Car Rental New York City and NYC Hostels

Everyone like to save money, especially when theyre on vacation; thats why the folks here at AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City are dedicated to providing customers with the most competitive prices. But what about accommodations in the city, you ask? Is it possible to save a few bucks when looking for accommodations in places like Greenwich Village and SoHo? Of course just stay at a hostel! The hostels of New York City are the perfect place to plan your upcoming budget vacation as they offer impeccable service at totally affordable prices. Clean and safe, the hostels of New York City are fun and friendly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for travelers of all nationalities. Hostels are located throughout the city and within walking distance of many top attractions, so dont even worry about spending big bucks filling up your New York City car rental! From Times Square to Central Park, theres bound to be a hostel thats perfect for you and your travel mates, so dont delay and reserve youre rooms today!

What to Expect at a New York City Hostel

Hostels are a unique type of accommodation designed to promote interaction in a safe and exciting environment. Designed like a college dormitory, hostels offer enjoyable shared accommodations, along with community game rooms, bathrooms and entertainment facilities. More than youre average hotel, the hostels of NYC offer cheap and convenient accommodations for travelers of all ages so be sure to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. Many modern hostels are also proud to provide visitors with the option of private rooms (which often feature en-suite baths) so be sure to enquire about room availability and set-ups.

AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City Hostel Picks

If youre interested in saving some serious cash during your upcoming New York City vacation, look no further than the following NYC hostels!

  • The Central Park Hostel 19 West 103rd Street
    Located just steps away from Central Park, the Central Park Hostel is one of NYCs newest budget hostel accommodations. Located inside a newly renovated brownstone, the Central Park Hostel features colorful dormitory-styled rooms and exclusive private studio apartments. Rates start at just $26 a night, so what are you waiting for! Communal entertainment areas and tons of fun activities can be found inside the Central Park Hostel, so go ahead and reserve your room today!
  • Sugar Hill International House 722 St. Nicholas Avenue
    Located in the Sugar Hill historic District of Harlem, the Sugar Hill International House is the perfect place to kick back and crash for the night. Rooms start as low as $20, and feature free high speed internet access, along with spacious set-ups and shared kitchen facilities. Located within a newly renovated limestone mansion, the Sugar Hill International House is the perfect hideaway for travelers of all ages, so dont be afraid to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. Cheap and clean, the Sugar Hill International House is bound to be a big hit with your travel crew so stop on in today!
  • Chelsea Star Hotel
    Guests from all over the world have enjoyed the amenities at the Chelsea Star Hotel, so what are you waiting for! Savvy, yet budget-minded, the Chelsea Star features 18 private deluxe rooms perfect for couples or families. Themed rooms, and dormitory rooms are also available in this quaint hotel, providing visitors with a unique area all their own. Conveniently located in the hip Chelsea District, the Chelsea Star Hotel offers exciting dcor and exciting amenities, so be sure to reserve your room today.

Other exciting hostels in the New York City area include:

  • The Aladdin Hotel and Hostel
  • The American Dream Hostel
  • Big Apple Hostel
  • The Chelsea Center Hostel
  • Jazz on the Park Youth Hostel
  • Park View Hotel
  • Hostelling International New York
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