What type of car rental in New York should you get?

coupledriving.thumbnailAs you’ll no doubt have discovered for yourself by now, New York is a busy city vehicle-wise. Downtown the roads are always full and it’s no wonder you’d rather take the subway or walk than risk your life driving. But there’s times when you need a car or van rental in NYC in order to get out into the country or go visiting friends and relatives. And that’s when car and van rental outlets like our own are invaluable.

Trouble is though, if you’re not used to treating yourself and your family to a car or van rental in NYC, then how do you know what to ask for and even how to go about it in the first place? Well, read on and find out everything you need to know:

1.      Purpose. Why do you need a car or van rental? Is it because you’re taking the family on holiday for a week? Maybe it’s because you have an interview for a job in a place that it’s difficult to reach via public transport? And anyway you don’t want to have to carry your good suit around on the train where it will easily get crushed.

2.      Cost. How much are you willing to spend on a van or NYC car rental? Once you’ve decided the size of vehicle you’ll need for your purpose it’s a good idea to look around and compare prices. You’ll be surprised to find there is quite a difference between companies for car rentals in NYC. Don’t just check the actual hiring rate though. Also find out how much mpg you’ll get on the tank (this is particularly important if it’s a long road trip you’re planning on taking).

3.      Passengers. Obviously the more passengers you have then the bigger the vehicle you’ll need. Lots of car rental firms in New York now hire out passenger vehicles so this really shouldn’t be a problem for you. And, if it’s a long road trip you’re taking then the more space ever passenger has, chances are the less they’ll grumble – and as the driver that is certainly something worth taking into consideration!

4.      Weather. It’s always a good idea to check what the weather is going to be like when you’re taking your trip. That’s because winter weather often means using tires with a special tread on them. If it’s going to be extremely warm then you’ll want a car rental vehicle with a sun room or maybe even a soft top vehicle so you can soak up those rays on the open road while playing the music loud California-style.

5.      Duration. How long will your trip be for? This bullet point is similar to the passengers one above in that the more comfortable those you are driving with are, then the more pleasant your road trip. If it’s going to be for hours or days on end then it’s worth paying more for a bit of luxury such as first class air conditioning, back seat TV for the kids and a super-luxury stereo sound system for mum and dad.

Is there anything in the above list you’d like to know about it and that we haven’t covered here? If so we’d be happy to add it. That’s because at the popular NYC car rental serviceAamcar we like to go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy with our service. To date we are delighted at the number of repeat clients we have. If you’d like to know about our service then why not take a look at our website today at Aamcar.com?

You’ve locked your keys in your NY car rental vehicle!
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