New York Discount Car Rental and Staten Island

If youre looking to embark on any exciting AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental adventure, look no further than the neighboring metropolis of Staten Island. Located on the west side of the Narrows at the entrance to New York Harbor, Staten Island is currently one of the most ethnically homogenous boroughs in NYC. Referred to as somewhat rustic and suburban by other New York City residents, Staten Island is actually home to some of the citys most stunning vacation destinations and romantic hotspots. By far the least populated of the boroughs, Staten Island offers big city vacationers a temporary respite from the chaos of Manhattan, so dont miss your chance to check it out during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental vacation. Home to countless museums and numerous golf clubs, Staten Island is sure to appeal to practically any type of NYC vacationer. If youre looking to enjoy some R&R during your upcoming AAMCAR New York City Car Rental vacation look no further than the shores of Staten Island; so dont delay plan your getaway today!

Things to do on Staten Island

Staten Island is currently home to a variety of exciting attractions providing visitors with tons of intriguing attractions and establishments. Travelers of all ages are sure to enjoy this scenic island, so be sure to bring the whole family on your next AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental rendezvous! Museums, parks, galleries and recreation areas abound on Staten Island along with numerous historic landmarks and even a zoo! Staten Island also boasts an impressive nightlife scene composed of various bars and restaurants specializing in everything from Mexican cuisine to cosmopolitan thirst-quenchers! Sightseeing tours are also popular, along with sandy beaches and shopping outlets, so come prepared for one full afternoon of Island fun! If youre planning on visiting the shores of Staten Island, AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rentals encourages you to utilize the legendary Staten Island Ferry, free of charge! Since 1905 the Staten Island Ferry has provided New York City travelers with a scenic route across the sound so dont miss your chance to experience the ferry first hand! The trip lasts approximately 25 minutes and often provides clear views of numerous New York City landmark establishments including Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Exciting Vacation Itinerary Ideas

If youve never been to Staten Island before remember to visit the following stand-out attractions during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental vacation:

  • The Staten Island Zoo A family vacation to Staten Island wouldnt be complete without a stop at the Staten Island Zoo, so be sure to set aside an afternoon of animal-induced fun! Open from 10AM to 4:45PM the Staten Island Zoo features an exciting African Savannah exhibit, a new North American River Otter environment, and oh, so much more! Kids of all ages are bound to enjoy this slice of wilderness, so go ahead and get wild during your upcoming Staten Island travels.
  • Wolfes Pond Beach and Park If youre looking to lounge around during your upcoming Staten Island getaway look no further then the Wolfes Pond Beach and Park. This stunning green-space is comprised of over 170 acres of land, including ocean beachfronts, picnic grounds and a charming model-yacht pool. Salt water fishing is currently permitted between the months of October and May, so remember to grab a fishing rod before heading out in your AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental. Outdoor fireplaces and miles of stunning waterfront add an extra touch of class to this Staten Island Park, along with wooded areas and open fields.

Still looking for more Staten Island Info? Why not check out This instructive website is dedicated to providing you with the latest in Staten Island news and event information, so be sure to check it out before embarking on your next Staten Island adventure.

Car Rentals NYC and Staten Island Zoo

New York City’s biggest little zoo is an oasis of excitement and fun for nature lovers of all ages. Opened in 1936 as the first “educational zoo” in the nation, the Staten Island Zoo initially focused on the study of reptiles. Today car rental NYC travelers can continue to enjoy the zoo’s scaly preoccupation by visiting the award-winning Serpentarium. Other exciting exhibits also showcase the zoo’s collection of 400 animals, as well as important community programs and research projects. The Staten Island Zoo is a great vacation destination for family vacationers and cute car rental NYC couples so don’t miss your chance to go wild during your upcoming Big Apple vacation! Plan to visit New York City’s favorite zoological park today!

Honoring a Commitment: Creating the Staten Island Zoo

The Staten Island Zoo first opened its doors in 1936 at its current location in Barret Park. The land for the zoo was willed to City of New York by an environmentally conscious woman, Mrs. Edward E. Hardin. The city’s economic depression had little effect on the zoo’s creation and it wasn’t long before people began flocking to this exotic island retreat. Mrs. Edward E. Hardin’s dream for a zoological park was quickly granted and her memory is still honored to this day thanks to the zoo’s active outreach program. New and improved attractions also add to the zoo’s appeal, providing car rental NYC customers with a fun way to learn about exotic animals. Exciting exhibits on display at the zoo right now include the Ralph J. Lamberti Tropical Forest, the internationally acclaimed Serpentarium and the N.Y. State Senator John J. Marchi Aquarium. You and your car rental NYC crew can also get lost in the wild inside the African Savannah at Twilight facility. From rattlesnakes and lizards to antelopes and baboons, the Staten Island Zoo provides car rental NYC customers with access to all their favorite animals.

Are We There Yet?

If you’re looking to entertain the kids for a day during your upcoming car rental NYC family vacation, look no further than the Staten Island Zoo! Kids can’t help but have fun inside this multi-faceted facility! Special activities and planned petting areas allow kids to safely interact with the zoo’s collection of animals, while friendly trainers provide young minds with plenty of captivating information. Kids can even get active during their time at the zoo thanks to the newly built outdoor Children’s Center. Designed like a New England farm, the Children’s Center features a pony ring, domesticated farm animals and a beautifully renovated duck pond. Kids can also choose to mark a milestone at the zoo thanks to special Birthday Party packages. Designed for kids four years and older, these fun parties feature animal demonstrations, crafts and a story. Kids can even opt to have pizza and cake with some of their favorite animals! Making your upcoming car rental NYC vacation fun for both you and the kids is easy thanks to the Staten Island Zoo, so don’t forget to stop by for a fun-filled afternoon!

Two Ways to Staten Island Fun

There are currently two ways to access the Staten Island Zoo. These include:

  • The Verrazano Narrows Bridge: Follow 1-278 to the Slosson Avenue exit in your AAMCAR car rental. Turn right. Follow Slosson until you get to Martling Avenue. Turn right again and continue to Clove Road. Free parking for the Zoo will appear on your right hand side. The Zoo’s entrance will be straight ahead.
  • The Staten Island Ferry: Once arriving on the Island turn right and proceed along Richmond terrace. Turn left onto Broadway. The Zoo’s entrance will be straight ahead.

An afternoon of wild and crazy fun is waiting for you inside New York City’s biggest little zoo, so what are you waiting for! Plan to visit the Staten Island Zoo today! Admission to the Staten Island Zoo is just $7 for adults, $5 for seniors and $4 for children. Zoo hours run from 10am to 4:45pm daily. Curious customers can learn more about the Zoo by calling 1-718-442-3100.

New York Discount Car Rental and St. Patrick’s Day in New York

For generations now New Yorkers have had their own special way of celebrating major holidays ‘ from the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Square at Christmas, to the dropping of the ball on New Years Eve, the city that never sleeps has always known how to throw an unbelievable party! This tradition of celebration and excitement includes most international holidays as well, as the city comes together to honor the area’s cultural conglomeration of immigrant residents and international visitors. One such celebration is that of the Irish religious holiday St. Patrick’s Day. Each and every year scores of Irish citizens make the trip to NYC in order to take part in gloriously green celebration, filling the city with an atmosphere of utter jubilation and never-ending excitement. From the morning church service to the afternoon parade and all day pubs, New York City is sure to have the perfect venue for your upcoming St. Paddy’s day celebration regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

If you happen to be out and about in your AAMCAR New York City Car Rentals’ rent-a-car during the afternoon of March 17th, be sure to stop by 5th Avenue between 44th and 86th Street, home to the world famous NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade! This monumental undertaking, which begins at noon, features everything from marching bands to military escorts, creating a unique atmosphere of fun and enforced order. Based upon the original pilgrimage of NYC Irish Society members to their respective Roman Catholic venues of worship, the current St. Patrick’s Day parade now features thousands of Irish and non-Irish participants joined in the communal process of celebration. Some of the most prominent supports and participants in the parade include the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the thirsty Irish County Societies and various Emerald, Irish-Language, and Irish Nationalist groups. The parade also opens each year with a unit of soldiers from the Irish 165th Infantry (originally the 69th Regiment of the 1850’s), symbolizing the cultures historical struggles and eventual triumphs. Floats, exhibits and automobiles are not allowed to participate in this yearly celebration, but that has done little to dissuade the more than 150,000 marchers who take part every March!

Painting the Town’ Green!

If you’re planning on being in New York during the annual St Patrick’s Day celebration be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the time-tested tradition of ‘green-atizing’ the city. From green beer and bagels to green clothing and flowers, NYC is practically overrun with a festival sheen of emerald excitement on March 17th! Even the Empire State Building is bathed in green light, further commemorating the city’s acceptance of international immigrants and travelers. Other greenery in the city includes water fountains, storefronts, headwear and yes ‘ even animals! AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ customers are all encouraged to wear green on this exciting annual holiday so remember to pack some emerald charm into your holiday suitcase!

Where to Celebrate

New York City currently hosts one of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s celebrations, ranking a close second behind Ireland itself! If you’re looking to have a ball during your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ vacation remember to check out the following festive venues:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral ‘ This gothic architectural structure is one of NYC’s most stunning tourist destinations, attraction millions of visitors every year. In past years the Cathedral has hosted a special service every St. Patrick’s Day, teaching sold out crowds about the traditional importance of the yearly celebration. To learn more about the church please feel free to visit the official Archdiocese of New York website at or call 212-753-2261.

Irish Pubs ‘ Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like an icy green beer, so why not hustle up some of your fellow AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ rent-a-car friends for an afternoon pub-crawl! Popular NYC Irish pubs include: the Blarney Star, Clancy’s, Dempsey’s Pub, Doc Watson’s, Kate Kearney’s, Murphy’s Pub, McSorley’s Ale House and O’Neil’s.

Car Rentals NYC and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A truly divine experience awaits you at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. Whether it’s the church’s history, the stunning architecture or the building’s religious message, there’s just no describing the sensation you feel when you first lay eyes on this New York City icon. Built in the years between 1858 and 1865, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest decorated gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the nation, providing hundreds of New Yorkers with a celebrated place of worship. Known internationally for its beautiful rose window and Tiffany & Co, designed alter, the Cathedral is currently one of NYC’s most popular religious tourist attractions. Millions of visitors make the pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Cathedral every year, participating in weekly services and parish programs. Now you too can be a part of the St. Patrick’s experience thanks to public worship and cathedral tours. You don’t have to be religious in order to appreciate this New York City icon, so don’t miss your chance to see it up close. Plan to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral during your upcoming car rental NYC vacation!

Architecture Inspired by Heaven

St Patrick’s Cathedral in downtown New York City is one of the nation’s most photographed tourist attractions. Modeled in the Gothic Revival style of architecture, the Cathedral features a stunning array of marble, glass and steel. Designed by James Renwick Jr before the dawn of the American Civil War, the Cathedral is easy to recognize. Built of white marble quarried in New York and Massachusetts, St. Patrick’s Cathedral boasts a beautiful 330 foot spire, and encompasses all of the space between 3rd and 7th Avenue and 44th and 59th Streets. Beautiful windows also characterize the Cathedral thanks to the expert work of artists in Chartres, Birmingham and Boston. Car rental NYC visitors will also note the gigantic rose window created by Charles Connick. The architecture continues inside the Cathedral thanks to the stunning St. Michael and St. Louis altars (both of which were designed by Tiffany & Co.) and the St. Elizabeth altar which was crafted by Paolo Medici of Rome. You and your car rental NYC companions will also be left speechless after viewing the Cathedral’s pieta representation. The pieta inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral is actually three times larger than the famous one crafted by Michelangelo. Other impressive features inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral include a bust of Pope John Paul II and two of the world’s most beautiful organs.

If These Bones Could Talk

Car rental NYC customers may be interested to note that numerous bodies are buried inside the religious facility. These burials include the eight deceased archbishops of New York, six of which were Cardinals. When you’re inside the Cathedral make sure to take a moment and look for the Cardinal’s honorary hats, called galeros. They are hanging from the ceiling directly above their tombs. Other burials inside the Cathedral include Archbishop Fulton Sheen and the man responsible for the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Church, Pierre Toussaint. Car rental NYC customers are encouraged to view the burial markers of these important religious figures while inside the Cathedral. A number of famous New York City citizens have also had their funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. These have included baseball legends Billy Martin and Babe Ruth, football coach Vince Lombardi, and singer Celia Cruz. Memorial masses for Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio and the prolific artist Andy Warhol were also held here.

Worship at St. Patrick’s

Car rental NYC customers are encouraged to participate in one of the weekly mass sessions held inside St. Patrick’s Cathedrals. Weekly masses are held mornings at 7:00, 7:30 and 8:00 am. Afternoon sessions begin at 12:00 noon, 1:00 and 5:30 pm. Saturday masses are held at 8:00 am, 12 noon and 5:30 pm (fulfills Sunday’s obligation). Sunday Masses are held at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:15 am. Afternoon programs re also held at 12:00 noon, 1:00 and 5:30 pm.

If you would like to learn more about St. Patrick’s Cathedral before embarking on your upcoming car rental NYC vacation please log onto the official Archdiocese of New York website at Potential visitors can also contact the Cathedral by telephone at 1-212-753-2261.

Manhattan Rent A Car and Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening began as an Off-Broadway play based on a controversial book. In December 2006 it transferred to Broadway, with mostly rave reviews. Today, you can see it at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre with your Manhattan rent a car. Off-Broadway plays are generally less expensive, less well-known, and feature less well-known performers. It is not uncommon for shows that are successful Off-Broadway to run on Broadway. Some other examples of plays that have done this include Avenue Q, Rent, and Hair. Other shows are successful for years Off-Broadway, like Blue Man Group and The Fantasticks.

Part musical, mostly play

The plot of Spring Awakening largely takes place through spoken dialogue rather than musical numbers. The scenes are punctuated by songs, including rock, folk, and pop numbers. These songs mostly allow the characters to express their frustrations, motivations, and desires.

Angst and sex

The story is based on teens in a small town. They are treated harshly by adults: the girls are sheltered and the boys are criticized. They d not know anything about sexuality or love and are frustrated by the feelings they are beginning to experience. When you see this with your Manhattan rent a car, you may remember some of these feelings and relate to the characters on some level. This play may not be for younger children: it deals with violence against women (a father beats his daughter), suicide, and teenage sex. Younger children are not encouraged to attend with your Manhattan rent a car.

When the parents in town find out what their kids have been up to after the suicide of one of the classmates, they make sure that their kids will be good. One boy is sent to reform school and one girl is sent to an underground abortionist after an unexpected pregnancy. In the end, the teens learn a valuable lesson before you leave in your Manhattan rent a car.

TKTS, get your tickets

If you are looking for a discount on your tickets for Broadway plays with your Manhattan rent a car, ten head down to Duffy Square. Here, you can get tickets up to half price off for the same day.

Learn something new

Another great play that you might want to catch on Broadway is The 255th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. This unique play actually has people from the audience as spellers in the county spelling bee, so the show is always different. This is the story of six young people who are trying to grow up, but who have parents who haven’t grown up themselves yet. All of these kids want to win the title at the bee. Some nights there are also dedicated “Parent-Teacher Conferences” or “adult night at the bee” where members of the audience must be at least 17 to attend. These special performances grew from R-rated ad libs during rehearsal and often have sexual references.

Car Rental New York City and South Street Seaport

Are you looking for a unique New York City adventure – something with a little historical significance, and a whole lot of fun? Than youre definitely going to want to check out the thriving maritime community of the South Street Seaport! This renovated harbor front community features exciting historical Lower Manhattan landmarks along with exclusive dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities! Whether youre looking for a romantic weekend in the city, or an exciting educational adventure, the South Street Seaport has just what youre looking for so be sure to stop by in your upcoming New York City car rental. Known as one of the nations living museums, the South Street Seaport is overflowing with exciting tourist destinations, along with historically significant areas, so go ahead and check it out!

Attractions in the South Street Seaport Area

The South Street Seaport area is overflowing with exciting attractions, so be sure to swing by in your upcoming New York City car rental. From hotels and museums to parks and boat tours, the South Street Seaport is brimming with interesting experiences, so dont delay and plan your South Street Seaport adventure today! AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City encourages you to check out the following attractions:

  • The South Street Seaport Museum
    An exciting voyage back in time awaits you inside the South Street Seaport Museum! From historic ships to cobblestones, the South Street Seaport is overflowing with informative displays and exciting exhibits. Located along one of the nations oldest and most prosperous harbors, the South Street Seaport Museum is proud to provide visitors with an entertaining look at historical events and activities.
  • The New York Water Taxi and the Circle Line Downtown
    These two exciting waterway cruisers are designed with you in mind, providing passengers with exceptional service and astonishing views. Nothing beats a relaxing ride on one of the New York Harbor boats, so go ahead and book your ride today. The New York Water Taxi is proud to service Manhattans Seaport District along with the Upper East Side, Wall Street, and Battery Park. Circle Line Downtown is also proud to provide visitors with a variety of convenient downtown ports.
  • The Manhattan Seaport Suites and the Best Western Seaport Inn
    If youre looking for a place to stay during your trip to the South Street Seaport, look no further than the Manhattan Seaport Suites and the Best Western Seaport Inn. These two hotels offer exceptional service along with comfortable accommodations, so dont delay and reserve your rooms today!

Entertainment at the South Street Seaport

The South Street Seaport is home to some of NYCs most exciting festivals and events, including live performances and multicultural celebrations. Theres always something fun happening at the South Street Seaport, so be sure to grab a friend and check it out in your upcoming car rental from AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City! And dont worry theres plenty of parking along the South Street Seaport! Over 3,000 parking slots and paid lots are located within a six block radius of the community, providing visitors with plenty of parking options!

Directions to the South Street Seaport


  • From the West Side: Take either the George Washington Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel or Holland Street to Manhattan, then head southbound along West Street. Follow the signs to FDR Drive. Take the underpass and then remember to keep right, as you will be exiting the street at Exit 1. Turn right onto South Street and then continue for six block until you have reached the Seaport.
  • From the East Side: Take the FDR Drive south and catch Exit 3 onto South Street. Follow South Street for approximately one mile, or until you can find a parking spot for your AMMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car.

AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City is proud to provide you with exciting information on the South Street Seaport, but sadly we cant supply you with everything thats what the official website is for! If youre interested in visiting the South Street Seaport, AMMCAR Car Rentals New York City encourages you to visit the communitys official website at

New York Car Rentals and Sothebys Auction House

From its first sale of several hundred books on Polite Literature for a few hundred pounds, fast forward two centuries later where The Gospels of Henry the Lion was sold for more than 8 million pounds, Visit the world’s oldest international auction house which is in continuing operation with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR. The first sale ever held in the Sotheby’s Auction House was on March 11, 1744 where Samuel Baker, the company’s founder who presided over the selling of several hundred scarce and valuable books. The name Sotheby comes from Baker’s nephew, John Sotheby who partially inherited it upon the death of Barker. When you visit the Sotheby’s Auction House today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR, you are not just visiting a typical auction house. Sotheby’s Auction House is in fact the oldest fine art auctioneers in the world and the largest with over 100 Sotheby’s offices around the world.

Sotheby’s today

The firm has a current annual turnover of 2 billion and offices on London’s New Bond Street and Manhattan’s York Avenue. Sotheby’s Auction House also has quite an intense rivalry with Christi’s another auction house, for the position of the world’s pre-eminent fine art auctioneer. The Sotheby’s Auction House holds major dominance in the auction market partially to the fact of natural growth, acquisitions( most notably the purchase of the Unites States’ largest fine-art auctioneer, Parke-Benet, in 1964) and improved management during the cyclical “art recessions” which can be seen over the past century. So why don’t you try your hand in an auction? Plan your trip to the Sotheby’s Auction House today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR!

Going once, going twice….SOLD

When traveling with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR you will see a large variety of things being sold. Some of the things you will see are so rare and precious that you won’t even believe your eyes. Sotheby’s Auction House has had some notable artwork sold including,

  • Picasso’s portrait “Dora Maar with Cat” on May 3 2006 sold for $95 million. The painting became the second most expensive artwork sold at an auction.
  • However this price was nothing compared to the highest price ever paid for a painting at a tune of $135 million of Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” by private sale on Jun 18, 2006. This knocked the “Dora Maar with Car” to third place.

How to bid at Sotheby’s

If you are interested in purchasing at Sotheby’s with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR the general steps are 1. registering the bid 2. bidding 3. paying 4. picking up or shipping your property. To bind in person when you visit with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR you will first need to register a numbered paddle prior to the auction. You must bring a government-issued proof of identity, a driving license or passport will do fine. If it is your first time at Sotheby’s Auction House then be prepared to set up an account which includes them asking for your address, telephone number, signature and possible a bank reference. If you are bidding on behalf of someone else you will need to provide a letter that states that the person authorizes for you to bid in his/her behalf.

Visit the Sotheby’s Auction House official website at for more information on how to plan your trip better with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR.

Sotheby’s Auction House

1334 York Avenue
at 72nd Street
New York NY, 10021
Tel : (212) 606 – 7000
Fax : (212) 606 – 7107

New York Discount Car Rental and the Sony Technology Lab

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is one of New Yorks must visit-family fun vacation destinations, attracting thousands of hands-on visitors each and every year. NYCs only free technology and communications museum, the Sony Wonder Technology Lab provides inquisitive travelers with unlimited access to the latest digital technology and state-of-the-art entertainment. From HDTV to high-tech video games, the Sony Technology Lab has something for everyone, boasting nearly four floors of advanced visual and audio equipment. A world of interactive opportunities awaits you inside this super sophisticated land of technology, so why bother wasting another afternoon stuck inside some stingy old museum? Plan to visit New Yorks newest all-access entertainment facility visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab now!


The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is currently home to a wide range of entertainment and communication exhibits showcasing an outstanding array of 21st century technology and advanced electronics. Permanent exhibits featured at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab include:

  • b.b. Wonderbot When you first enter the Sony Wonder Technology lab after parking your AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City rent-a-car remember to stop and say hello to the museums resident doorman the telepresence robot b.b. Wonderbot. Remember to pick up your free, timed-entry ticket at the front desk, along with your swipe card and museum guidelines.
  • The Communication Bridge Once youve entered the Sony Wonder Technology Lab remember to log-in before moving on to the Communication Bridge. This interactive timeline showcases over 150 years of communication technology history, including in-depth explanations about the camera, telephone, radio and computer.
  • Technology Workshop The Technology Workshop section of the Sony Wonder Technology Lab is by far the most impressive part of the museum, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City travelers with access to three outstanding laboratory atmospheres dedicated to imagery, audio and visual technologies. Exercises in this area include adding funny sound effects to video clips, mastering digitally enhanced drawing tools, as well as exploring the inner workings of numerous electronics.
  • Professional Studios If youre looking to pursue a career in communications and technology remember to stop by Sonys Professional Studios in order to try your hand at some of the industries most in-demand professions. Activities in this section include programming a robot to perform simple tasks, editing television feed, and maneuvering an endoscope inside a simulated human body.
  • Sonys High Definition Theater Big picture and big sound await AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car customers inside Sonys High Definition Theater, so get ready to experience the ultimate form of cinematic entertainment! Designed to provide viewers with exceptional picture resolution and super sharp surround-sound audio, the High Definition Theater is a definite must-visit for couch potatoes of all ages!


Numerous programs currently run year-round at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab Museum, providing visitors with an extra facet of NYC entertainment and excitement. Upcoming programs include everything from Movie Production Workshops to High Definition Movie-Screeners and Family-Fun Programs. The Sony Wonder Technology Lab can also be reserved for a variety of special occasions including birthday parties and office luncheons. Business AAMCAR Car Rental New York City customers may also be interested in reserving Sonys High Definition Theater for high-profile video presentations. To learn more about planning your next event at the Sony Wonder Lab Museum please call 1-212-833-7875.

Planning a visit to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab is quick and easy, so why wait when you could plan yours now! To learn more about up-and-coming events at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab simply call 212-833-8100 or visit the museum online at Admission to the museum is always free, but AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City strongly encourages travelers to call ahead and reserve tickets in advance. The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is currently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan at the corner of 56th Street and Madison Avenue. Private parking garages are located within walking distance.

Car Rental New York and SoHo

SoHo is a neighborhood in Manhattan that is bounded by Houston Street to the North, Lafayette Street to the east, Canal Street to the south, and Varick Street to the west. The name comes from the famous London, England shopping district with the same name. The name is justified by the name South of Houston Street. Today the area is trendy, but it was once known as the Cast Iron District.

SoHo History

SoHo was supposed to have two elevated highways for the two lower branches of the Lower Manhattan Expressway. The highway was built to take traffic through Manhattan to the Williamsburg Bridge and the Holland Tunnel. However, there was a preservation movement that started with the destruction of Pennsylvania Station that sought to preserve the historic structures. The 19th century cast-iron structures would be threatened by the highway. The project was successful, and when you drive through the area with your New York car rental, you will not see these structures.

The result of the preservation of the old buildings was a number a buildings that were not very good for commerce or manufacturing. Instead, many of the upper floors in these building became lofts, attracting artists who liked the natural light and the cheap rent. Originally these buildings were not built for people to live in, and in fact they were doing so illegally. This was ignored for a while, until the artist population grew and something needed to be done about the problem. The area was not suitable for manufacturing, and it then became residential space. AS factories left and people moved in, there was a lot of space available for cheap rent. Until the 1980s, living here was still somewhat illegal. The area was not zoned for living still, and often people had to convert the space into livable areas with their own money. However, after the 1980s there was a rapid rise in the image of the neighborhood, and the artists began to move out and galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and young professionals moved in. Today, as you drive though with your New York car rental you may also notice this trend.

Visiting SoHo with your New York Car Rental

Many people come to SoHo with their New York car rentals to shop in the fashionable boutiques and see quaint galleries. Most of the stores are clustered in he north area of the neighborhood along Broadway, Prince, and Spring Street. Sidewalks can be crowded with people selling goods and walking through the area. The southern part of the neighborhood by Canal Street and Grand Street still have some of the old SoHo feel and is much less crowded than the touristy north.

SoHo is an interesting place to visit with your New York car rental. It is a brilliant mix of old and new: the old factories that have been rejuvenated with new life. It is well-known in popular culture and is interesting to experience. Every visit to New York should include a visit here with your car rental!

Car Rentals NYC and the Skyscraper Museum


Since the dawning of time mankind has built monuments in order to symbolize power, prestige and achievement. From the Mayan pyramids to the castles of Europe, every civilization takes pride in their individual marker of success. In America, that marker is the modern skyscraper! Since the beginning of the 20th century, the skyscraper has eclipsed all other modern advances in the world of architecture, becoming the American symbol of prestige and influence. New York City is proud to be at the center of the high-rise revolution providing travelers with exclusive access to iconic structures like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. But wait! A brand new building has recently been added to the city’s lengthy list of high-rise accomplishments and it’s earning unprecedented amounts of praise! What is this building you ask? It’s the new Skyscraper Museum in lower Manhattan of course! Established in 1996, the New York Skyscraper Museum is the only facility of its kind dedicated to the study and appreciation of high-rise buildings. From apartment buildings to office towers, the Skyscraper Museum has all the information on all your favorite American and international skyscrapers. There’s no better place to reach for the sky then inside the Skyscraper Museum in lower Manhattan, so why wait! Plan to visit this exciting new institution during your upcoming car rental NYC vacation!

Exploring the Vertical Metropolis

The Skyscraper Museum in New York City is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study of high-rise buildings. Fittingly located in the world’s high-rise capital of New York, the Skyscraper Museum celebrates the forces behind high-rise design and the individuals who have designed and shaped international skylines. Informative displays and exciting exhibits help car rental NYC travelers explore the buildings of NYC from a variety of angles. From design plans to landmark locations, the Skyscraper Museum takes you inside the world of high-rise construction and tower technology. Besides exhibits, the Museum also presents numerous publications, presentations, programs and lectures, all of which are associated with the art of high-rise creation.

Chronicling the Rise of Skyscraper Design

The Skyscraper Museum of lower Manhattan currently hosts a variety of exciting exhibits dedicated to high-rise design right here in New York City. From the black and white photographs capturing the creation of New York’s iconic Empire State Building, to undersized models of the proposed Freedom Towers, you’ll find it all inside the Skyscraper Museum! Other exciting displays have included the inaugural “Building a Collection” exhibit, the “City of Change” demonstration and the “World Trade Center Monument” exhibit. You and a friend can also enjoy an exclusive look at the original WTC model, as well as elaborate drawings of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the shanghai World Financial Center. Eager car rental NYC travelers can also log onto the Skyscraper Museums cool new “Downtown New York Web Walk” which offers four interactive virtual walking tours of lower Manhattan. A special exhibit is also dedicated to one of the world’s most influential architects, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Skyscraper Museum is proud to provide car rental NYC guests with a fresh look at some of the city’s most familiar landmarks. If you’re interested in learning more about the Skyscraper Museum simply log onto for more information. You can also drop in and visit the Museum anytime during your upcoming vacation by stopping by their new galleries at 39 Battery Park. Admission to the facility is just $5 for adults and $2.50 for students and seniors. If you would like to learn more about upcoming events, lecture series, exhibits and/or walking tours please call 1-212-968-1961. The Skyscraper Museum is recommended for car rental NYC customers of all ages. Museum hours are 12 noon to 6pm Wednesday through Sunday. The Skyscraper Museum was founded in 1996 by Carol Willis, museum curator.