Car Rental New York and The Producers on Broadway

The Producers has long been a critically acclaimed musical. It has won 12 Tony Awards, breaking the record held for nearly 40 years by the musical Hello Dolly!, which had won 10. This is an appealing show to see with your car rental in New York because it is understood by a wide range of audiences. They use accents, caricatures of Nazis, and many showbusiness in-jokes. The show will close at the St. James Theater in April 2007, so you should see it before it closes with your rental in New York.

Opening Night: Come one, come all

The play opens with the opening night of a play. The audience hates it and it closes after the first performance. The producer, Max, was once the King of Broadway vows to return again.

The next day, an accountant with dreams of becoming a producer – Leo – comes to look over the books. While there, an “investor” comes to give Max money while Leo hides out in the bathroom. Leo has a very odd quirk: he has a blue blanket that he can not bear to leave or have anyone else touch. As Leo looks over the books, he has an idea: the IRS isn’t interested in plays that flop; they are only interested in the successes. Max likes the idea and convinces Leo that it is a brilliant plan. There are 5 steps:

  • Find the worst play ever written
  • Hire the worst director in town
  • Raise two million dollars
  • Hire the worst actors in town
  • Close on Broadway and head out of the country

Leo refuses, but soon realizes he hates his job and leaves. The plan in underway.

When you want to laugh, but know you shouldn’t

One of the things that people come here with their rental in New York to see is the humor. There are many things that are considered taboo, but we still think is funny. The play that Max and Leo choose is called “Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden”. The story then follows that troubles and triumphs that Max and Leo experience.

Seeing a play on Broadway

Seeing a play on Broadway is a great experience with your car rental in New York. There are literally hundreds to choose from and they are all a lot of fun. Some might appeal to you more than others, or you might just want to see the ones that are the most talked about. Either way, there is a very easy way to get cheap tickets while you are here with your car rental in New York. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square with your car rental in New York. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows. This is a great way to take in more than one of these amazing shows that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

Car Rental New York and The Pirate Queen on Broadway

The Pirate Queen is a musical based on the life of a 16th century Irish Chieftain, adventuress, and pirate named Grace O’Malley. The musical was written by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, who are best known for their adaptation of Les Miserables. It will officially open on Broadway in 2007 for you to come see with your car rental in New York. Some changes are expected from the original Chicago version.

Yar Matties: Take off on an adventure

When you come with your car rental in New York, you will start with the launch of Clan O’Malley’s new vessel. The daughter of the captain is hidden on the ship because women were at this time considered to bring bad luck to ships. The daughter, Grania, disguises herself as a boy and when disaster strikes she proves that she is just as good as the men.

As Grania gets older, she falls in love with her childhood friend Tiernan and helps the clan become some of the most feared pirates in the world. The Queen of England, Elizabeth I, feels she is the queen of Ireland and will not be rivaled by another woman. Grania is ordered killed. Ireland falls into turmoil and opposition to the English grows. Grania must make sacrifices for her country and leave the man she loves to marry another. This other man does not respect Grania, but they have a son together.

The second act of the play begins with continued with the English. The death of Grania’s father raises her to the level of chieftain. She was probably the first and only woman in Irish history to accomplish this. Grania dismisses her husband for being a coward and goes back to Tienan. But her husband is out for revenge and betrays her. The English capture her, but Tienan escapes with her son.

Tienan offers himself for Grania’s freedom. Elizabeth feels bad for Grania becauseshe herself has faced major obstacles in her rise to power. Grania is freed to care for her child and Tienan is put in prison. Ireland has changed since she was put in jail, and Grania does not like what she sees. She decides to take matters in her own hands.

Take action

Grania returns to England and confronts the Queen. They are able to come to a conclusion at the end of the play and there is a satisfying ending.

Seeing a play on Broadway

Seeing a play on Broadway is a great experience with your car rental in New York. There are literally hundreds to choose from and they are all a lot of fun. There is a very easy way to get cheap tickets while you are here with your car rental in New York. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square with your car rental in New York. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows. This is a great way to take in more than one of these amazing shows that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

Car Rental New York and The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

The Phantom of the Opera is based on the book by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is based on the original novel by Gaston Leroux. This is one of the most famous plays on Broadway, and worth a trip with your car rental in New York.

Heighten you sensation

When you come see the play with your car rental in New York you will see the story of a beautiful signer Christine Daae as she is seduced by a mysterious disfigured musical genius known as “The Phantom of the Opera”. The Phantom lives beneath the Paris Opera. He is a sad person who terrorizes the people that work there. The Phantom demands that Christine is the star of the productions. But Christine turns down the Phantom’s advances and turns to Raoul.

The play takes place at the turn of the century in Paris. We see an old man in a wheelchair who makes a purchase at an auction that seems to have meaning to him. This will take us back to the time when the play is set.

Get into the beat

The Phantom of the Opera is a great play to come see with your car rental in New York because it has a very large orchestra. There are 26 musicians. There are 17 instruments and multiple percussion instruments. Much of the show involves string instruments, with large woodwind and brass sections as well.

Seeing a play on Broadway

Seeing a play on Broadway is a great experience with your car rental in New York. There are literally hundreds to choose from and they are all a lot of fun. Some might appeal to you more than others, or you might just want to see the ones that are the most talked about. Either way, there is a very easy way to get cheap tickets while you are here with your car rental in New York. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square with your car rental in New York. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows. This is a great way to take in more than one of these amazing shows that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

Planning your trip

The area around Broadway is also ripe with other attractions. You can spend your day at Times Square, in the Empire State Building, exploring the Rockefeller Center, or much more. Then at night, before going back to your hotel with your car rental in New York, you can see The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom is one of the best-known and most talked about plays in recent history. Millions of people have seen and enjoyed it. Why not come down with your car rental in New York and see what all the fuss is about.

New York Car Rentals and NYC Tours

Visiting New York City is always and exciting adventure; from Wall Street to Times Square, the Empire State Building to Lady Liberty; there’s just so much to see! If you’re having difficulty figuring out which attractions are best suited to your interests, or you’re just unsure as to what’s important, why not check out some of the fantastic New York City Tours! Getting lost during rush hour traffic in your New York car rental, trying to locate a historical site is no way to spend a vacation! By booking a spot on one of the innumerable New York City tours you’ll be able to rest assured, knowing you won’t miss out on any of the fine details.

New York City is full of interesting tourist attractions, many of which offer their own tours. Attractions like the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Times Square, City Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Lincoln Center (to name a few) all offer their own professional trained tour guides. These private tours often include special exhibits and information regarding the attraction, so don’t miss out! The tours are a fun and affordable way to learn about New York City, without the stress of getting lost in your New York car rental!

Big touring companies located in New York City have also been know to offer full day tours of the must-see New York locations. These tours often run for 6 to 8 hours and include stops at attractions like Chinatown, Greenwich Village, the New York Stock Exchange and the Statue of Liberty. These tours are a great way to see a lot of New York, in a short amount of time! Hotel pick-up is often available with these types of bus tours, so why not give your New York car rental a rest? Professional tour guides are fluent in many languages, often including Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French and Portuguese, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Touring New York City with a true New Yorker is often the best way to see the city, so book your tour today! If you’re visiting New York with a large group of people why not book your own private tour? For a slight fee many tour companies will allow you to choose your own itinerary, creating your very own, one-of-a-kind New York City experience!

Tips For Making your Tour Experience a Success!

Guided tours are often given a bad reputation because people go into them unprepared and with predetermined ideas. In order to make the most of your New York tour experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothes – many tours will require some walking, so where appropriate footwear.
  • Bring a camera – documenting your experiences is a great way to bring back memories, so don’t forget that camera in your New York car rental!
  • Pack snacks – packing a small bag with water and finger foods will help keep your attention on the tour guide and not your rumbling stomach!
  • Keep an open mind – tours are made to be fun and informative so ask lots of questions!

If you’re not interested in taking part in group tours, why not embark upon a self guided tour of the Big Apple? Once you’ve gassed up your New York car rental you’ll be able to visit places like Central Park and Times Square on your own. Museums are great places to explore on a self-guided tour, along with historical monuments and public parks. These attractions often sport informative plaques which help to explain their significance, making a tour guide unnecessary. Self guided tours allow you to browse exhibits at your leisure, any time of the day!

Please continue to browse AAMCAR’s website for more information on some of the famous tourist attractions in New York City! AAMCAR is constantly updating their website so log on often to check out all the new details!



New York Car Rentals and NYC Sports Teams

If you’ve ever been to NYC you’ll know that sports are a huge part of what makes the city tick! Whether it’s catching a hockey game or chilling at a tailgate party in your New York car rental, NYC has a long history of successful sports teams. New York has a professional basketball team in the NBA with the Knicks, a pro hockey team in the NHL, the Rangers, two Major League Baseball team in the battling Yankees and Mets, while the Jets and Giants are pro football teams and the Liberty are a professional women’s basketball squad. New York supports all types of sports, both professional and amateur, so reserve your seat tonight!

The New York Rangers

Hockey has been a New York past time ever since the 1926-27 season when the city was granted an NHL hockey franchise. In the teams sophomore year the Rangers played hard and won the Stanley cup, becoming the last team to accomplish such a feat! With innovative tactics and clean, hard play the New York Rangers went on to become “the classiest team in hockey” making it to the Stanley Cup finals four times in six years. In fact, in their first 16 season the Rangers only missed the playoffs once, and only twice did they fall to a place lower than third. The Rangers became the stuff of sport dynasty back in their early days and New York loved it! Today the Rangers are still a force to be reckoned with, showcasing talents like Jaromir Jagr and Bobby Holik. Due to unresolved negotiations the 2004-05 NHL hockey season has been cancelled, much to the sadness of many New Yorkers. But you can also plan on catching a game next season at the historic Madison Square Gardens. Visit the team’s official website at for the latest team news and coverage.

The Yankees

The New York Yankees have been a source of New York pride for generations, being ‘the most storied sports franchise in history’. The Yankees have had a past envied by all of baseball and have a future that is looking to be just as bright! The baseball dynasty has won a total of 26 championships and has produced such stand out players as Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter and Phil Rizzuto. New York is home to two baseball teams, the Mets and the Yankees, creating a tense Battle of the Boroughs. Watching a baseball game is a great way to pass the time on a lazy summer afternoon so round up your travel mates and pile into your New York car rental. To order tickets to a New York Yankees game log onto the team’s official website at

The Jets

The New York Jets are one of five teams in the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference of the NFL. Formerly called the Titans, the Jets are a team full of energy and excitement. In 1969 the Jets recorded one of the greatest upsets in NFL history when they beat the Baltimore Colts in Superbowl III. The Jets have a long history of stellar performance and first class players including Joe Namath. Joe was the first pro quarterback to throw 4,000 yards in one season and was rookie of the year in 1965. Gridiron actions is always intense in the Big Apple, so toss some foam fingers into your New York car rental; it’s game time! Don’t forget to pack a cooler in that New York car rental too because some of the best tailgate parties in the world happen here! For team news check out their website at

The Knicks

The New York Knicks of the NBA are a great New York treasure. Originally known as the Knickerbockers, (a style of pants worn by the Dutch settlers that established New York in the mid 1600s) are one of two founding teams that still remain in the NBA, (The Boston Celtics are the other). In their early days the Knicks appeared in three back to back NBA finals in ’51, ’52, and ’53. They went on to capture two titles during the 1970’s and 1973 seasons with teams featuring six future Hall of Fae Players. For more info on the New York Knicks check out


New York Car Rentals and Parking in NYC

Getting around the Big Apple in your New York car rental can sometimes be a bit tricky what with rush hour traffic and impatient cab drivers. Parking in New York City can also be a bit tricky and can even get pricy if you’re not familiar with the city parking garages and open air lots. With over 7 million people living and working in the greater New York are everyday finding a parking often becomes a little stressful. As a New York car renter it is important to take extra precautions to keep your car safe. The following information will help to guard your New York Car rental against unwanted damage and unnecessary tickets.

Parking Your New York Car Rental Safely:

Avoid leaving any valuable goods inside your car. All shopping bags or purses should be stowed safely in the truck of your vehicle along with any personal valuables. The likelihood of a thief targeting your vehicle diminishes greatly if there is nothing worth stealing visible. Of course you should always lock all of your car doors and ensure that all windows are tightly shut. Also, make sure to feed the parking meter regularly to avoid the wrath of the meter maid. New York issues over 14 million parking summons every year, resulting in approximately 800 vehicles being impounded. No one wants to deal with that sort of a hassle during a vacation to the Big Apple, so be sure to put some extra coins into the meter. If you’re planning to park at a meter on the street, there are a few legalities that you should know of.

  • The City of New York suspends alternate side parking regulations on all 32 legal and religious holidays. This includes Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, along with Labor Day and Easter. For more information on other holidays visit This policy is enforced by the Department of Transportation, the Department of Sanitation and the Police Department, so don’t try and give them the slip!
  • On major legal holidays all No Stopping, No Standing and No Parking signs are suspended. The only exceptions to this rule are all of the No Parking / No Standing Anytime signs.
  • Parking meter regulations are also suspended on major legal holidays.

If you’re a little unsure about parking your New York car rental at a meter why not try one of the open air lots or parking garages. Watch for signs advertising these lots as they are located all over the greater New York area. Many lots also use the help of employees to attract business. If you see an attendant standing at the curbside motioning cars in, chances are there is a parking lot near by. Depending on where you are in New York City garage rates may range from $6 to $15 for the first hour of parking, to approximately $40 a day, with lower rates on Sundays. Be prepared to pay the most money if you’re visiting Midtown Manhattan as this area sees an immense volume of traffic daily. If you’re planning to use one of these open air lots or parking garages look for empty spots close to street lights or pedestrian activity. A thief or vandal is more likely to prey on a car shrouded in darkness, than one that is highly visible.

Another alternative method of parking in New York City is a Professional Valet Parking Service. This new high-tech operation allows you to go online and book, ahead of time, a parking spot in any of 175 parking garages in and around the Big Apple. The rates are calculated by the hour and which garage you choose. Spots can be booked by the hour, day, week or moth. For more information on this revolutionary parking technology, please call 877-PARKING or go online at www.iconparking,com for more details.

New York Car Rentals and NYC Nightlife

The Big Apple is a city like no other, with its endless string of tourist attractions, first class hotels and five-star restaurants. But what can you do once the sun has gone down and the stars begin to shine? Plenty! New York has a world class nightlife scene with some of the hottest clubs, bars and posh hangouts on the planet. New York is a cultural charged city that comes to life when the sunsets, so get ready to have a good time!

Cruising the streets in your New York car rental at night is a totally different experience, especially for first time visitors. Night clubs, dance clubs, music hotspots, cocktail lounges, cigar bars and comedy clubs light up the night, enticing visitors inside! New York nightlife is like no other cities so gather up your travel mates and put on your dancing shoes! Whether you’re looking for a quiet venue to unwind in after along day of work or a hip and happening joint to meet new friends, New York has the best in the business!

New York has many different types of nightlife entertainment, from the subtle to the sassy. If you’re traveling with a bunch of college roomies why not drive over to one of the numerous sports bars in your New York car rental?! Here you’ll be able to cheer for your favorite New York professional team while enjoying a few cold ones. Are you visiting New York with a former flame and looking to set the mood for love? Why not check out a sultry Jazz and Blues club on the Upper West Side? Sipping champagne and listening to the smooth rhythms at Smoke on Broadway is a great way to kindle the flame of forgotten passion! Are you in need of some laughs after today’s business convention? Then jump in your New York car rental and check out the Stand-Up New York Comedy Club on Amsterdam Avenue. Stand-Up is notorious for showcasing well-know talents on its stage, along wit ha few rising stars, so loosen that tie and get ready to laugh!

Cocktail Lounges are great places to go when you’re parched from a night of serious dancing! The Potion Lounge on Columbus Avenue has become a trendy hit with the upperly mobile offering chilled wines and of course, their signature Potion. This libation is a colorful, multilayered cocktail available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors that really hits the spot! For those of you looking for a nightclub that has something for everyone check out Webster Hall in the East Village. This multi-roomed funhouse offers different groves all night long with a true New York quintessential big club feel, complete with glow sticks, gift shop and drinks.

Of course, New York City is also the second home to many celebrates so be on the lookout for some famous faces. Lotus, on West 14th Street is the place to be if you’re looking to scan some familiar Hollywood faces. This club offers three levels of dance floors after 11 PM, before than Lotus offers a luxurious dinner menu filled with tasty appetizers, mouthwatering entres and scrumptious deserts.

New York City also offers numerous billiard halls, gentlemen’s clubs, gay bars and singles spot’s. In the Big Apple there’s always plenty to do when night falls so don’t even think about turning in early! AAMCAR would like to remind all of there customers the importance of driving sober, so if you plan to drink while out on the town please leave your New York car rental at home and call a cab, ride the subway or take public transit.

For more information on other New York attractions log on to AAMCAR’s website often. AAMCAR is always updating and adding new pages to its website so check back often for cool new vacation ideas!

Car Rental New York City and NYC Hostels

Everyone like to save money, especially when theyre on vacation; thats why the folks here at AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City are dedicated to providing customers with the most competitive prices. But what about accommodations in the city, you ask? Is it possible to save a few bucks when looking for accommodations in places like Greenwich Village and SoHo? Of course just stay at a hostel! The hostels of New York City are the perfect place to plan your upcoming budget vacation as they offer impeccable service at totally affordable prices. Clean and safe, the hostels of New York City are fun and friendly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for travelers of all nationalities. Hostels are located throughout the city and within walking distance of many top attractions, so dont even worry about spending big bucks filling up your New York City car rental! From Times Square to Central Park, theres bound to be a hostel thats perfect for you and your travel mates, so dont delay and reserve youre rooms today!

What to Expect at a New York City Hostel

Hostels are a unique type of accommodation designed to promote interaction in a safe and exciting environment. Designed like a college dormitory, hostels offer enjoyable shared accommodations, along with community game rooms, bathrooms and entertainment facilities. More than youre average hotel, the hostels of NYC offer cheap and convenient accommodations for travelers of all ages so be sure to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. Many modern hostels are also proud to provide visitors with the option of private rooms (which often feature en-suite baths) so be sure to enquire about room availability and set-ups.

AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City Hostel Picks

If youre interested in saving some serious cash during your upcoming New York City vacation, look no further than the following NYC hostels!

  • The Central Park Hostel 19 West 103rd Street
    Located just steps away from Central Park, the Central Park Hostel is one of NYCs newest budget hostel accommodations. Located inside a newly renovated brownstone, the Central Park Hostel features colorful dormitory-styled rooms and exclusive private studio apartments. Rates start at just $26 a night, so what are you waiting for! Communal entertainment areas and tons of fun activities can be found inside the Central Park Hostel, so go ahead and reserve your room today!
  • Sugar Hill International House 722 St. Nicholas Avenue
    Located in the Sugar Hill historic District of Harlem, the Sugar Hill International House is the perfect place to kick back and crash for the night. Rooms start as low as $20, and feature free high speed internet access, along with spacious set-ups and shared kitchen facilities. Located within a newly renovated limestone mansion, the Sugar Hill International House is the perfect hideaway for travelers of all ages, so dont be afraid to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. Cheap and clean, the Sugar Hill International House is bound to be a big hit with your travel crew so stop on in today!
  • Chelsea Star Hotel
    Guests from all over the world have enjoyed the amenities at the Chelsea Star Hotel, so what are you waiting for! Savvy, yet budget-minded, the Chelsea Star features 18 private deluxe rooms perfect for couples or families. Themed rooms, and dormitory rooms are also available in this quaint hotel, providing visitors with a unique area all their own. Conveniently located in the hip Chelsea District, the Chelsea Star Hotel offers exciting dcor and exciting amenities, so be sure to reserve your room today.

Other exciting hostels in the New York City area include:

  • The Aladdin Hotel and Hostel
  • The American Dream Hostel
  • Big Apple Hostel
  • The Chelsea Center Hostel
  • Jazz on the Park Youth Hostel
  • Park View Hotel
  • Hostelling International New York

New York Car Rentals and Historic Sites

New York City has a rich history, beginning with the early Dutch settlements, continuing on t monumental feats of architecture. Driving through the Big Apple in your New York car rental will take you past many monuments of both city and national pride. From Lady Liberty to Battery Park and Fort Edward, NYC is proud of its place in American history. It would be impossible to list all of the possible historic tourist locations in New York on one webpage, but AAMCAR has done their best to assemble a diverse list of attractions. From the beautiful to the tragic, New York has played a major role in the history of America and world!


New York is home to many historic forts and villages which have now been turned into museums and historical organizations in hopes of preserving the past. Fort Edward, Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry (the site of James Fenimore Cooper’s novel “The Last of the Mohicans”) are all located in New York, making for great educational road trips with the kids in your New York car rental.

The Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty stands proudly over the New York Harbor on Liberty Island, but many are unaware of her historical significance! This gigantic statue was given to the United States as a gift of international friendship from France. Over time she has come to represent a symbol of political freedom and democracy worldwide. A visit to the Big apple just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Statue of Liberty, so make sure to schedule an excursion in your New York car rental!

Ellis Island

Between 1892 and 1954 approximately 12 million steerage and low class steamship passengers immigrated to the US, taking their first steps as free citizens on Ellis Island. After extensive restoration, Ellis island has be re-opened as a museum dedicated to the history of immigration and the important role it has played in American history.


New York City is home to some of the world’s greatest museums. Whether you’re interested in art, ancient civilizations or technological advancements, New York has a museum for you! From the Guggenheim to the Metropolitan you’ll find artifacts and exhibits showcasing not only New York history, but the history or America and even the world! So take a day and visit on of New York’s fine museums in your New York car rental; the experience is bound to be both fun and educational!

Ground Zero

No one will forget the tragedy of September 11th, 2001; the day the New York City skyline was changed forever. The area of surrounding rubble is now referred to as “Ground Zero” and will soon become home to one of the world’s most beloved memorial and historic sites. This future site will acknowledge the brave men and women who lost their lives that fateful day, and will forever stand as a reminder of the devastating effects of terrorism.

The South Street Seaport

The South Street Seaport has long been one of New York’s most prized possessions. From it’s bumpy cobblestone street to its booming industry of restored shops, the South Street Seaport is a great example of a wonderfully preserved historic district. The port along with the South Street Seaport Maritime Museum have made sure that this slice of New York City life continues to be remembered, so hop in your New York car rental and check out the bustling seaside community.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Situated across from Rockefeller Center on Fifth Avenue is the largest catholic cathedral in the United States. St. Patrick’s Cathedral features two soaring 330 foot spires it ranks among the cities most spectacular architectural sights. The neo-gothic structure was built between 1850 and 1878, boasting a seating capacity of 2 500 along with numerous altars and stained glass windows.

New York offers a wide variety of historic monuments commemorating its vital role in American history. Learning about New York’s past is a great way to kick start you’re Big Apple vacation so be sure to schedule an afternoon of historic site seeing!



New York Car Rentals and Day trips from Manhattan

Is the busy hustle and bustle of New York City starting to wear you out? Are you looking to get away for a day to rejuvenate? Then look no further because AMMCAR Discount Car Rentals has compiled a page filled with day tripping ideas for you and your travel mates! Driving through Manhattan traffic in your New York car rental can get pretty stressful, so why not take a day to relax and unwind outside the NYC borders! Leaving the concrete jungle behind in your New York car rental will help relieve vacation tension, and clear a stressed out business mind! Read on for a short over view of a few great day trip options, then pack an overnight bag and prepare for worry free night away!


If you enjoy the smooth taste of a fine wine, why not take a day and check out some of New York’s beautiful wineries and vineyards! A short drive in your New York car rental to Long Island, New York is all that separates you from a great glass of wine! Many of the Long Island wineries also offer a number of events, depending on the season, from free concerts, to tastings and tours. The following wineries and vineyards make for a great New York City day trip, so be sure to check them out!

  • The Brotherhood Winery – 1 hour north of Manhattan at 100 Brotherhood Plaza Drive, Washington New York (845) 496-9101
  • Duck Walk Vineyards – 231 Montaulk Hwy. (Rt. 27) Water Mill, New York in Southampton, Long Island (631) 726- 7555
  • Palmer Vineyards – approximately 45 minutes outside of NYC in Aquebogue, Long Island (631) 722-9463

Beach Escape

If the skyscraper horizon of New York City has you yearning for something a little more natural why not check out Montauk. 120 miles northeast of NYC likes the Atlantic Ocean and miles of sandy beaches, perfect for a refreshing and relaxing experience. Here you can find great restaurants, fishing, sun and of course fun! Whether you’re looking to bask in the gentle waters of the Long Island sound, or soak up some rays on the fabulous beaches of the north side, Montauk is the perfect place for you to unwind with friends or family! For more information feel free to visit Montauk boasts the oldest light house in New York State and is also a popular place to get married, so be sure to check it out!

Atlantic City

If you’re looking for something just as vivacious as New York City, why not take a trip to Atlantic City! Atlantic City offers great casino gaming, luxurious spas, fine dining, and much, much more! This fast paced city is filled with excitement and non-stop action, all year round, so book your getaway today! Atlantic City, New Jersey is just a short trip in your New York car rental from Manhattan, so gas up and get going! Atlantic City has great shopping districts, amusement parks, museums, water parks and a whole bunch more! Visit to learn all about the excitement awaiting you in Jersey!