New York Discount Car Rental and Vietnam Memorial

With your New York car rental, why not visit the Vietnam Memorial. The New York State Vietnam Memorial is a living memorial that commemorates the military service of residents of the state in Vietnam and Southeast Asia between 1961 and 1975. In particular, it is dedicated to those who lost their life are were declared missing in action. The Memorial is located in Albany, which is 145 miles northeast of New York City. This is a good trip that can be a day or more with a New York car rental.

The Monument

The Memorial features a state honor roll, a gallery with exhibitions, a courtyard, and a resource center. It seeks to foster increased public understanding and discussion of the Vietnam War and its aftermath. It can be found at the Justice Building at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, only 145 miles from New York City in a New York car rental.


The Vietnam War was a conflict between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (or the North) and the Republic of Vietnam (or the South). The United States was involved in the conflict beginning in 1965, and didnt officially withdraw until 1973. The wars roots are in the Cold War. The North was communist, while the South remained a democracy. At the start, France was responsible for this area through their colonies. However, pressure forced them to relinquish military control of the area, and the U.S. became influential in the area. South Vietnam wanted to maintain its governing power rather than reunify the country. Beginning in 1957, civil war broke out. Conflict soon spread to neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos.

Many of Vietnams allies, including the United States, wanted to stop the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia. Vietnam itself was also fighting for decolonization as well as the ability to choose their own government. The United States under Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy supposed the South Vietnamese. Under President Johnson, the United States was once again at war. However, there was no outright declaration of war. Instead, there were incremental increases in the forces sent to the area to maintain security. The U.S. also hoped to avoid Soviet or Chinese involvement in the war, which happened in the Korean War. By 1965, Operation Rolling Thunder was put into place, in an effort to destroy the will of the North Vietnamese and lead to the Souths victory. The United States was highly involved in the war now.

When Nixon was elected as President, he promised to disengage the U.S. from the war. The plan was to build up the South Vietnamese army so they would not rely on American forces. Nixon gradually removed troops from the war until finally, in 1973, Nixon announced suspension of all offensive activities in Vietnam.

There were many protests against the war in the 1960s and 1970s. However, today the war has been immortalized in monuments and museums all over the country. Make a trip to Albany with your New York car rental to visit New Yorks contribution to the war.

The City of Albany

Compared to New York City, Albany is a small city of 96,000 people. However, it is worth the trip in your New York car rental. It is the state capital of New York, with all state institutions. There is also a little-known artistic community for the performing and fine arts. The area in which the Vietnam Memorial is located is also a large commercial center. Also, there is Division I NCAA college athletics in Albany, with many state universities located in the area. So take your New York car rental and visit the Vietnam Memorial and the surrounding area.

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