Car Rental Manhattan and The Holland Tunnel

The Holland Tunnel, which links New York to New Jersey, was opened in 1927. The first vehicular tunnel to travel beneath the Hudson River, the Holland tunnel was considered to be an outstanding feat of engineering genius, and is now cited as a National Historic Civil and Mechanical Engineering Landmark. The Chief engineer on the Holland Tunnel project, originally named the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel, was Clifford Holland, a pioneer in the business of tunnel construction. His twin-tube design for the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel was a revolutionary concept, a concept still in use today! The tube-shaped design of the Holland tunnel creates a safe and sturdy haven of transportation, allowing millions of vehicles and Manhattan car rentals to cross nearly 8,558 feet of the Hudson River. Today the Holland Tunnel is one of the busiest tunnels in New York City, connecting Canal Street, Manhattan to 12th Street in Jersey City.

Interesting Facts about the Holland Tunnel

  • The deepest section of the Holland Tunnel is located over 93.5 feet of water beneath the Hudson River
  • There are 31 million ceiling tiles on the Holland Tunnel and over 2.9 million wall tiles
  • There are 9 toll lanes of traffic leading into the Holland Tunnel
  • In 2004 some 33,926,000 vehicles traveled the tunnel
  • Clifford Holland never got to see his masterpiece tunnel completed he died one day before construction even began on the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel
  • The first non-official vehicle to cross the Holland tunnel wasnt a Manhattan rental car it was actually a truck making a shipment of merchandise to the Bloomingdales Department Store in downtown Manhattan!

A Brief History of the Holland Tunnel

Before millions of Manhattan car rentals could travel through the Holland Tunnel, thousands of workers had to blast through miles of muddy river bed beneath the Hudson River. During the process some 13 workers were killed, and many suffered from intense bouts of the bends due to the tunnels compressed air supply. It took some seven years for the Holland tunnel to be completed as workers from both the New York and New Jersey side tunneled towards completion. On November 13th, 1927, then President Calvin Coolidge formally opened the tunnel, unlocking it with the same key used to open the Panama Canal some 12 years early.

Disaster Strikes the Holland Tunnel

On May 13, 1949 disaster struck the Holland Tunnel when a chemical truck carrying some 80 drums of carbon disulfide caught on fire. Ten trucks and cargo vehicles were destroyed in the blaze along with 600 feet of the New Jersey tunnel section. 650 tons of debris had to be cleared from the tunnel before it was cleared to open 56 hours after the initial accident. Damage to the tunnel was estimated at $1.0 million, including cable and wire connections throughout the tunnel. 66 people were injured during the blaze, but amazingly there were no fatalities. A second close call involving the Holland Tunnel took place on March 25 of 2002. one of the storage facilities located close to the Jersey City entrance of the tunnel suffered a multiple-alarm blaze, threatening the western portals of the Holland Tunnel. For several days the tunnel was forced to close as demolish crews and fire fighters stabilized the area.

Todays Holland Tunnel

Since the Holland Tunnel was officially opened in 1927 it has carried some 1.3 billion automobiles between New York and New Jersey! There is a toll to use the Holland Tunnel in your Manhattan car rental, but only if you are traveling eastbound. The toll is six dollars cash only please. Since the 9/11 attacks of 2001 a variety of new restrictions have been put into place, especially concerning tractor-trailer usage of the tunnel. Towed vehicles are no longer allowed inside the Holland tunnel, nor are trailers. If you are traveling with a trailer or towing a vehicle behind your Manhattan car rental you may wish to consider traveling across the George Washington Bridge.

New York Car Rentals and Historic Richmond Town

More than 300 years of history can be found just outside Manhattan on Staten Island. This is because the island is home to Historic Richmond Town, New York City’s only living historical village and museum complex. Established in 1958, Historic Richmond Town is the result of a joint project between the Staten Island Historical Society, an independent not-for-profit cultural organization, and the City of New York. Composed of some 15 resorted buildings on more than 100 acres of land, Historic Richmond Town provides visitors with a functioning look at New York City nearly three hundred years ago. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals are invited to experience the domestic, commercial, and civic activities commonly associated with a historic New York town, all the while enjoying live presentations and informative reenactments. From museum exhibits to community festivals, you’re sure to find tons of fun activities inside this fully functional village. A short car ride outside the city will take you back centuries, so why not bridge the time barrier during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation? Plan a visit to Historic Richmond Town today.

A quick history of Historic Richmond Town

Richmond town was first established as a crossroads settlement way back at the turn of the 18th century. It functioned as the center for Dutch Reform religious activities well into the 1700s. The town quickly grew overtime, attracting a variety of settlers and merchants. Blacksmiths, shoemakers and other craftsmen called Richmond Town home, along with a doctors and storekeeper. As Manhattan became increasingly more populated in the 1800s, Staten Island emerged as a popular retreat for wealthy travelers. Towns began to pop up all around Richmond Town, which was, by now, a commercial center. A courthouse was erected in 1837, to be followed by a number of residential areas and storefronts. Local businesses prospered late into the 19th century. Richmond Town would continue as a residential neighborhood after Staten Island became a borough of NYC in 1898. Preservation of the town began during the Great Depression of the 1930s and continues to this day. Today, 15 buildings have been fully restored including an informative museum facility. A professional staff is on-hand inside the Historic Richmond Village at all times providing customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals with a ton of interesting facts and figures.

Become a part of History: What you’ll see and do in Historic Richmond Town

There is currently more than 100 acres of town space preserved in Historic Richmond Town, providing the customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals with access to plenty of exciting amenities and activities. Visitors to the town will see everything from furnished houses to formal exhibitions, not to mention contemporary reenactments. More than 27 buildings are also open to the public in Historic Richmond Town, including a handful of fully restored houses. As you walk through the streets you’ll pass a number of storefronts advertising local wares and upcoming civic events. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals are invited to learn everything from quilting to square dancing during their visit, so go ahead and join in the fun during your upcoming visit. And don’t forget to stop in at one of the country shops for a bite to eat. These home cooked meals are sure to satisfy even the hungriest of travelers.

If the crush of modern living is getting you down now’s the time to stop in at Historic Richmond Town. A slower pace of life reigns supreme inside this pleasant country village, creating a calm vacation destination for you and all your AAMCAR New York Car Rentals companions. To learn more about Historic Richmond Town please contact the Historic Richmond Town Foundation at 1-718-351-1611. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals can also visit the official Historic Richmond Town website at Historic Richmond Town is located at 441 Clarke Avenue on Staten Island.

Car Rental New York and Herald Square

Herald Square is found at the intersection of Broadway, Sixth Avenue, and 34th Street in Manhattan. It was named for the New York Herald, much like the New York Times was once the focus of Times Square. There is a triangular park formed by Broadway, Sixth Avenue, and West 32nd Street named for Horace Greeley, a New York Tribune publisher.

Herald Square is home to one very famous store. Macy Department Store is located here. Macy’s is the largest department store in the United States, and possible even the world. This is a sight you will want to see with your New York car rental. Until 1986, Macy’s rival store was also found here in Herald Square. The store was Gimble Brothers. This was a well-known store, due to the fact that it was rivals with Macy’s. It was also featured in the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street. In recent years the store was the set of the fictional setting of the department store featured in the film Elf (2003). A major reason the store became popular was because many of its doors led to the Herald Square subway station, but later this would be part of its demise. Gimble’s had one of the highest rates of shoplifting in the world. Today you can visit the site with your New York car rental when you visit Manhattan Mall.


The flagship store of Macy’s can be seen as you drive through Herald Square with your New York car rental. The store was completed in 1924 with the Seventh Avenue addition. There are two other flagship stores: one in San Francisco and the other in Chicago.

If you are in New York on Thanksgiving, you will want to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, put on every year by the store. This annual event is enjoyed by millions of people all over the U.S., but you can see it in person with your New York car rental.

If you are able to stop with your New York car rental to get some shopping in, Macy’s offers better than average price levels compared to other department stores such as J.C. Penny, Sears, and Dillard’s. Another famous New York landmark, Bloomingdale’s, is within the same division but at the luxury department store level competing with Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Macy’s has a long history in New York. It was founded in 1858 from a dry goods store from Haverhill, Massachusetts. The original location of the store was at 14th Street and 6th Avenue, but it moved to 18th Street and Broadway. At the time, this area was known as the “Ladies’ Mile”, a popular shopping district (which it still is today). In 1902 the store made its final move to its current location slightly uptown to Herald Square. Since then Macy’s has expanded all over the United States and is still one of the best-known stores in the United States.

Herald Square is a very popular and historic site to visit with your New York car rental. From the New York Herald to Macy’s, there is plenty to see here at Herald Square.

New York Discount Car Rental and Henri Bendel

Imagine that you have a fancy party to go to, but you dont want to wear the same thing you always wear. Youre little black dress has been worn one too many times and you always see the same people. Everyone is going to start thinking you dont have any money and that you only have one dress. You want something bold, something that tells everyone youve arrived when you enter the room. You want all eyes on you and you want to be the belle of the ball. Where are you going to go to get this fabulous, one-of-a-kind dress you so desperately desire? On your upcoming Manhattan car rental vacation, go to Henri Bendel for a showstopper classic. Henri Bendel founded this four-story, magnificent department store in 1985. It is so popular that it has attracted huge names like the Astors and the Vanderbilts. Bendel was a unique man because he imported some of the most famous designer clothes to put on the first fashion show in New York City. Bendel loved to show off some of the biggest names in fashion. He also loved to showcase some of the newest fashion designers in his store and in his shows like Stephen Burrows and Anna Sui so that he could get these names recognized. Come to Henri Bendel on your future Manhattan car rental trip for styles you wont find anywhere else!

Shop till you drop

Henri Bendel provides many different options for women of all shapes and sizes. There are clothes, shoes, hats and handbags. You can also find watches, jewelry, eyewear and swimwear. One of the most popular places in Henri Bendel is the lingerie section. If you are planning a romantic evening with that special someone, you will find all youre looking for and more in this area. There are over 30 vendors to be found here like the Henri Bendel New York private-label collection. You will find things here that you wont find anywhere else. Its a great opportunity to try new things and see what suits you best. You can also find designs by John Galliano, Sarrieri and Little Joe by Gail Elliott. The Henri Bendel department store received one of the Best of New York Awards for Best Womens Dresses. If the prices arent exactly in your price range, wait for a day when there are sales on. You could go in and buy $800 worth of clothing for $160! Its been done before. You could also have the chance to see a celebrity shopping alongside you because thats how well-know this store is. On your Manhattan car rental trip, try Henri Bendel for everything you could ever want and more.

One oclock, two oclock, three oclock, More!

This four-story building is truly a sight to see, Manhattan car rental customers. On the first floor, you can find products by MAC, BeneFit, Kevyn Aucoin and Mally Beauty. There are also numerous accessories and a gazebo full of many different bags. On your way up to the second floor, there is a Chanel beauty shop and a variety of Chanel sunglasses to choose from. When you finally get to the second floor, you will find jewelry, perfume and more accessories. You can never use too many accessories, right? On the next two floors you will find items by Hanky Panky, Cosabella, Matthew Williamson and Rock and Republic. There are so many things to choose from that you might just have to spend the whole day here. The Henri Bendel department store is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00am-8:00pm. It is also open on Sundays from noon-7:00pm. What a great way to spend your time (and money) on your amazing Manhattan car rental vacation.

Car Rental New York and Harlem

Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan that is bordered by the Hudson and East Rivers. It was first a Dutch settlement, but a rapid influx of African Americans in the early 20th century changed the face of the community, making it one of the largest African American communities in the United States. In the 1920s the area became known through its art and literature (the Harlem Renaissance), and today it is known as the former home for some of the most popular rappers and singers. This cultural center is worth a visit with your New York car rental.


Harlem can be found between the East River and the Hudson River. Going from 155th Street to Washington Heights. Part of the area was settled by the Latin American community, and is now known as Spanish Harlem.

This general discription of Harlem is somewhat flexible in definition. Over the years the boundaries have changed as people moved in and out of the area. But there are several distinct communities within Harlem, such as Sugar Hill, Astor Row, and Hamilton Heights. Driving through these districts with your New York car rental, you can see the diverse culture each has to offer.

Moving Towards the Present

In the late 1990s Harlem began to see rapid renovation and an increase in property values, as well as an influx of welthier residents. Part of the reason for this was because there was a change in federal and city policies and fierce crime-fighting in the area. The goal was to develop a retail corridor, the Harlem USA retail complex. Since much of Manhattan and Brooklyn was developed, there was not many other places to go and investors started to come to the area. Housing units have increased and property values have risen in some areas. Even former President Bill Clinton has rented office space here after his presidency. The area is safe to visit with your New York car rental.

Harlem History and Culture

Harlem has a distinct culture that you can see from your New York car rental. In the 1920s there was the Harlem Renaissance. There was amazing artistic production. However, racial segregation at the time sometimes prevented blacks from seeing the work of their peers. Jazz was another popular form of entertainment from within the black community. The Cotton Club was a popular club during prohibition. Duke Ellington played there, but the club was restricted to whites only. Much of this period in Harlem’s history is romanticized. The neighborhood became a slum. People would be so poor that they had to hold parties with bootleg alcohol being served in order to pay the rent. People would also take in lodgers in order to make their rent every month, who would often disrupt the lives of the people they were staying with by crime or other bad habits. Housing projects began in the late 1920s in an effort to eliminate the problem. However, the Depression hit soon after and the project failed.

There are some very interesting places in Harlem to visit with your New York car rental such as the Apolli Theater and the Lenox Lounge.

New York Car Rentals and the Hall of Fame for Great Americans

Imagine walking into a room and coming face-to-face with some of the nation’s most prolific philosophers, craftsmen and inventors. Who would be there; who wouldn’t? What constitutes a “great American”? Well, why not visit the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at Bronx Community College in New York City for more details? Designed as the original “Hall of Fame” facility, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans is now considered to be a landmark institution in NYC, providing visitors with a detailed look at American thinking. Founded in 1900 by Dr, Henry Mitchell MacCracken, Chancellor of New York University from 1891-1918, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans functions as a unique and patriotic of the nation’s past. Beautifully designed with an academic, neo-Classical theme, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans perfectly highlights the country’s phenomenal growth and intellectual core. One visit to this building is bound to provide the customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals with a whole new perspective on American innovation, so why wait? Plan an exciting historical side trip during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation and visit the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at Bronx Community College.

See the faces of our past

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself breathless the first time you lay eyes on the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. This facility is designed to awe audiences, thanks in part to its beautiful architectural arrangement. Unlike most other Hall of Fame institutions, this facility features open-air panoramic views beginning with Harlem Park and spreading to the Cloisters of Fort Tryon and the Palisades. Built in a sweeping semicircular arc with wings, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans stands as a regal reminder of American achievements past and present. The principle feature of the Hall is that of the 630 foot Colonnade. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals will find bronze portrait busts of the honorees in this section as designed by celebrated architect Stanford White. Financed by a gift from Mrs. Finley J. Shepard, the Hall of Fame now features 98 busts. There is currently room for just 4 more honorees. Each bronze bust also features a bronze recessed tablet inscribed with significant statements made by the honoree. A number of master sculptors have helped create these beautiful figures including Daniel Chester French, James Earl Fraser and Frederick MacMonnies. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals will find Americans representing a wide number of occupations honored within the Hall including philanthropists, architects, inventors, military leaders, statesmen, artists, musicians, actors and theologians.

The secret significance behind the Hall of Fame for Great Americans location

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans seems, at least at first, to be built in a very strange location. In fact, you may even find yourself wondering why it isn’t located in the heart of NYC along with other nationally significant landmarks. Well, allow AAMCAR New York Car Rentals to set the record straight. There is actually a very important reason why the Hall of Fame for Great Americans is located where it is in the Bronx. This distinguished landmark currently rests on the heights occupied by the British Army in the successful attack upon Fort Washington in 1776. Dr. MacCracken selected this spot to symbolize America’s eventual triumph. He is quoted as saying “Lost to the invaders of 1776, this summit is now retaken by the goodly troops of ‘Great Americans’, General Washington their leader. They enter into possession of these Heights and are destined to hold them, we trust, forever.”

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans is one of the nation’s most comprehensive collections of American innovation and creation. If you would like to learn more about the Hall before embarking on your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation please feel free to visit the official Hall of Fame for Great Americans website at Potential visitors can also contact the Hall of Fame by phone at 1-718-289-5161. The Hall of Fame is open to the public for tours daily between 10am and 5pm. Admission is always free.

New York Car Rentals and Hairspray on Broadway

If you hadn’t heard about Hairspray on Broadway then you don’t know what you’re missing. This Tony – winning musical popularity has soared and is garnering more and more attention. When traveling with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals Hairspray on Broadway is a perfect visit to complement a complete tour of New York City’s finest things to do. Why bother with stuffy museums and boring exhibits when you have Broadway, a perfect outing for the entire family when with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals? Book your trip today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals today for a great time in New York.

Introducing Hairspray…

The first stage adaptation of Hairspray was at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre before arriving in New York City in 2002. Currently playing at the Neil Simon Theatre it is also touring the country. In 2003, Hairspray was nominated in several following categories winning in Tony Award for Best Musical, Tony Award for Best Book of Musical, Tony Awards for Best Original Score Written for the Theatre and more.

See what it’s all about with your New York car rentals

Hairspray was originally a movie in 1988 by John Waters. The story is based in 1962 about a girl named Tracy Turnbald who aspires to dance on a local TV dance program called the Corny Collins Show. The Corny Collins Show was based on the real – life Buddy Dean Show in Baltimore, Maryland, US. Tray eventually manages to get on the show and in that instant becomes an overnight success. With her new found celebrity status she attempts to conquer the heart of heartthrob Link, replace the program’s reigning princess and to reintegrate the television show. Running approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes (with a 15 minute intermission) Hairspray will have you captivated in your seat with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals.

Know the people behind Hairspray…

Based on the New Line Cinema film written and directed by John Waters and with a book by Mark O’Donnel and Thomas Meehan, Hairspray is a new story that you haven’t heard before. With the music by Marc Shaiman and lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman the songs you will hear when you’re with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals will have you in awe of the range the performers produce. Hairspray is directed by Jack O’Brien and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell. When you travel with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals you will hear original scores by Marc Shaiman (who also co-wrote the music and lyrics for South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut) and Scott Wittman.

A new adaptation to Hairspray…

Beginning in 2007, Hairspray will be adapted into a musical film. It will star star Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, Zac Efron as Link Larkin, Amanda Bynes as Penny Pingelton, and John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, and Brittany Snow as Edna Turnblad, Motormouth Maybelle, Velma Von Tussle, Wilbur Turnblad, and Amber Von Tussle.

Visit the Hairspray on Broadway’s official website at for more information when you visit with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals.

Hairspray on Broadway

Neil Simon Theatre
250 West 52 Street (between Broadway and 8th Ave)
Telephone: (212) 307 – 4599
Make your life a little easier when you travel to New York with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals by ordering your tickets in the comfort of your own home. You can order tickets online at

New York Discount Car Rental and the Guggenheim

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is home to one of the worlds finest collections of 20th century art including works by Picasso, van Gogh, Chagall and Kandinsky. Located inside Frank Lloyd Wrights masterpiece of modern architecture, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is the main museum facility in a family of five (others can be found in Las Vegas, Venice, Bilbao and Berlin). Founded in 1937, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New Yorkers simply refer to it as the Guggenheim) is one of the best known museums on Fifth Street, an area of referred to as Museum Mile. Originally called The Museum of Non-Objective Painting, the Guggenheim now showcases a top notch collection of avant-garde art, including priceless pieces by early modernists like Pete Moudrian. A definite must-visit for art lovers and aspiring art critics of all ages, the Guggenheim Museum is currently displaying a wide array of internationally significant displays, so remember to stop in for a unique artistic experience during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York vacation.

The Building

The Solomon R. Guggenheim building is housed in a very distinctive building, smack dab in the middle of Midtown Manhattan. The building, which was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959, is now regarded as the Guggenheims largest work of art, showcasing a distinctly modern example of architecture and style. From the street, the Guggenheim building resembles a white ribbon curled into a cylindrical stack, growing slightly wider as it reaches the top. Internally, the building features an endless array of gently spirally galleries beginning at the buildings lower level and continuing right up to the crown. A rectangular tower was also added to the building in 1992, creating even more exhibition space inside the facility. Although critics originally crucified the building (some even likened it to a toilet!), the Guggenheim is now considered to be a classic of American architecture.


The Solomon R. Guggenheim is currently home to one of the worlds finest collections of avant-garde art providing customers of AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City with access to thousands of world-renowned pieces and culturally priceless creations. Best known for its permanent collections by Kandinsky and Thannhauser, the Guggenheim also features numerous rotating galleries designed to showcase works on loan from other Guggenheim facilities as well as other world-class museums. Curious customers of AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City can also visit the museums online gallery for a sneak peak at some of the museums most famous holdings. A second New York Guggenheim facility is also slated to be opened on the citys Lower East Side sometime in the next few years, providing customers of AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City with yet another internationally acclaimed exhibition center.

To learn more about the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum before embarking on your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City vacation please feel free to contact the museum by telephone at 1-212-423-2500. The Guggenheim galleries are open Saturday through Wednesday 10am to 5:45 and on Fridays from 10am to 7:4. Admission to the museum is approximately $18 for adults, $15 for students and seniors while children under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge. The Museum is also home to a charming store as well as a top-notch caf, so please feel free to stop in for a tasty snack during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City vacation. Some exhibits inside the museum may coast extra. AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City also encourages customers to visit the museum on Fridays between 5:45 and 7:45pm as the museum hosts Pay What You Wish, a time when admission is based entirely on what you wish to donate. To learn more about upcoming exhibits or to visit the online galleries, please log on to the official Guggenheim website at, and select the New York location. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is located at 1071 Fifth Avenue on the corner of 89th Street.

New York Cheap Rental Car and Grey Gardens on Broadway

Grey gardens is a Broadway musical based on the book by Doug Wright and the 1975 documentary of the same title. It follows the lives of Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale, who were related to Jacqueline Kennedy.

The first act of the musical is a speculative attempt to explain the Bouvier’s fall from grace. This is the life of Jackie O’s most outrageous relatives, so there is sure to be a lot of drama in the play. These two women were once at the top of the social ladder, but later became the most notorious recluses in East Hampton, living in their mansion. The first act goes back to 1941 when they were enjoying life and attempts to explain what happened. The second act shows what happened to these women by 1973 and the squalor they lived in. Both hilarious and heartbreaking, this is a play that you will want to see with your New York cheap car rental.

Step back in time

Grey Gardens is playing at the Walter Kerr Theater on West 48th Street with your New York cheap car rental. This theater was built in 1921 by the Shuberts in only 60 days! It seats 975 people, and has housed other productions such as Doubt Take Me Out, The Piano Lesson, and Gem of the Ocean.

Yar: Other historical plays

The Pirate Queen is a musical based on the life of a 16th century Irish Chieftain, adventuress, and pirate named Grace O’Malley. When you come see this with your New York cheap car rental you will learn a little about Irish history. The daughter of the captain is hidden on the ship because women were at this time considered to bring bad luck to ships. The daughter, Grania, disguises herself as a boy and when disaster strikes she proves that she is just as good as the men.

As Grania gets older, she falls in love with her childhood friend Tiernan and helps the clan become some of the most feared pirates in the world. The Queen of England, Elizabeth I, feels she is the queen of Ireland and will not be rivaled by another woman. Grania is ordered killed. Ireland falls into turmoil and opposition to the English grows. The death of Grania’s father raises her to the level of chieftain. Grania dismisses her husband for being a coward and goes back to Tienan. But her husband is out for revenge and betrays her. The English capture her, but Tienan escapes with her son. Tienan offers himself for Grania’s freedom. Elizabeth feels bad for Grania because she herself has faced major obstacles in her rise to power. When you see this with your New York cheap car rental you will see the confrontation between two countries and two powerful women.

Seeing a play on Broadway

Seeing a play on Broadway is a great experience with your New York cheap car rental. In order to see these great plays, you might want to save a little money since they can be a little pricy. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows.

New York Cheap Rental Car and Grease on Broadway

Grease is a hit Broadway musical that takes place in the 1950s. The name comes from the working class youth subculture, known at the time as the greasers. The play deals with love, friendship, teenage rebellion, sexual exploration, and even class consciousness. The play is scheduled to open in June 2007, as the parts of Sandy and Danny are currently being cast. You can even see the action before you go with your New York cheap car rental by watching the show “Grease: You’re the One That I Want” on NBC. Although the songs in the original musical were not featured in the movie, the revival will feature these popular songs.

Grease Lightning

The story starts with new student, Sandy, who had a brief love affair with tough guy Danny over the summer. When Sandy sees Danny at school, he blows her off. Later, Danny apologizes, but she is upset that he told his friends that she is “easy”. Eventually, Danny misses Sandy and tries to win her back. Sandy also tries to win Danny over by making herself into his dream date. In the end, everyone is happy. This is a great play to see with your New York cheap car rental. It has been the winner of numerous Tony awards. This is an all-American musical that you will not want to miss!

Your the one that I want

Coming to see a play of Broadway with your New York cheap car rental is a great experience while you are in the area. You may be familiar with some of the larger productions, as they often travel throughout the country and internationally. Some of the newer musicals have introduced many new ideas to musicals, which you can see when you visit with your New York cheap car rental. Some have puppets, some encourage audience participation, while others are highly inspired by other cultures. Many of today’s musicals are also based on movies or books, so they already have a broad audience to attract.

Seeing a play on Broadway

Seeing a play on Broadway is a great experience with your New York cheap car rental. In order to see these two great plays, you might want to save a little money. There is a very easy way to get cheap tickets while you are here with your New York cheap car rental. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows. This is a great way to take in more than one of these amazing shows that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. But get here early, you don’t want them to run out for the show you want to see!

When Grease opens in the summer, it is sure to be a hit that you will not want to miss with your New York cheap car rental. Get your tickets early for this show while you are in the area. This classic American musical is a lot of fun to see on stage!