Manhattan Rent A Car and Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening began as an Off-Broadway play based on a controversial book. In December 2006 it transferred to Broadway, with mostly rave reviews. Today, you can see it at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre with your Manhattan rent a car. Off-Broadway plays are generally less expensive, less well-known, and feature less well-known performers. It is not uncommon for shows that are successful Off-Broadway to run on Broadway. Some other examples of plays that have done this include Avenue Q, Rent, and Hair. Other shows are successful for years Off-Broadway, like Blue Man Group and The Fantasticks.

Part musical, mostly play

The plot of Spring Awakening largely takes place through spoken dialogue rather than musical numbers. The scenes are punctuated by songs, including rock, folk, and pop numbers. These songs mostly allow the characters to express their frustrations, motivations, and desires.

Angst and sex

The story is based on teens in a small town. They are treated harshly by adults: the girls are sheltered and the boys are criticized. They d not know anything about sexuality or love and are frustrated by the feelings they are beginning to experience. When you see this with your Manhattan rent a car, you may remember some of these feelings and relate to the characters on some level. This play may not be for younger children: it deals with violence against women (a father beats his daughter), suicide, and teenage sex. Younger children are not encouraged to attend with your Manhattan rent a car.

When the parents in town find out what their kids have been up to after the suicide of one of the classmates, they make sure that their kids will be good. One boy is sent to reform school and one girl is sent to an underground abortionist after an unexpected pregnancy. In the end, the teens learn a valuable lesson before you leave in your Manhattan rent a car.

TKTS, get your tickets

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Learn something new

Another great play that you might want to catch on Broadway is The 255th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. This unique play actually has people from the audience as spellers in the county spelling bee, so the show is always different. This is the story of six young people who are trying to grow up, but who have parents who haven’t grown up themselves yet. All of these kids want to win the title at the bee. Some nights there are also dedicated “Parent-Teacher Conferences” or “adult night at the bee” where members of the audience must be at least 17 to attend. These special performances grew from R-rated ad libs during rehearsal and often have sexual references.

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