New York Car Rentals and NYC Tours

Visiting New York City is always and exciting adventure; from Wall Street to Times Square, the Empire State Building to Lady Liberty; there’s just so much to see! If you’re having difficulty figuring out which attractions are best suited to your interests, or you’re just unsure as to what’s important, why not check out some of the fantastic New York City Tours! Getting lost during rush hour traffic in your New York car rental, trying to locate a historical site is no way to spend a vacation! By booking a spot on one of the innumerable New York City tours you’ll be able to rest assured, knowing you won’t miss out on any of the fine details.

New York City is full of interesting tourist attractions, many of which offer their own tours. Attractions like the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Times Square, City Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Lincoln Center (to name a few) all offer their own professional trained tour guides. These private tours often include special exhibits and information regarding the attraction, so don’t miss out! The tours are a fun and affordable way to learn about New York City, without the stress of getting lost in your New York car rental!

Big touring companies located in New York City have also been know to offer full day tours of the must-see New York locations. These tours often run for 6 to 8 hours and include stops at attractions like Chinatown, Greenwich Village, the New York Stock Exchange and the Statue of Liberty. These tours are a great way to see a lot of New York, in a short amount of time! Hotel pick-up is often available with these types of bus tours, so why not give your New York car rental a rest? Professional tour guides are fluent in many languages, often including Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French and Portuguese, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Touring New York City with a true New Yorker is often the best way to see the city, so book your tour today! If you’re visiting New York with a large group of people why not book your own private tour? For a slight fee many tour companies will allow you to choose your own itinerary, creating your very own, one-of-a-kind New York City experience!

Tips For Making your Tour Experience a Success!

Guided tours are often given a bad reputation because people go into them unprepared and with predetermined ideas. In order to make the most of your New York tour experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothes – many tours will require some walking, so where appropriate footwear.
  • Bring a camera – documenting your experiences is a great way to bring back memories, so don’t forget that camera in your New York car rental!
  • Pack snacks – packing a small bag with water and finger foods will help keep your attention on the tour guide and not your rumbling stomach!
  • Keep an open mind – tours are made to be fun and informative so ask lots of questions!

If you’re not interested in taking part in group tours, why not embark upon a self guided tour of the Big Apple? Once you’ve gassed up your New York car rental you’ll be able to visit places like Central Park and Times Square on your own. Museums are great places to explore on a self-guided tour, along with historical monuments and public parks. These attractions often sport informative plaques which help to explain their significance, making a tour guide unnecessary. Self guided tours allow you to browse exhibits at your leisure, any time of the day!

Please continue to browse AAMCAR’s website for more information on some of the famous tourist attractions in New York City! AAMCAR is constantly updating their website so log on often to check out all the new details!



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