If youre looking to learn a little bit about a foreign culture during your trip to New York City, be sure to visit the citys Chinatown in your New York City car rental! NYCs Chinatown is a large neighborhood located in the heart of Manhattan filled with wonderful restaurants, shops and amazing tourist attractions. New York Citys Chinatown is home to the largest concentration of Chinese immigrants in the entire western hemisphere, so expect to find a community steeped in tradition! Chinatown is both a tourist attraction and a booming mini-metropolis providing residents and visitors alike with great markets and exciting products, so be sure to check it out in your New York City car rental once you get into town youll be happy you did!

Attractions in Chinatown

Thousands of tourists visit Chinatown each year to learn the history and tradition of the Chinese community. Top attractions in the area include museums, temples, local shops and prosperous marketplaces. Theres always something to see or do in Chinatown, so come prepared for excitement! Some of the top attractions in Chinatown include:

  • The Statue of Confucius
    Located at Division Street and Bowery, this landmark is by far one of the most popular attractions in all of Chinatown. Confucius was a legendary philosopher and is by far the most respected educator in Chinese history. Confucius believed in the virtues of good and believed that a good government and harmonious society could be achieved through filial piety, honor and above all respect.

    • Another popular statue in Chinatown is the statue of Lin Ze Xu, who had been an Imperial Commissioner in charge of eradicating the opium business in China.
  • The Museum of Chinese in the Americas
    • Located on Mulberry and Bayard Street the Museum of Chinese in the Americas offers a wide range of exhibits and displays designed to educated people of all different backgrounds on the importance and significance of Chinese traditions in the Americas

Other exciting attractions located in New York Citys Chinatown include the Church of Transfiguration, the Mahayana Temple Buddhist Association, the Chinatown Fair and the First Chinese Presbyterian Church.

Dining in Chinatown

Chinatown is the place to be if youre feeling hungry and looking for something great to eat! There are over 400 restaurants located in Chinatown, specializing in authentic Chinese and Asian cuisines. Dining in Chinatown is like no other culinary experience, so be sure to reserve your table today. Top Chinese styles of cooking served in Chinatown include Cantonese, Szechwan, Shanghai, an Hunan. Chinatown also offers tasty Vietnamese, Thai and Malaysian cuisine, so be sure to drop for a bite to eat in your New York City car rental!

Shopping in Chinatown

Chinatown is filled with wonderful shops, so be sure to empty out your New York City car rentals trunk before embarking on a shopping adventure! Chinatown is the place to find precious stones, especially jade. Jade is believed to be not only valuable, but also extremely powerful as it is able to block evil spirits in the Chinese tradition. Beautiful jade jewelry is available throughout Chinatown along with beautiful oriental clothing, souvenirs and knick-knacks.

Chinatown Festivals

If youre interested in participating in some of Chinatowns biggest celebrations be sure to schedule your New York car rental for these occasions!

  • Chinese New Year
    Celebrated during the months of January and February, expect to see the houses in Chinatown decorated with red and gold.
  • The Ghost Festival
    This spooky ritual is held on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month.
  • The Mid-Autumn Festival
    This celebratory festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month in honor of the changing season.


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