Car Rental New York and The Producers on Broadway

The Producers has long been a critically acclaimed musical. It has won 12 Tony Awards, breaking the record held for nearly 40 years by the musical Hello Dolly!, which had won 10. This is an appealing show to see with your car rental in New York because it is understood by a wide range of audiences. They use accents, caricatures of Nazis, and many showbusiness in-jokes. The show will close at the St. James Theater in April 2007, so you should see it before it closes with your rental in New York.

Opening Night: Come one, come all

The play opens with the opening night of a play. The audience hates it and it closes after the first performance. The producer, Max, was once the King of Broadway vows to return again.

The next day, an accountant with dreams of becoming a producer – Leo – comes to look over the books. While there, an “investor” comes to give Max money while Leo hides out in the bathroom. Leo has a very odd quirk: he has a blue blanket that he can not bear to leave or have anyone else touch. As Leo looks over the books, he has an idea: the IRS isn’t interested in plays that flop; they are only interested in the successes. Max likes the idea and convinces Leo that it is a brilliant plan. There are 5 steps:

  • Find the worst play ever written
  • Hire the worst director in town
  • Raise two million dollars
  • Hire the worst actors in town
  • Close on Broadway and head out of the country

Leo refuses, but soon realizes he hates his job and leaves. The plan in underway.

When you want to laugh, but know you shouldn’t

One of the things that people come here with their rental in New York to see is the humor. There are many things that are considered taboo, but we still think is funny. The play that Max and Leo choose is called “Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden”. The story then follows that troubles and triumphs that Max and Leo experience.

Seeing a play on Broadway

Seeing a play on Broadway is a great experience with your car rental in New York. There are literally hundreds to choose from and they are all a lot of fun. Some might appeal to you more than others, or you might just want to see the ones that are the most talked about. Either way, there is a very easy way to get cheap tickets while you are here with your car rental in New York. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square with your car rental in New York. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows. This is a great way to take in more than one of these amazing shows that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

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