Car Rental New York and Herald Square

Herald Square is found at the intersection of Broadway, Sixth Avenue, and 34th Street in Manhattan. It was named for the New York Herald, much like the New York Times was once the focus of Times Square. There is a triangular park formed by Broadway, Sixth Avenue, and West 32nd Street named for Horace Greeley, a New York Tribune publisher.

Herald Square is home to one very famous store. Macy Department Store is located here. Macy’s is the largest department store in the United States, and possible even the world. This is a sight you will want to see with your New York car rental. Until 1986, Macy’s rival store was also found here in Herald Square. The store was Gimble Brothers. This was a well-known store, due to the fact that it was rivals with Macy’s. It was also featured in the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street. In recent years the store was the set of the fictional setting of the department store featured in the film Elf (2003). A major reason the store became popular was because many of its doors led to the Herald Square subway station, but later this would be part of its demise. Gimble’s had one of the highest rates of shoplifting in the world. Today you can visit the site with your New York car rental when you visit Manhattan Mall.


The flagship store of Macy’s can be seen as you drive through Herald Square with your New York car rental. The store was completed in 1924 with the Seventh Avenue addition. There are two other flagship stores: one in San Francisco and the other in Chicago.

If you are in New York on Thanksgiving, you will want to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, put on every year by the store. This annual event is enjoyed by millions of people all over the U.S., but you can see it in person with your New York car rental.

If you are able to stop with your New York car rental to get some shopping in, Macy’s offers better than average price levels compared to other department stores such as J.C. Penny, Sears, and Dillard’s. Another famous New York landmark, Bloomingdale’s, is within the same division but at the luxury department store level competing with Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Macy’s has a long history in New York. It was founded in 1858 from a dry goods store from Haverhill, Massachusetts. The original location of the store was at 14th Street and 6th Avenue, but it moved to 18th Street and Broadway. At the time, this area was known as the “Ladies’ Mile”, a popular shopping district (which it still is today). In 1902 the store made its final move to its current location slightly uptown to Herald Square. Since then Macy’s has expanded all over the United States and is still one of the best-known stores in the United States.

Herald Square is a very popular and historic site to visit with your New York car rental. From the New York Herald to Macy’s, there is plenty to see here at Herald Square.

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