New York Car Rentals and New York City Bridges and Tunnels

Driving through NYC in your New York car rental you’re bound to pass either over or through one of the Big Apples famous bridges or tunnels. From the Brooklyn Bridge or the Queens Midtown Tunnel New York just wouldn’t be the same without the city’s numerous land connecting apparatus. Over 800,000 vehicles utilizes these facilities everyday, resulting in more than $1 billon annually from the collection of tolls. This money is used to keep facilities well maintained and to subsidize fares. There are over 755 elevated bridges in the state of New York along with 67 culverts and 6 tunnels, allowing drivers safe and essay excess to everything the Big Apple has to offer!

Different Types of Bridges

New York has many massive bridge structures, along with a variety of smaller specimens. Each bridge is built to serve a specific purpose, making travel easier in your New York car rental.

  • Girder Span Bridges: these are used to span short distances. An example of a Girder Span is the Brooklyn Third Avenue Bridge.
  • Steel Arch Bridges: consist of either a single or multiple arches. The twin-arched Washington Bridge over the Harlem River is an example of a Steel Arch Bridge.
  • Swing Bridges: the Grand Street Bridge is an example of a Swing Bridge. Wing Bridges are supported on a center pier in the middle of a waterway.
  • Vertical Lift Bridges: these bridges are moveable and have roadways that can be raised in a manner similar to a building elevator. The Roosevelt Island Bridge is a Vertical Lift Bridge.
  • Retractable Bridges: there are only a few remaining Retractable Bridges in NYC including the Brooklyn Bridge. This type of bridge dates back to medieval times and are used to span narrow crossings where maximum horizontal clearance is required.

The Big 3 East River Bridges in NYC

The Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge are three of the most commonly used bridges in New York City, transporting thousands of people to work, school, entertainment and much, much more!

  • The Brooklyn Bridge
    This bridge is an extremely influential piece of American history and is one of the most celebrated architectural wonders in the whole world! In 1883 this bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world as it links two neoGothic towers with delicate lacework steel wire cables.
  • The Williamsburg Bridge
    This bridge is the longest of the three spanning the East River, replacing the Brooklyn Bridge as the longest suspension bridge in the world in 1903. This structure is huge and allows New York car rentals to travel from Delancey Street in Lower Manhattan to Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn.
  • The Manhattan Bridge
    The Manhattan bridge is the most heavily traveled East River Crossing, so make sure to plan for traffic jams in your New York car rental! Between 78,000 and 350,000 people travel over this bridge each day on one of the six roadways and two subway tracks. The Manhattan Bridge is also aesthetically pleasing to look at, making it a popular staple of the Manhattan skyline!


  • The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, which opened in 1950 was dubbed the longest continuous underwater passageway in North America, and it still holds that title today. This tunnel connects two of NYC’s most diverse boroughs; the Manhattan end is located in the Wall Street area while the Brooklyn entrance is located in the midst of busy shops, quaint brownstones and industrial areas.
  • The Queens Midtown Tunnel opened in 1940 and represents the most advanced tunnel engineering techniques of those days. This tunnel connects midtown Manhattan and Queens and is heavily traveled everyday. The portal at the Queens end of the tunnel is a historic entryway, as it was a rail and ferry transport point back in the 19th century.

New York Discount Car Rental and Penn Station

ALL ABOARD! Welcome to New York City’s stunning Pennsylvania Station ‘ one of New York’s oldest and most infamous hubs of railway transportation. Built between 1905 and 1910, Pennsylvania Station was one of the nation’s grandest centers of rail activity for nearly 50 years, providing millions of travelers with a gateway entrance into NYC. Built as an extension of the Northeast Corridor electrified railroad system, the original Pennsylvania Station featured two single-track tunnels under the East River linking the Long Island Rail Road between Manhattan and Queens. A magnificent achievement of engineering genius, the original New York Pennsylvania Station was demolish in the 1960’s making way for further midtown development and the construction of the iconic Madison Square Gardens. An integral part of the city’s architectural and manufacturing history, the original Pennsylvania Station lives on in the current rail complex via artist’s depictions and original moldings. A definite must-see for first time AAMCAR New York Car Rental customers, the Pennsylvania Station is located at 32nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in midtown Manhattan.

A Lost Legend

Numerous factors contributed to the eventual demolition of Pennsylvania Station, the two largest of which included financial struggles and real estate value. By failing to incorporate multi-story office buildings into the station’s original design, Charles McKim (the building designer) seemingly sealed the station’s fate and chance at extraneous monetary earnings. In 1964 the upper levels of the station were permanently pulled down, demolishing all visible signs of the station in the process of better accommodating the space with high rise office buildings and a world-class entertainment facility. Some AAMCAR New York Car Rental clients still believe that this action of architectural tragedy was necessary in during the capitalistic reign of the 1960’s, but it is widely recognized that the station should have been protected under some sort of architectural landmark law. Senseless acts of destruction, such as the demolish of Penn Station, further led to the instigation of the New York City Landmarks program, which protects locally, nationally and internationally significant structures by placing excluding them from external commercialization and renovation programs.

Catching the Train

If you’re planning on catching a train during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation, chances are pretty good you’ll either arrive or depart from the legendary Pennsylvania Station. Trains which currently function in and out of the station include Amtrak commuters like the Adirondack to Montreal; the Carolinian to Philadelphia, Washington, Richmond, Raleigh, and Charlotte; the Maple Leaf to Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Toronto and the Vermonter to New Haven, Springfield, and St. Albans. MTA trains also make a stop at Pennsylvania Station connecting AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers to subway stations throughout NYC. AAMCAR New York Car Rental passengers can also catch New Jersey Transit trains to numerous neighboring cities including Newark, Princeton, Dover and Gladstone.

The Future of Penn Station

If you’re interested in visiting Pennsylvania Station during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation be sure to keep your eyes and ears open to further Pennsylvania Station re-building programs. Rumors are currently floating around the city stating that David Childs (the architect responsible for the upcoming Ground Zero Freedom Tower memorial) is currently considering rebuilding a new above-ground entrance into the legendary station. Plans for this project are currently in the initial stages, but you never know ‘ your next visit to Penn Station may be through a grand entrance reminiscent of the original 1910 structure!

If you would like to learn more about Pennsylvania Station before reserving your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals rent-a-car it is recommended that you contact the station via telephone at 212-630-6401. To learn more about train schedules please contact either the New Jersey Transit offices, the MTA New York Subway offices or the Amtrak headquarters.


Car Rentals NYC and the NYSE

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the fast-paced world of high finance and big business? Perhaps you’ve always wondered what it would be like to trade stocks at one of the world’s leading exchange centers. Well now’s your chance to witness the wonders of the stock market live! The New York Stock Exchange has been one of the world’s largest and most prominent stock markets for more than 200 years, fueling the fire that is the American economy. From small companies to international corporations, the New York Stock Exchange provides businesses with a chance to expand indefinitely, gaining both economic and public support. From its formation under the Buttonwood Tree in 1792 to the recent creation of the NYSE Group in 2006, the NYSE has continued to be a leader in the worldwide field of business. Car rental NYC customers are encouraged to take a glimpse into this world during their upcoming vacation. But be careful – it’s dog-eat-dog down here on Wall Street!

11 Wall Street – Where Magic Happens!

Car rental NYC customers are encouraged to visit 11 Wall Street during their upcoming vacation as it houses the official home of the NYSE trading floor. Built in 1922 to correspond with the original 18 Broad Street trading floor, the current New York Stock Exchange Building includes five state-of-the-art trading floors. A 23-floor office building is also located inside this New York City and national landmark. The original building, which is still in use today, showcases a beautiful neoclassical design. Designed by architect George B. Post as a result of a contest, the building is now considered to be one of his finest works, not to mention a national icon of growth and prosperity! The 11 Wall Street building also follows this design theme, providing traders with increased trading space and enhanced lighting. Other interior features in the building include separate dining rooms for smokers and non-smokers, an emergency hospital and tons of advanced computer systems. Exterior features of the New York Stock Exchange building include the six magnificent Corinthian columns at the Broad Street entrance and the great figural sculptures on the building’s main faade. Entitled “Integrity Protecting the Works of Man”, this classical design was imagined into being by John Quincy Adams Ward in 1903. The 22 foot high figure depicts Integrity at the center with Agriculture and Mining to her left and Science, Invention and Industry to her right. These five figures are used to represent American prosperity. If you look closely you will also see waves on either side of the sculpture. These are used to depict the ocean-to-ocean influence that the New York Stock Exchange has.

Putting the Stock Exchange into Perspective

As of December 31, 2005, the New York Stock Exchange housed nearly 2,672 world class issuers. These included operating companies, closed-end funds and exchange traded funds. The New York Stock Exchange is also the largest stock exchange in the world by dollar value. It is the second largest when measured by the number of listings. Prominent companies listed on the Stock Exchange include 3M Company, Abercrombie & Fitch, the H.J. Heinz Company, Harley Davidson, Inc., The Walt Disney Company and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Big dreams are realized daily on the stock market so don’t miss your chance to see it all happen during your upcoming car rental NYC vacation. Plan to visit the legendary NYSE today!

Car rental NYC customers can learn more about the New York Stock Exchange by logging onto Visitors are no longer allowed inside the building for tours for safety reasons, but numerous photo opportunities are still available at both the Broad Street and Wall Street entrances. The New York Stock Exchange is a national landmark attraction.


Car Rental New York City and the NYSE

Home to more than 2,800 companies and growing, the New York Stock Exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the world specializing in high-profile business and big money trades. A permanent resident of NYC Financial District, the NYSE currently features two functioning locations: the main trading floor located on Wall Street and the administrative offices of 18 Broad Street. Designed as a way for companies and individuals to build capital and make connections, the New York Stock Exchange has quickly become a symbol of American pride, signifying nearly two centuries of hard work and dedication. An integral part of the city, as well as the nation, the New York Stock Exchange is open from 9:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday

Interesting Facts about the New York Stock Exchange

  • The 2,800 companies currently listed on the NYSE are valued at approximately $20 trillion in global market capitalization.
  • The New York Stock Exchange can trace its roots back to May 17, 1792 when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by four prestigious New York stock brokers. The New York Stock Exchange would later come into affect on March 8, 1817 under the New York Stock and Exchange Board Constitution.
  • Throughout the years the NYSE has featured a variety of different trading hours in order to boast participation and better accommodate companies. From 1887 to 1952, the New York Stock Exchange was open from 10am to 3pm � there was even Saturday trading from 10am to noon!
  • The first central location for the New York Stock Exchange was in a $200 a month room at 40 Wall Street back in 1817.

On an average day at the New York Stock Exchange nearly 1.46 billion shares, valued at approximately $46.1 billion are traded between international corporations and companies. 1.46 billion shares! Ranked as one of the most competitive stock trading venues in the world, the NYSE is proud to provide investors with low costs, deep liquidity and exceptional prices. AT one point in time AAMCAR New York Car Rental travelers were welcome to tour the trading floors on Wall Street, but since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 the NYSE has been closed to the public indefinitely. AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers are still encouraged to visit the landmark tourist attraction during their upcoming Big Apple vacation as the outside of the Exchange provides the perfect background for group pictures!

Taking Care of Business

Unlike other electronic stock exchanges, like the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange always involves face to face physical communication atop the Wall Street trading floor. Exchange members interested in buying or selling certain stocks on behalf of an investor must gather around the appropriate post in order to purchase/distribute their desired stock option. This auctioneer-like atmosphere is both controversial and extraordinary, making for plenty of noise and tons of suspense! AAMCAR New York Car Rentals encourages customers to rent the movie �Wall Street� in order to better understand the frenzied commotion connected to the NYSE trading floor.

The Stock Exchange Bell

Each business day at the New York Stock Exchange is marked by the ringing of the NYSE bell. Each of the four rooms inside the Stock Exchange is equipped with one of these enormous 18 inch bells, all of which are controlled by a sophisticated computer system. Prominent bell ringers have included corporate executives, US Presidents, sports stars, Hollywood actors and yes, even Mr. Potato Head!

To learn more about the exciting world of high-stakes stock exchanging simply log onto the New York Stock Exchange�s official website at AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers are also encouraged to contact the Stock Exchange by telephone for more information on upcoming events. Simply dial 212-656-5168; and operator is standing by to receive your call.


Car Rentals NYC and NYC & Company

There’s only one place to go when it comes to planning an outstanding New York City vacation and that’s NYC & Company! NYC & Company (formerly know as the New York Convention & Visitors Bureau) is New York City’s official tourism marketing association. Formed back in 1999, NYC & Company is dedicated to providing car rental NYC customers with the highest standard of vacation planning in and around the metropolitan area. From fist-class attractions to five-star hotels, NYC & Company has all the information you need to plan the perfect Big Apple Adventure! This private, membership-based organization is your number one source for city information, so why waste your time doing research anywhere else? Whether you’re looking for an outstanding business center or a posh private hotel, NYC & Company has the lowdown on all the hottest NYC vacation destinations! Call, click or come in for an exclusive vacation planning workshop today!

Making Vacation Planning Fun and Easy!

Planning a vacation to one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations isn’t always easy. But don’t worry! NYC & Company has everything from accommodations to entertainment covered! In fact, NYC & Company currently has a membership of over 1,800 businesses, including museums, retail stores, theaters, tour organizations, restaurants and attractions! Car rental NYC customers can gain access to practically every corner of New York City through the Company’s resources, including exclusive deals and special discount offers! A trip to the Big Apple just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the new and improved NYC & Company headquarters, so grab a friend and come over! From services and shopping to events and itineraries, there’s nothing you won’t find inside NYC & Company!

Planning for a Fantastic Future

NYC & Company is dedicated to providing car rental NYC customers with access to hundreds of exciting resources. The following list includes just a few of the Company’s future goals for the city:

  • Marketing the city as an international business and leisure destination through innovative advertising and public relation programs.
  • Coordination and facilitating major citywide activities (these include Restaurant Week, Paint the Town, OpSail, the New York Marathon and CultureFest).
  • Expanding hospitality services in the city as well as accommodations and convention programs.
  • Assisting in bids for major national and international events including the Grammys, the MTV Awards and the 2012 Olympic Games.

Your Official Source for City Information

Car rental NYC customers are encouraged to utilize the resources provided by the numerous NYC & Company facilities. If you have any questions regarding the Company or the Big Apple itself, please feel free to contact a representative directly at 1-212-484-1222. Visitor Information Counselors are standing by to help solve any problems. Car rental NYC customers can also stop in at any one of the four New York Official Visitor Information Centers. These are located in Midtown, Downtown, Chinatown and Harlem. Each center is fully stocked with exciting travel information, as well as informative area brochures and helpful maps. Car rental NYC visitors are highly encouraged to drop by the main Visitor Information Center at 810 Seventh Avenue. This state-of-the-art facility currently features information on all the hottest New York City vacation destinations. While there remember to purchase a ticket on the Grayline New York Sightseeing Tour, a discount CityPass attraction car and much, much more! You can even pick up a few souvenirs at the CityStore! Eager car rental NYC customers are also encouraged to log onto the official NYC & Company website at Achieving the perfect vacation experience is easy once you have access to all the right resources, so why waste another vacation relying on second hand information! Contact NYC & Company today to learn more about the Big Apple’s unbelievable tourism industry!

NYC & Company is lead by Chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels Group, Mr. Jonathan M. Tisch. Cristyne L. Nicholas is currently organization president. NYC & Company formed as a resulting merger of the New York Convention & Visitors Bureau and the New Yorkers for New York: The Permanent Host Committee.


Car Rental New York City and NYC Beaches

Grab the sunscreen and pack a bathing suit were heading to the beach! New York City is the place to be if youre looking for an exciting summer vacation, thanks to a wide variety of sandy beaches and area attractions. Whether youre looking for a family-fun hotspot or a romantic getaway, NYC has the beach thats perfect for you and your AAMCAR Car Rental New York City travel mates! From surfing to sunbathing and everything in between, the beaches of NYC are ready and waiting for you this summer! AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City is proud to provide you with a few brief overviews of some exciting borough beaches, so please feel free to read on for more exciting information.

General Beach Information

If youve got a question about one of the citys beaches please feel free to call the General Beach Information Hotline. Each of the five boroughs has its own hotline, so be sure to copy down the following numbers:

  • Staten Island: (718) 390-8020
  • The Bronx (718) 430-1858
  • Queens (718) 520-5936
  • Brooklyn (718) 965-8941
  • Manhattan (718) 408-0243

Brooklyn Beaches

If youre planning on taking some time off in Brooklyn, be sure to check out the following beaches!

  • Brighton Beach Brighton Beach is a cultural diverse neighborhood located in the southwestern corner of Brooklyn. Named after a resort in England, Brighton Beach is the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long week in NYC. A local favorite, Brighton Beach is always bustling with activity so be sure to arrive early in order to find a prime parking spot youre AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. A lifeguard patrols the beach 7 days a week from 10AM to 6PM.
  • Other beaches in Brooklyn include the Coney Island Beach.

Staten Island Beaches

  • Great Kills Park Located on Hylan Blvd, Great Kills Park is a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. Here you will find plenty of jogging paths, off-shore fishing areas and even a marina, so be sure to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAR CAR Rental, New York City rent-a-car! Great Kills Park is a great place to reconnect with nature, so be sure to stop by in your upcoming car rental.
  • Other Beaches on Staten Island include the South and Midland Beaches and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk.

Queens Beaches

  • Rockaway Beach Rockaway Beach is the place to be if youre looking to hit up some serious waves! This surfing haven is located between 9th and 49th Street, providing sun worshippers with plenty of soft sand and heavy waves. Numerous handball courts are also located along the beach providing hours of active entertainment.

Beach in the Bronx

  • Orchard Beach Orchard Beach is one of the citys prettiest man-made beaches, providing visitors with endless sunshine and tons of fun! Located within the Pelham Bay Park at Orchard Beach Road, Orchard Beach is known as the mile long Riviera of New York. Built by Robert Moses, Orchard beach features 26 tennis/basketball/paddleball courts along with a hexagonal boardwalk. The neighboring Pelham Bay Park is three times the size of Central Park.

Manhattan Beaches

    • Manhattan Beach Although Manhattan Beach is actually part of Brooklyn it is still considered to be a Manhattan hotspot. Here youll find amazing views of Breezy Point and the Atlantic Ocean, so be sure to park that AAMCAR Car Rental New York City car rental. Other activities at Manhattan Beach include sun bathing, biking and Frisbee.

Other beaches in and around New York City include Sandy Hook Beach (a legal nude beach in New Jersey), Main Beach in the East Hamptons and, of course, the sandy shores of Long Beach.



New York Car Rentals and Art Galleries

If you enjoy art, you’ll enjoy visiting one of the many beautiful galleries located in the Manhattan area of New York City. Whether you’re looking to acquire a fine piece of your own, or are just looking to enjoy a peaceful afternoon outside of your New York car rental, Manhattan art galleries are a great place to revel in the beauty of artistic interpretation! From antiques to textiles; ceramics to paintings, Manhattan art galleries are filled with fabulous cultural memorabilia from all over the world, so plan to visit one of the beautiful art galleries during your next New York City vacation.

The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center

If you love art you won’t want to miss the chance to visit the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center! The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center showcase over 100 galleries representing some of the top American art and antique dealers in a variety of dealership categories. These galleries provide extremely rare pieces for all over the present and ancient world, so don’t let this amazing cultural, historical and artistically beautiful opportunity pass you by! The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center is open to the public Monday to Saturday, 10:30AM to 6PM and Sunday 12 Noon – 6PM. Individual galleries hours may vary, so call the Center at 212-355-4400 for more information. The Center is located at 1050 Second Avenue, between 55th and 56th Street so plan on visiting it in your New York car rental soon!

Galleries at the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center include:

  • Alexander’s Antiques – specializing in Islamic art and antiques, along with porcelains, textiles and bronze figurines
  • Angela & J. Gallery – showcasing Oriental antiques along with furniture and paintings
  • Paul J. Bosco – a great selection of rare medallions, coins, military orders and decorations, along with paper money and tokens
  • Rosalie Clauson – beautiful vintage jewelry and picture frames
  • Manhattan Rare Book Company – amazing selection of first editions, antique leather sets and other rare finds
  • Windsor Antiquities – specializing in near Eastern antiquities like Greek, Roman, Etruscan and ancient Egyptian coins

The Manhattan Arts and Antiques Center also offers expert repair services for clocks, watches, tapestries, jewelry, rugs and quilts along with an expert appraisal team licensed by the Appraisers Association of America and the International Appraisers Association. World-wide shipping is also available, so don’t worry about having to transport your new treasures in the back seat of your New York car rental!

Other Interesting New York City Art Galleries

From vintage posters to ancient art, New York City is the place to find some great one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Please feel free to visit one of the following galleries during your next visit to the Big Apple in your New York car rental!

Chisholm Larsson Gallery

For over 30 years Chisholm Larsson has offered the largest selection of original vintage posters. From classic movies to liquor posters, and political slogans, Chisholm Larsson Gallery has what you’re looking for! The Gallery is located at 145 8th Avenue, open Tuesdays to Fridays from 11AM to 7PM, Saturdays 11AM to 5PM and Sundays 1PM to 5PM. For more details call 212-741-1703.

Laurence Miller Gallery

If you have an interest in quality contemporary and vintage photography, you’ll love the Laurence Miller Gallery at 20 West 57th Street! With over 20 years of quality service, the Laurence Miller Gallery is dedicated to bringing you the finest in photography from around the world! For more information call the gallery at 212-397-3930.

The Ronin Gallery

The Ronin Gallery offers the largest collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints in the United States along with a variety of other Japanese artforms. The Ronin Gallery encompasses a huge span of antiquity, from the 17th century right up to the 21st, showcasing breathtaking Japanese paintings, netsuke, baskets, as wells as books, gifts and intricate decorating ideas. For more information visit the Ronin Gallery on Madison Ave and 57th Street or call their office at 212-688-0188.

New York Discount Car Rental and New York City Webcams

When you are in New York City, you may be caught on camera without even realizing it. Many webcams are set up throughout the city for many purposes. Some people film the streets and post live webcam images on the Internet, while others are used for safety reasons. Beware: you too may be caught on camera!

What Is this Thing?!?

A webcam is a real time camera. It captures images, which are then posted on the Internet continuously or at regular intervals. You can use these sites to view areas of the city which you want to visit, or to see what is happening there. While there are some privacy concerns with webcams, the ones you are likely to encounter in New York are in public places, such as on the street or in Times Square. Many of New Yorks landmarks have webcams somewhere near them. There are many websites that post those images, and a Google search will quickly turn them up.

Why Visit Ellis Island?

Ellis Island is the point where many families got their start in America. This was the main entrance point for immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century. Park your New York car rental in the parking lot and take the ferry over to see the park and museum administered by the National Park Service. You can drive to either Liberty State Park in Jersey City or the southern tip of Manhattan with your New York car rental. While this was a great place for many, to some it was known as The Isle of Tears or Heartbreak Island because many were sent back to their home country. It was here also that many families received new names: if an immigration officer couldnt spell a name, they would write a name that was close. Although there is a bridge to the island, visitors must park their New York car rental in one of the parking lots and take the ferry over.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Yankee Stadium is home to the New York Yankees, one of New Yorks Major League Baseball teams. Located in the Bronx, it is only a short trip from Manhattan with a New York car rental. Yankee Stadium first opened in April 1923, and underwent major renovations in 1976. The Yankees are one of Major League Baseballs dominant teams. No team has won more World Series or had as many of the greatest players as the Yankees have over the years. A game should be in your plans when in town for baseball season with a New York car rental.

The Statue of Liberty

A gift to the United States in the 19th century by France, the Statue of Liberty now stands as a welcome to visitors, immigrants, and Americans. It is located on Liberty Island, near Ellis Island. There is a museum in the pedestal, which presents the history of the statue. However, the interior of the statue has been closed to the public since 2001. You can drive to either Liberty State Park in Jersey City or the southern tip of Manhattan with your New York car rental. Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty together to make the most of your day.


New York Car Rentals and the New York City Opera

Start your New York experience on a high note with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR. The New York City Opera (NYCO) is based in Philip Johnson’s New York State Theater at Lincoln Center. Founded in February 21, 1944 the opera company home base was the City Center on West 55th Street. The Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia dubbed the opera as “the people’s opera company”. The first New York City Opera season consisted of nine performances of three productions over seven days.

Take a step into New York City Opera’s past…

In just one week or programming, the New York City Opera had not only succeeded financially but also took a huge step towards its mission. The next big opening wouldn’t happen until 22 years later on February 22, 1966. Featuring a young Placido Domingo in the Ginastera’s Don Rodrigo production the company opening night happened in the crowded Lincoln Center marketplace. During the fall season of 1966, American soprano Beverly Sills who had been with the company for over a decade took the stage as Cleopatra in Handel’s Julius Caesar. This performance launched her into stardom and would be known as the “Beverly Sills era”. In 1979 of November Sills announced her retirement to focus on her new position as City Opera’s General Director, replacing Julius Rudel who had served since 1957.

Entering a new era…

In January 1996, Paul Kellogg’s took the New York City Opera his under wing. He introduced the audience with unusual repertoire and a fresh approach to classics which included the works of baroque masters such as Handel, Gluck, and Rameau, sparking an interest in these long neglected masterpieces.

Things you can expect to see…

When you go and visit the New York City Opera with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR make
Semele – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and according to Ovid, neither does heaven. This erotic Handel opera is based on the mythological tale of a goddess’s vengeance. Semele marks the 11th production in the company’s Handel cycle and the first opera’s first professional staging in New York City. If you choose to see this production with your New York car rentals company, make sure to note the music of Semele, especially the powerful choruses which are only matched in Carmen and Violetta.

The Elixir of Love – In the Cinderella story with a twist, the lead is a Donizetti’s male. Produced by Jonathan Miller, you will be amazed at the transformation of a Donizetti’s rustic Italian setting into Americana when you come and visit with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR. The humble Nemorino and uppity Adina will be easily seen in the style of music. You will not be disappointed when you heard the famous aria, “Una furtive lagrima”. This heart – warming performance is mixed with wackiness, machismo, and rollicking rhythms all sung in Italian.

Expanding you Italian past “mamma mia”…

Don’t know a word of Italian outside of a restaurant menu? No problem! When you travel with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR, all shows will have English supertitles. In fact, the New York City Opera was the first company to establish the concept of the English supertitles, allowing everyone and anyone to enjoy an opera.

A major leap in the New York City Opera

In 1945 the company became the first major opera company to have an African American performer. Lawrence Winters sand Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. The first African American woman to take the stage was Camilla Williams, a soprano in Madame Butterfly in 1946.

The New York City Opera

New York City Opera
20 Lincoln Center
New York, NY 10023


New York Discount Car Rental and New York City Ferries

In the 1800s, ferries were the only way to travel to Manhattan. As more and more bridges and tunnels were built, ferry service faded into the background. However, some people still think this is the best way to see the city. Routes between New Jersey and Manhattan; limited service between Peekskill, Garrison and West Point; and some sightseeing routes up the Hudson show services are being restored. Many of these routes were very important during the War of Independence and were the heart of many of these river communities.

Sightseeing Cruises

There are many different types of sightseeing cruses in the New York Harbor. On these cruises you will get to see the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, South Street Seaport, the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations building, the Empire State Building, and many other famous sights. Available at night or during the day, the city looks spectacular! There are many site where cruises depart from, with parking for your New York car rental. For a different twist, why not try a baseball cruise? Instead of driving your New York car rental to Yankee Stadium, they take you right there and serve snacks. Then they will take you back to your New York car rental. It is easy to get from the boat to the stadium, there are signs marking the path.

The Port Authority

The Port Authority is the official transportation system between New York and New Jersey. They invite you to leave your New York car rental at home and enjoy the scenery along the region’s waterways. You can take the ferry to work, enjoy a ball game or visit the tourist attractions of the New York/New Jersey region. There are nine landing sites in New Jersey, one on Staten Island, one for Yankee Stadium, two in Queens, and two in Brooklyn. It is a convenient and cheap way to get to Manhattan. Once you are there, the subway system and buses are a great way to avoid traffic. Leave your New York car rental at your hotel and try the ferry.

Staten Island

A trip to Staten Island is free on the Staten Island ferry, and take only about 25 minutes. Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York, but is sometimes forgotten for the other boroughs. The island has a lot of parkland and beaches for people to enjoy. There is even a zoo here. However, cars are not allowed on the ferry, so leave your New York car rental in the parking lot and explore Staten Island.

Ferry Must-Sees

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are only accessible by ferry. Ellis Island was once the main immigration port to enter the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century. Many people who have family who immigrated to the U.S. during that period probably passed through this point. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and a symbol of freedom to millions of people. These are great places to see in New York.