New York Discount Car Rental and St. Patrick’s Day in New York

For generations now New Yorkers have had their own special way of celebrating major holidays ‘ from the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Square at Christmas, to the dropping of the ball on New Years Eve, the city that never sleeps has always known how to throw an unbelievable party! This tradition of celebration and excitement includes most international holidays as well, as the city comes together to honor the area’s cultural conglomeration of immigrant residents and international visitors. One such celebration is that of the Irish religious holiday St. Patrick’s Day. Each and every year scores of Irish citizens make the trip to NYC in order to take part in gloriously green celebration, filling the city with an atmosphere of utter jubilation and never-ending excitement. From the morning church service to the afternoon parade and all day pubs, New York City is sure to have the perfect venue for your upcoming St. Paddy’s day celebration regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

If you happen to be out and about in your AAMCAR New York City Car Rentals’ rent-a-car during the afternoon of March 17th, be sure to stop by 5th Avenue between 44th and 86th Street, home to the world famous NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade! This monumental undertaking, which begins at noon, features everything from marching bands to military escorts, creating a unique atmosphere of fun and enforced order. Based upon the original pilgrimage of NYC Irish Society members to their respective Roman Catholic venues of worship, the current St. Patrick’s Day parade now features thousands of Irish and non-Irish participants joined in the communal process of celebration. Some of the most prominent supports and participants in the parade include the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the thirsty Irish County Societies and various Emerald, Irish-Language, and Irish Nationalist groups. The parade also opens each year with a unit of soldiers from the Irish 165th Infantry (originally the 69th Regiment of the 1850’s), symbolizing the cultures historical struggles and eventual triumphs. Floats, exhibits and automobiles are not allowed to participate in this yearly celebration, but that has done little to dissuade the more than 150,000 marchers who take part every March!

Painting the Town’ Green!

If you’re planning on being in New York during the annual St Patrick’s Day celebration be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the time-tested tradition of ‘green-atizing’ the city. From green beer and bagels to green clothing and flowers, NYC is practically overrun with a festival sheen of emerald excitement on March 17th! Even the Empire State Building is bathed in green light, further commemorating the city’s acceptance of international immigrants and travelers. Other greenery in the city includes water fountains, storefronts, headwear and yes ‘ even animals! AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ customers are all encouraged to wear green on this exciting annual holiday so remember to pack some emerald charm into your holiday suitcase!

Where to Celebrate

New York City currently hosts one of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s celebrations, ranking a close second behind Ireland itself! If you’re looking to have a ball during your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ vacation remember to check out the following festive venues:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral ‘ This gothic architectural structure is one of NYC’s most stunning tourist destinations, attraction millions of visitors every year. In past years the Cathedral has hosted a special service every St. Patrick’s Day, teaching sold out crowds about the traditional importance of the yearly celebration. To learn more about the church please feel free to visit the official Archdiocese of New York website at or call 212-753-2261.

Irish Pubs ‘ Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like an icy green beer, so why not hustle up some of your fellow AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ rent-a-car friends for an afternoon pub-crawl! Popular NYC Irish pubs include: the Blarney Star, Clancy’s, Dempsey’s Pub, Doc Watson’s, Kate Kearney’s, Murphy’s Pub, McSorley’s Ale House and O’Neil’s.

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