New York Car Rentals and Sothebys Auction House

From its first sale of several hundred books on Polite Literature for a few hundred pounds, fast forward two centuries later where The Gospels of Henry the Lion was sold for more than 8 million pounds, Visit the world’s oldest international auction house which is in continuing operation with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR. The first sale ever held in the Sotheby’s Auction House was on March 11, 1744 where Samuel Baker, the company’s founder who presided over the selling of several hundred scarce and valuable books. The name Sotheby comes from Baker’s nephew, John Sotheby who partially inherited it upon the death of Barker. When you visit the Sotheby’s Auction House today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR, you are not just visiting a typical auction house. Sotheby’s Auction House is in fact the oldest fine art auctioneers in the world and the largest with over 100 Sotheby’s offices around the world.

Sotheby’s today

The firm has a current annual turnover of 2 billion and offices on London’s New Bond Street and Manhattan’s York Avenue. Sotheby’s Auction House also has quite an intense rivalry with Christi’s another auction house, for the position of the world’s pre-eminent fine art auctioneer. The Sotheby’s Auction House holds major dominance in the auction market partially to the fact of natural growth, acquisitions( most notably the purchase of the Unites States’ largest fine-art auctioneer, Parke-Benet, in 1964) and improved management during the cyclical “art recessions” which can be seen over the past century. So why don’t you try your hand in an auction? Plan your trip to the Sotheby’s Auction House today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR!

Going once, going twice….SOLD

When traveling with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR you will see a large variety of things being sold. Some of the things you will see are so rare and precious that you won’t even believe your eyes. Sotheby’s Auction House has had some notable artwork sold including,

  • Picasso’s portrait “Dora Maar with Cat” on May 3 2006 sold for $95 million. The painting became the second most expensive artwork sold at an auction.
  • However this price was nothing compared to the highest price ever paid for a painting at a tune of $135 million of Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” by private sale on Jun 18, 2006. This knocked the “Dora Maar with Car” to third place.

How to bid at Sotheby’s

If you are interested in purchasing at Sotheby’s with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR the general steps are 1. registering the bid 2. bidding 3. paying 4. picking up or shipping your property. To bind in person when you visit with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR you will first need to register a numbered paddle prior to the auction. You must bring a government-issued proof of identity, a driving license or passport will do fine. If it is your first time at Sotheby’s Auction House then be prepared to set up an account which includes them asking for your address, telephone number, signature and possible a bank reference. If you are bidding on behalf of someone else you will need to provide a letter that states that the person authorizes for you to bid in his/her behalf.

Visit the Sotheby’s Auction House official website at for more information on how to plan your trip better with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR.

Sotheby’s Auction House

1334 York Avenue
at 72nd Street
New York NY, 10021
Tel : (212) 606 – 7000
Fax : (212) 606 – 7107

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