Car Rental New York and Toys R Us Times Square

Times Square is one of the most recognized sights in New York, with its image seen all over the world in film and television. Toys “R” Us is also a very well-recognized brand of toy stores. It is no surprise that this is a very famous stop to visit with your New York car rental.

To get to Times Square with your New York car rental, you only need to find Broadway Avenue. Times Square is found where Broadway intersects Seventh Avenue and West 44th Street.

Not Just a Place for Kids

There are many super attractions for kids here, but adults can go back to their childhood as well with the attractions at this Toys “R” Us! Barbie’s Dollhouse is a two-story house with all of Barbie’s fashions and accessories right here. There is also Jurassic Park T-Rex, which features a 20-foot high, 34-foot long animatronic T-Rex. It looks like it jumped from the screen and into the store. This is a must see for dinosaur lovers. For people who love stuffed animals, you will want to stop your New York car rental to see the Filled With Love display. You can start with a piece of cloth and create a plush toy all on your own, complete with an official birth certificate. The R Zone has 5500 square feet of the latest electronic games, DVDs, CDs, and videos. You can even play these on huge plasma screens before you take them home.

Perhaps mot impressive is the Ferris Wheel that greets you when you walk in the door. Standing at 60 feet, this is the perfect place to start a fun visit.

Times Square – For Adults

Times Square is much more than a stop for the kids with your New York car rental. This open space has many attractions for adults as well. Times Square was named after the New York Times, which set up its headquarters there in the early 1900s. Today it is known for its New Years Eve party and the crystal ball the drops here at midnight is seen by North Americans everywhere and perhaps many more around the world.

The signs that light up Times Square can be seen from far and wide. This neighborhood has a zoning ordinance that requires tenants to display large, bright signs. Today, the area rivals Las Vegas for its light show.

The theaters of Broadway are a huge attraction for people to come to Times Square. These plays are known world-wide for their great acting and award-winning casts. Every adult should look into the plays being offered here to see if there is something interesting when you are visiting the city with your New York car rental.

Shopping is another popular activity. Aside from Toys “R” Us, there is also Virgin Records and Hershey’s. If you are around in the morning you may be able to catch some of the Today Show, or get a glimpse of TRL in the afternoon at MTV’s studios.

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