are happening right now in the Big Apple!

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