Wall Streey NY Car Rental

What would the world be without New York’s Wall Street, the financial capital of the planet? This street is unlike any other street you’ll drive down in your New York car rental as it is home to the New York Stock Exchange, where millions of dollars can be made or lost in a matter of seconds. But Wall Street hasn’t always been the be-all and end-all of the financial district. In fact it was once a wall! Built in 1644 by the Dutch on the lower end of Manhattan “Island” was a wall used to protect the settlers from British attack. Years later this wall was torn down and the notorious Wall Street was born.

The first organized American stock exchange took place in 1792 under a buttonwood tree in Castle Garden (now Battery Park). Twenty-four men participated in the exchange, signing an agreement of rules, regulations and fees. From that day forward a building at 22 Wall Street was used to auction of securities to the highest bidder every weekday at noon. This original organization was called The Stock Exchange Office and was a very exclusive club of New York’s elite financial community. In 1817 the name was changed to the New York Stock and Exchange Board, which was once again changed in 1863 to its current title of New York Stock Exchange. The NYSE has had its share of ups and downs during its long history, the most notable low occurring on October 29th 1929 when the Stock Market Crashed, causing millions of dollars to be lost and many investors to be ruined financially.

Today the New York Stock Exchange is the world’s leading and most technologically advanced equities market. Buyers and sellers meet daily in an open and orderly market to access the complicated rhythm of supply and demand. On any given day an average of 1.46 billion shares valued at a mind boggling $46.1 million dollars will be traded of the NYSE! The NYSE is home to over 2,800 world-class companies that have a total global market value of over $20 trillion! Approximately 470 non-US companies invest in the NYSE from 50 different countries making Wall Street the home of the world’s largest market. Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange range from private investors to well known “blue chip” organizations which include many of the world’s leading technology companies. All of these companies must meet stringent requirements before being allowed to partake in market business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the New York Stock Exchange, why not take a drive to Wall Street in your New York car rental and take part in a guided tour? The NYSE is one of New York City’s top 10 tourist destination and attracts over 700 000 visitors world wide each year! The New York City Stock Exchange tours are fun and educational, combining interactive displays with helpful information sessions. For more information regarding the guided tours please visit the New York Stock Exchange’s website at www.nyse.com or call 212-656-5165. Admission is FREE but tickets are first come first serve so be sure to drive over in your New York car rental early! Groups of ten or more require reservations. Special Private Trading Floor tours can be arranged for special occasions, but please not that all men must wear a jacket on the trading floor at all times!

If you would like to by some New York Stock Exchange souvenirs be sure to visit Wall Street in your New York car rental. There is a NYSE Marketplace Gift Shop which sells t-shirts, mugs and all sorts of other gift paraphernalia.

New York Discount Car Rental and the Virgin Megastore

If music makes your world go round, AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals has the perfect vacation shopping destination for you and all you friends. From the latest releases to hard-to-find titles, youll find all the biggest hits right here in Times Square. So what is this musical mansion? Its the Times Square Virgin Megastore of course! Located directly across the street from the MTV studios, the Virgin Megastore is New York Citys is one of the hippest places in town to hang out. Music lovers of all ages are invited to roam endless racks of records, ranging in everything from popular music to timeless classics. No other store in the city carries an inventory like the Megastore, so why waste your time shopping anywhere else? From music and movies to books and games, the Virgin Megastore has everything you need to infuse your upcoming Manhattan car rentals vacation with hours of fun, so dont succumb to boredom. Plan to make a special trip to the Virgin Megastore during your upcoming trip.

Find what youre looking for

Finding your favorite albums, past and present, is easy at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. This monstrous musical complex features three floors stocked full of merchandise, providing patrons with an unbeatable selection of new releases and greatest hits. But the Virgin Megastore isnt just about the music. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can also stop in and pick up movies, video games, magazines and books. Tons of entertainment is sold inside this exciting establishment, so remember to stop and look at all three floors. Exciting areas inside the store include an extensive singles selection, two levels of domestic and imported CDs and a huge video department. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can also enjoy a sneak peak at some of the hottest new musicals acts with a visit to one of the stores listening booths. A phenomenal number of these kiosks are located throughout the store, providing visitors with a quick listen to chart topping tracks. If thats not enough, the Virgin Megastore also features a quaint caf, a bookstore and a multiplex movie theater. Out of state AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals customers can even arrange airfare on Virgin Atlantic flights thanks to an onsite travel agency. Shopping has never been easier, so why spend hours at some lesser record store? Stop in at the Virgin Megastore today and youll be listening to your favorite album in no time.

The Stars all shine in Times Square

The Virgin Megastore in Times Square is always busy providing visitors with the ultimate music experience. From in-store events and celebrity promotions to performances and product launches, all of the greatest musical acts prefer to party at the Virgin Megastore. The calendar at this store is jammed-pack with celebrity book and CD signings so dont miss your chance to check it out during your upcoming Manhattan car rentals vacation. Celebrities also enjoy shopping at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, purchasing exciting musical compellations alongside everyday customers. Celebrities cant help but shop at this exciting establishment thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere, so whats your excuse? You never know who youll run into when youre browsing the stacks at the Virgin Megastore in Manhattan, so be sure to scan for famous faces. AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals also recommends contacting the store to learn more about upcoming scheduled celebrity appearances.

If your headphones are in need of something new during your upcoming New York vacation, AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals recommends visiting the Times Square Virgin Megastore. This iconic maze of music is located at 1540 Broadway and is open Sunday through Thursday 9am to 1am and Friday through Saturday from 9am to 2am. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can contact the store at 1-212-921-1020. A second Virgin Megastore is also located near Union Station at 52 East 14th Street.

New York Discount Car Rental and Vietnam Memorial

With your New York car rental, why not visit the Vietnam Memorial. The New York State Vietnam Memorial is a living memorial that commemorates the military service of residents of the state in Vietnam and Southeast Asia between 1961 and 1975. In particular, it is dedicated to those who lost their life are were declared missing in action. The Memorial is located in Albany, which is 145 miles northeast of New York City. This is a good trip that can be a day or more with a New York car rental.

The Monument

The Memorial features a state honor roll, a gallery with exhibitions, a courtyard, and a resource center. It seeks to foster increased public understanding and discussion of the Vietnam War and its aftermath. It can be found at the Justice Building at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, only 145 miles from New York City in a New York car rental.


The Vietnam War was a conflict between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (or the North) and the Republic of Vietnam (or the South). The United States was involved in the conflict beginning in 1965, and didnt officially withdraw until 1973. The wars roots are in the Cold War. The North was communist, while the South remained a democracy. At the start, France was responsible for this area through their colonies. However, pressure forced them to relinquish military control of the area, and the U.S. became influential in the area. South Vietnam wanted to maintain its governing power rather than reunify the country. Beginning in 1957, civil war broke out. Conflict soon spread to neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos.

Many of Vietnams allies, including the United States, wanted to stop the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia. Vietnam itself was also fighting for decolonization as well as the ability to choose their own government. The United States under Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy supposed the South Vietnamese. Under President Johnson, the United States was once again at war. However, there was no outright declaration of war. Instead, there were incremental increases in the forces sent to the area to maintain security. The U.S. also hoped to avoid Soviet or Chinese involvement in the war, which happened in the Korean War. By 1965, Operation Rolling Thunder was put into place, in an effort to destroy the will of the North Vietnamese and lead to the Souths victory. The United States was highly involved in the war now.

When Nixon was elected as President, he promised to disengage the U.S. from the war. The plan was to build up the South Vietnamese army so they would not rely on American forces. Nixon gradually removed troops from the war until finally, in 1973, Nixon announced suspension of all offensive activities in Vietnam.

There were many protests against the war in the 1960s and 1970s. However, today the war has been immortalized in monuments and museums all over the country. Make a trip to Albany with your New York car rental to visit New Yorks contribution to the war.

The City of Albany

Compared to New York City, Albany is a small city of 96,000 people. However, it is worth the trip in your New York car rental. It is the state capital of New York, with all state institutions. There is also a little-known artistic community for the performing and fine arts. The area in which the Vietnam Memorial is located is also a large commercial center. Also, there is Division I NCAA college athletics in Albany, with many state universities located in the area. So take your New York car rental and visit the Vietnam Memorial and the surrounding area.

New York Discount Car Rental and the United Nations Tour

Learning more about world politics and international affairs is an important part of anyones education regardless of race, gender, age and sexual orientation. Thats why the United Nations is proud to offer travelers one of the worlds most comprehensive public relations tours, providing all types of New York visitors with an enriched view of international happenings and humanitarian projects. Guided tours of the UN building, which is located beside in the Turtle Bay neighborhood just east of downtown Manhattan, are held quite regularly, providing AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City customers with plenty of opportunity to come in and enjoy the sophisticated sights. Tours are normally conducted seven days a week (Monday through Friday ONLY during the months of January and February) leaving promptly at 9:30am and every thirty minutes thereafter, Tours of the building normally take about 45 minutes and include a variety of exciting exhibitions, displays and visual programming.

Tour Outline

A guided tour of the United Nations headquarter in NYC begins with a brief overview of the organization and its structure, providing AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City customers with an informative base of knowledge and information. The main part of the tour will then consist of visiting some of the buildings most famous rooms including the chambers of the Security Council, the Trusteeship Council and the Economic and Social Council. Some of AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City customers might even get to briefly witness a live meeting as nearly 5,000 official meetings are held within the UN headquarters each and every year. Participants on the tour will also gain access to some of the establishments most stunning exhibits, each of which is designed to provide visitors with an inside look at some of the organizations ongoing international programs. These displays include information on peacekeeping operations, decolonization and disbarment. Numerous art collections will also be brought to the attention of tour participants, as well as numerous tapestries, murals, mosaics and sculptures. The final stop on the United Nations tour will be inside the awesome General Assembly Hall, which is one of the worlds largest and best-known public rooms. On completion of the tour participants will be escorted back to the UNs Public Concourse where they are encouraged to browse the UN Postal Counter, the Gift Center, the United Nations Bookshop and the on-site coffee shop.

About the United Nations Tour Guides

Know as the United Nations Ambassadors to the Public for their interaction with everyday travelers and tourists, the United Nations tour guides are some of the organizations most important employees, providing the average person with information on international issues. Guides at the UN come from across the country and around the world, providing travelers with multi-lingual presentations and spectacular social services. Recruited for their speaking skills and international awareness, the tour guides at the UN undergo a variety of intensive training program as well as regularized daily briefings, ensuring that theyre presentations stay current and cutting edge. All tours guides are also required to wear a uniform or a costume of their national dress, further showcasing the organizations mix of unity through diversity.

If you are interested in learning more about Tours currently available at the United Nations headquarters in NYC please feel free to contact the organizations tour line at 1-212-963-TOUR. Prices for tours in 2006 are approximately $12 for adults, $8.50 for seniors, $8 for students and $6.50 for children between the ages of 5 and 14. Reservations are required for groups of 12 or more AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City customers. Tours of the UN are completely wheel chair accessible, and written information is available for those with hearing disabilities. To find out more about his exciting service please visit the United Nations official tour website at www.un.org/tours/. Further questions can also be emailed to unitg@un.org.

Car Rentals NYC and TV Shows in NYC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the studio audience at one of your favorite television show tapings? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of socializing at the same places as your favorite silver screen characters? Well now you can! A handful of exciting television shows are taped live in New York City every day, providing car rental NYC customers with exclusive access to their favorite small-screen stars! From the Today Show with Matt Lauer to the Late Night with David Letterman, New York City has your ticket to all the hottest TV tapings. Your ticket to the ultimate silver screen experience is ready and waiting in NYC so don’t delay! Plan an exciting day of live television entertainment now!

The Inside Ticket

Attending a free taping of your favorite TV show is a great, affordable way to have fun during a stay in NYC. There is a slight catch though. Waiting for tickets to a free performance can often mean standing in line for hours! Car rental NYC customers can avoid this time waster by submitting ticket order forms online but be forewarned – you may or may not receive tickets for your preferred date. Scoring a ticket to one of these ultra exciting events isn’t always easy, but in the end the show is always worth it! Popular shows that are currently taping in New York City include:

  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central) – Shows are shot every Monday through Thursday at the Daily Show Studios on 513 West 54th Street. Audience members must be 18 years of age or older. Doors open at 5:45pm.
  • Dayside with Linda Vester (FOX News Channel) – Airs live Monday through Friday at 1pm to 2pm. Car rental NYC guests should arrive at 11:30am. FOX News Channel studios are located at 1211 Avenue of the Americans.
  • Daily Download (Fuse) – Show is taped Monday through Friday from 6pm to 7pm. Car rental NYC guests are asked to arrive at the studio by 4:30pm. Audience members must be between 14 and 26 years of age. Studios are located at 11 Penn Plaza on 7th Avenue.
  • Last Call with Carson Daily (NBC) – Car rental NYC clients 16 and over can call 1-212-664-3056 to reserve tickets. Shows are taped at NBC Studios inside 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
  • The Late Show with David Letterman – Ticket requests can be submitted at the official Late Night website. Car rental NYC visitors can also stop by the Ed Sullivan Theater box office Monday through Friday 9:30am to 12:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6pm. Shows are taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater.
  • Late Night with Conan O’Brien – Tickets can be reserved by calling 1-212-664-3056. Standby tickets are also available no later than 9am on the morning of tapings under the NBC Studio Marquee on 49th Street side of 30 Rockefeller Center. Tapings are held every Tuesday through Friday at 5:30pm.
  • Live with Regis and Kelly (ABC) – There is a 12 month wait for tickets by mail. Car rental NYC clients have a good chance of getting same day tickets at the corner of 67th Street and Columbus Avenue before 7am. Shows are taped at ABC Studios, West 66th Street.
  • The View – Tickets can be reserved by visiting The View’s official website. The show airs live Monday through Friday from 11am to noon. The View is taped at ABC studios.

A Breath of Fresh Air

New York City is also home to several shows that require onlookers as background. These shows include The Early Show (Fifth Avenue at 59th Street), Good Morning America (Times Square), The Today Show (30 Rockefeller Plaza) and Total Request Live (1550 Broadway).

Car Rental New York and Turtle Bay Gardens

Turtle Bay Gardens is an interesting place to visit with your New York car rental. The history of the area dates back to 1639 when the Dutch governor gave two Englishmen an area of land that was 40 acres. The land was traversed by a creek that emptied into the East River, which is why some historians think the name “Turtle Bay” was given to the area.

From the time of European settlement to the Revolutionary War, the bay was a safe haven for ships from winter gales and the currents of the East River. Ship builders used the area to make ships, and it soon became an important place of commerce for the area. By the early 1800s, the area was rapidly expanding with breweries, shops, mills, and small industry. The industrial revolution was coming to the area. Some of this history will still be evident as you drive around the area in your New York car rental.

Famous Neighbors

Edgar Allen Poe was one of the famous residents who lived in the area, as you may learn when you visit with your New York car rental. Poe once wrote about the pleasure of rowing around the area and complained about the proposed grid system for Manhattan. He thought the natural landscape would be doomed by this plan. Poe was partly right: the grid pattern did divide the city into lots that were being developed around the middle of the century. At this time, large avenues were opening from north to south, some of which you can still drive your New York car rental on.

The civil war put stress on the area. But the end of the war caused another surge in building in the area. Brownstones were being built all over the city, block by block. Immigrants poured into the area, and there was an even greater need for housing. At this time, Turtle Bay began to fall into decay as Italian, German, Irish, and Jewish immigrants were attracted to the area.

There was a resurgence in the area in the 1920s as brownstones became more fashionable. A large communal garden was built in Turtle Bay that added to the beauty of the area and has attracted many prominent New Yorkers.

Turtle Bay in the Present

In 1946 six city blocks of the area was completely transformed to make room for a new organization: The United Nations. This is one of the most interesting buildings to visit in Turtle Bay with your New York car rental. Since then, there has been a building boom in the area, with many office buildings, condos, and other buildings. As you drive through the area with your New York car rental, think about how the people who once called this island home would think the area has changed so much. Some of that change was for the better, some for the worst. Some of the most interesting places to visit while you are here are the Ford Foundation, Tudor City, UN Headquarters, and the Turtle Bay Gardens Historic District.

As you drive through the area with your New York car rental, remember this was once the neighborhood for America’s rich, famous, and powerful.

Car Rental New York and Tribeca

Tribeca is a very well-known neighborhood in New York. It has some very interesting architecture to see while you drive by with your New York car rental. The streets are known for their culinary, architectural, and cultural flavor. Some of them are world famous, others are hidden gems that only residents know about.

Tribeca is the “Triangle Below Canal Street”. It is bordered by Canal Street to the north, Broadway on the east, the Hudson River on the west, and Vesey Street to the south. When Manhattan was originally settled, the area was mostly farmland. As the 18th century progressed, it was increasingly settled as people moved north. Until the middle of the 19th century, the area was almost completely residential, with 2-3 story buildings that were made of brick and wood. Today, you can see one of these historic buildings with your New York car rental if you visit Harrison Street. Over the years, these smaller building were replaced with larger commercial structures. This change altered the look of the area and changed the atmosphere. Many of the buildings during this time were also inspired by Italian architecture. You can see this as you drive through with your New York car rental in the classic Italian lines, limestone and marble facades, and use of cast iron.

By the 1880s, the eastern section of Tribeca was largely devoted to commercial activities, and soon the western portion was being taken over as well. The new style of architecture that was popular at this time was a Romanesque Revival. Building were usually made of brick and had characteristic arches. They looked more like forts rather than Italian palazzos. The forts looked grittier than the older buildings, giving the area a new feel. As you drive through the area with your New York car rental you can see the distinction between the two types of architecture.

From that point until the 1950s, people world come to Tribeca for many of the foods they bought, but other than that the area was largely ignored.

Tribeca was once a neighborhood that was neglected and dismissed as a place not worth investing in. However, over the past two decades there has been a rebirth, and it has also become one of the city’s sought-out residential districts.

As you drive through the area, you will notice its characteristic lofts. This has been a popular choice of property for people to live in and work from, explaining some of the rebirth of the area.

Interesting Neighborhood Activities

One of the most interesting activities Tribeca is known for is its film festival, which takes place once a year and the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour. The area has many artists and community members who are involved in making the neighborhood a great place to live and work. When you visit with your New York car rental, there are sure to be plenty of events taking place, so be prepared to spend some time here and get to know the locals.

Car Rental New York and Toys R Us Times Square

Times Square is one of the most recognized sights in New York, with its image seen all over the world in film and television. Toys “R” Us is also a very well-recognized brand of toy stores. It is no surprise that this is a very famous stop to visit with your New York car rental.

To get to Times Square with your New York car rental, you only need to find Broadway Avenue. Times Square is found where Broadway intersects Seventh Avenue and West 44th Street.

Not Just a Place for Kids

There are many super attractions for kids here, but adults can go back to their childhood as well with the attractions at this Toys “R” Us! Barbie’s Dollhouse is a two-story house with all of Barbie’s fashions and accessories right here. There is also Jurassic Park T-Rex, which features a 20-foot high, 34-foot long animatronic T-Rex. It looks like it jumped from the screen and into the store. This is a must see for dinosaur lovers. For people who love stuffed animals, you will want to stop your New York car rental to see the Filled With Love display. You can start with a piece of cloth and create a plush toy all on your own, complete with an official birth certificate. The R Zone has 5500 square feet of the latest electronic games, DVDs, CDs, and videos. You can even play these on huge plasma screens before you take them home.

Perhaps mot impressive is the Ferris Wheel that greets you when you walk in the door. Standing at 60 feet, this is the perfect place to start a fun visit.

Times Square – For Adults

Times Square is much more than a stop for the kids with your New York car rental. This open space has many attractions for adults as well. Times Square was named after the New York Times, which set up its headquarters there in the early 1900s. Today it is known for its New Years Eve party and the crystal ball the drops here at midnight is seen by North Americans everywhere and perhaps many more around the world.

The signs that light up Times Square can be seen from far and wide. This neighborhood has a zoning ordinance that requires tenants to display large, bright signs. Today, the area rivals Las Vegas for its light show.

The theaters of Broadway are a huge attraction for people to come to Times Square. These plays are known world-wide for their great acting and award-winning casts. Every adult should look into the plays being offered here to see if there is something interesting when you are visiting the city with your New York car rental.

Shopping is another popular activity. Aside from Toys “R” Us, there is also Virgin Records and Hershey’s. If you are around in the morning you may be able to catch some of the Today Show, or get a glimpse of TRL in the afternoon at MTV’s studios.

New York Car Rentals and the Top of the Rock

You haven’t really seen NYC until you’ve visited the Top of the Rock on the 70’s floor of 30 Rockefeller Center. Located in the heart of Midtown, the Top of the Rock provides visitors with unparalleled views of the Big Apple skyline and surrounding cityscape. Other observation decks in NYC can’t hold a flame to the Top of the Rock, thanks to stunning panoramic views and unobstructed sightlines. Panels of fully transparent safety glass are all that stand between you and the sparkling lights of the city, so why wait? Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals can take advantage of the views at Top of the Rock 365 days a year, both during the day and at night. No sightseeing adventure is complete without a stop at this stunning New York City landmark, so remember to grab a friend and check it out during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation.

A view from the Top: The story behind Top of the Rock

When John D. Rockefeller first opened the Rockefeller Center some 70 years ago he knew he’d created one of New York City’s finest landmarks. The building itself was designed as a way of giving something back to the people of New York, providing them with a beautiful icon of progress and innovation. Set atop this towering beacon was one of Rockefeller’s crowning achievements – the original Observation Deck. Inspired by the decks of the era’s great ocean liners, the Observation Deck featured deck chairs, gooseneck fixtures and ship stack-inspired vents. This beautiful arrangement lasted for nearly 20 years, until renovations forced it to be closed down. Now, after more than two decades, this breathtaking vantage point has once again been opened up to the public, reconnecting the people of New York with one of their most treasured Manhattan attractions. The new Top of the Rock Observation Deck was brought to fruition by a steward of Rockefeller Jr.’s, Mr. Tishman Speyer. Envisioned by the architect Michael Gabellini, the Top of the Rock showcases a simple elegance amplified by modern materials and engineering. Streamlined and uncluttered, the Top of the Rock mixes the building’s original Art Deco architecture with state-of-the-art technology to produce an experience that’s undeniably thrilling.

Creativity Crystallized: Unique features at the Top of the Rock

The Top of the Rock recently partnered with two exciting sponsors: the cut crystal retailer Swarovski and the Target department store. Evidence of this exciting merge can be found throughout the Top of the Rock facility. Two spectacular crystal pieces now decorated the Top of the Rock providing the customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals with a view that truly dazzles. These include a massive crystal geode wall on the first level of the Observation deck and a shimmering crystal waterfall chandelier. Target has also added its own personal touch to the Top of the Rock with the installation of the Breezeway. This cutting edge, interactive exhibit provides customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals with an innovative multi-media experience featuring human touch and motion detection technology. Target has also designed an exclusive line of merchandise which is currently sold at the Top of the Rock gift shop. Items include everything from travel accessories to gloves and scarves, so be sure to stop in and pick something up after your visit.

The sights of New York City spread out beneath your feet at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, so why start you’re AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation anywhere else? The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is open 8am to midnight, 365 days a year. Tickets for this sightseeing experience are just $17.50 for adults, $11.25 for children ages 6 to 12, and $16.00 for seniors 62+. To learn more about the Top of the Rock Observation Deck please contact the facility at 1-877-NYC-ROCK. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals will find Top of the Rock located on the 70th floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, in Midtown Manhattan.

New York Car Rentals and Tipping in NYC

New York City is full of many service providers such as valet parkers, taxi drivers, bellboys and messenger services. All of these industries often expect a gratuity in return for their extra care and attention. Although tipping is not a necessity, it is greatly appreciated, but be careful not to get fooled into paying more than is deemed required. Just because you’ve saved money on your New York car rental doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Read on for some helpful tips and handy rules for remember just who to tip and how much is needed.

Tip Trends in New York City

Aside from traditional service providers like delivery workers and cleaning services, many other businesses have taken to placing a “Tip Cup” near their registers. Pizzerias, gas stations, coffee shops and cafs are just a few of these establishments. These cups are left for customers who wish to tip the attendant working behind the counter. Although it’s not necessary to place any money into these designated cups, if your server was polite, prompt and perky, the extra change is always appreciated. So cleanout those New York car rental cup holders and show you’re appreciation for the hard working people on the Big Apple.

Hotel Staff and Housekeeping

$3 to $4 a day is good rule of thumb for tipping the hard working hotel service people of New York. Or if you like, you can always leave a compounded tip the last day of your stay; just leave a sealed envelope on the nightstand or desktop labeled “Housekeeping”. Either way it is always nice to reward the housekeeping staff for their diligent work. Of course one must always use their discretion when it comes to leaving a gratuity. If you are unsatisfied with the overall cleanliness of your hotel suite, (i.e. the beds are not made, or the floor has not been vacuumed), there is no need for you to feel obliged to leave a tip.

Taxi Services

While visiting the Big Apple you may choose to take a taxi instead of braving the heavy traffic in your New York car rental. In this case be sure to carry cash with you because taxi cabs do not except debit or credit. 15% of the fare is a customary amount for tipping your cab drivers. Again it is up to you whether or not you wish to leave this large of a tip, or any tip at all. If your taxi driver took a longer than necessary route, executed unsafe traffic maneuvers, or broke any laws during your trip it is ok to avoid leaving a tip.

Messenger Services and Bellboys

Tipping a messenger or bellboy is not entirely necessary, but a few dollars is always appreciated. If you have extremely heavy luggage that must be carried up numerous flights of stairs you may wish to give the attendant a few more dollars but typically $2 or $3 is sufficient.

Parking Garages and Valet Attendants

If you have decided to leave your New York car rental with a valet parking service it is normally polite to tip the valet a few bucks. Before tipping the attendant you should do a quick vehicle check to look for dents and scratches. If the valet has tinkered with the radio station or moved the settings of the driver interior there is no reason to leave a tip. But if the service was prompt and friendly $1 or $2 is sufficient.

Some services offered to you during your trip to New York City may not be appreciated. It is common to run into people on the streets trying to peddle unwanted services; for example, people all over NYC attempt to wash car window shields at stop lights and road signs everyday. It is not necessary to tip these people for their services if you have politely asked them to step away from your New York car rental. If the window washer becomes more aggressive in their requests for payment, quickly lock your doors and avoid any further conversation.