Car Rental New York and Mary Poppins on Broadway

Mary Poppins, the musical on Broadway that you can see with your car rental in New York, is based on the popular Disney movie by the same name. This musical features original music and lyrics by the Sherman Brothers (who also did the music for the movie), along with collaborations with other artists. The original stage version opened on the West End of London, but the Broadway version has had few changes. Visiting Broadway with your car rental in New York is a great idea, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Take a spoon full of sugar

The story of Mary Poppins is based on the children’s book by P.L. Travers and the Disney movie of the same name, made in 1964. The play takes place near the turn of the century in London. It is the story of a well-off family who have a lot of problems and just can’t seem to keep a nanny. The kids want to help in the selection of the nanny, but their mother will have no part of that. As we see a number of nanny’s being interviewed, none of them are right. That is, until Mary Poppins comes down on her umbrella. Mary Poppins hires herself and gets to work.

The kids learn about Mary’s magical powers and the children have a lot of new experiences. The children speak about these experiences with their father, who becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the stories. When you visit with your car rental in New York you can’t help but get caught up in the magic of the show. Mary teaches the children all she can, and has to leave in the end. In the end, Mary has helped the whole family realize what they mean to each other.

Up, up, and away!

With the success of the West End production, a move to New York City was inevitable. The show started here in November 2006 at the New Amsterdam Theater. There are slight differences between the two performances. For example, the “Jolly Holiday” sequence in New York is done in full color, while it was done in grey tones for the London version. There is also a larger version of the umbrella for the “Anything Can Happen” sequence. These changes were also later adopted by the London performance. The reviews of this play have been mixed: some people love it, while others do not. You will want to come here with your car rental in New York if you have kids or if you loved the movie as a kid. The critics have also praised the show on its technical merits.

What you need to know about Broadway

There are many other plays that are great to see with your car rental in New York when you are here with kids. There is the Lion King, Tarzan, and The Little Mermaid. All of these are Disney productions and you can expect a great show from them! There are shows throughout the week, during the day and the evening. These productions tend to have a lot of visual effects and are perfect for keeping the attention of kids.

Mary Poppins is a classic movie made into a stage production. This is a great play to see if you enjoyed the movie or you have kids who liked it.


New York Discount Car Rental and Manhattan College is in no way affiliated, associated with or endorsed by “Manhattan College”.


A bright future awaits you at Manhattan College, one of New York’s oldest Catholic post-secondary institutions. Located in a suburb of New York, Manhattan College is just minutes from the downtown area, providing young students with access to one of the finest classrooms in the world! From the shining lights to the fast-paced business scene, Manhattan College is there to connect you with anything and everything NYC! While classroom study gives you the basics, the city gives you a chance to further apply that wisdom, whether it be in the halls of the Guggenheim or on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! Founded upon the Lasallian tradition of excellence in teaching and respect, Manhattan College is dedicated to providing students of all backgrounds and race with a contemporary, person-centered educational experience built around faith and high academic standards. A stellar academic choice for students of all ages, Manhattan College currently boasts one campus in the Riverside community, just minutes from Broadway in your AAMCAR New York Car Rentals rent-a-car.


Manhattan College was founded in 1853 under the guidance of five Christian Brothers dedicated to providing children with a fulfilling education. The bearers of a long educational tradition these brothers based their teachings on a 17th century French founder, John Baptist de La Salle, who had been designated as the Patron Saint of Teachers by the Catholic Church. Between 1853 and 1863 the school began to grow rapidly, adding college level courses to the docket in 1859, and first using the name Manhattan College in 1861. An unusual institution, Manhattan college provided students access to both classical languages and higher mathematics, thus combining the advantages of a Polytechnic Institute and a first-class college program. In 1922 the school would move once again to the current location bordering the Hudson River and Van Cortlandt Park. Today the college continues to identify itself as a Lasallian institution dedicated to educating first-generation college students, students of minority groups, and students from disadvantaged households. Excellent student/professor interaction helps characterize Manhattan College as one of the nation’s top educational institutions so why not stop by and see the student body in action during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation? Who knows, Manhattan College may be the perfect school for you!


Manhattan College currently provides the customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals with a wide variety of educational programs and faculties including a school of Arts, Business, Education, Engineering and Science, as well as a Graduate Division and Adult Degree Completion component. Other academic options available at the school include Aerospace studies, a state-of-the-art writing center, a unique study abroad program and numerous honors enrichment programs. Manhattan College also runs a special interinstitutional program with the college of Mount St. Vincent providing students with increased access to facilities, programs of study and professional faculties. Programs that currently combine with the College of Mount St. Vincent include Biology, Chemistry, Modern Foreign Languages, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Psychology and Sociology.

The Student Experience

An enjoyable and fulfilling student life is a major part of Manhattan College, which is committed to providing AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ student customers with well equipped and comfortable living quarters, a 24-hour study center and tons of extracurricular activities. From the well-furnished residence halls to the 13:1 student/professor ratio, Manhattan College continues to rank among the city’s top post-secondary institutions based on comfort and commitment alone.

If you would like to learn more about Manhattan College before reserving your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ rent-a-car please feel free to contact the school toll free at 1-800-MC2-XCEL. Manhattan College also maintains an online resource page at Campus tours are given Monday through Friday between the hours of 10am and 3:30pm. Information sessions are also given Saturday mornings during the fall.


New York Discount Car Rental and the Manhattan Garment District

New York City has long been the fashion epicenter of North America thanks to its stunning array of designer clothing boutiques, top-not department stores and world class designers. If youre interested in learning more about New York Citys outstanding fashion history during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City vacation, look no further than the famous westside Fashion and Garment District! This world renowned fashion and fabrics headquarters is a definite must-visit for trendsetting travelers looking to make a mark on the every changing face of high-design and couture fashion. Located within walking distance of the Theater District and Times Square, New Yorks Fashion and Garment District is one of the nations most important fashion neighborhoods, promoting American-made and America-marketed upscale clothing designers. Whether youre looking to purchase fabrics or simply seeking a sneak peek at the upcoming collections, the New York City Fashion and Garment District has everything you need to be in-the-know about current style trends!

The Fashion Center

Since 1993 the New York Garment District has reaped the benefits of an exciting not-for-profit corporation entitled The Fashion Center. Designed to promote New York Citys apparel industry as well as improve the areas economic vitality, The Fashion Center is highly invested in solidifying NYCs spot at the top of the fashion ladder. Funded by the districts 5,000 businesses and 450 property owners, The Fashion Center is proud to draw from the centers rich fashion talents, implementing programs to help improve the citys appearance as well as publicity. Customers of AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for banners bearing the button logo, as well as The Fashion Centers official button-embellished information kiosk which is located at the hear to of the Garment District. Other landmark attractions within the Garment District include the Seventh Avenue Fashion Walk of Fame (commemorating those fashion industry leaders whove had a clear presence in the city), the Summer Garden and the Javits Convention Center.

Shopping in the Garment District

If youre looking to purchase some high-end fabric during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City vacation, look no further than the textile shops of Fashion Avenue (better known as Seventh Avenue). From spandex and sparkles to patterns and patches, the shops of NYCs Fashion and Garment District have everything you need to make a knockout fashion statement during your upcoming trip! Most the fabrics found in these shops are those left over from the areas collection of top notch fashion houses, so expect to find only the finest quality of silks, satins and laces. More shops can also be found on the neighboring thoroughfare including B& J Fabrics on W. 40th Street. This store often features the crme de la crme of designer trims and notion as well as bargain basement prices on all the latest fabrics, so be sure to drop in during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City adventure. Other shops worth visiting in the area include the towering Macys Department store at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 34th Street and the Manhattan Mall at Sixth Avenue and 33rd Street. Customers of AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for sample sales as well, as they tend to provide customers with top notch textiles at less than half the price!

If you would like to learn more about the Fashion and Garment District before embarking on your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals in New York City vacation please feel free to visit The Fashion Centers official website at Curious customers can also contact the not-for-profit organization by calling 1-212-764-9600. The Fashion Center Information Kiosk is open from 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday and is located in the northeast corner of the district at Seventh Avenue and 39th Street.


Car Rental New York City and Manhattan B&Bs

Are you tired of impersonal hotel rooms and drab dcor? Perhaps youre looking for something a little more romantic, or dignified? If youre fed up with lousy hotel service nows your chance to try something new! AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City encourages you to experience the difference that a Manhattan Bed and Breakfast can make during your upcoming NYC vacation! These stellar establishments are expertly designed, boasting brilliant dcor and exciting amenities! Whether youre traveling on business or planning a romantic weekend away, the Bed and Breakfasts of Manhattan are bound to impress even the most skeptical of travelers. Bed and Breakfasts are located throughout the city, providing guest with easy travel distances and immaculate scenery. Fun and fresh, the B&Bs of Manhattan are proud to offer friendly service and comfortable accommodations, so dont delay and reserve your room today!

What to Expect from a Manhattan B&B

Inside a Manhattan Bed and Breakfast expect to find an intimate atmosphere and somewhat stunning accommodations. Causal interaction with other visitors is strongly encouraged in a Manhattan Bed and Breakfast setting, so be sure to strike up a conversation during your upcoming stay! It is important to ask a lot of questions when reserve your upcoming Manhattan B&B room as each establishment is different. Some B&Bs are happy to provide visitors with a continental breakfast, while others may charge for a morning meal. Some Manhattan B&Bs also offer different room set-ups (including Queen Beds, King Beds or two Twin beds), so be sure to specify your desired accommodation. You may also find that some B&Bs offer private en-suite bathrooms, while others may request that you share facilities with a neighbor. Asking questions will help ensure that you select the B&B thats right for you, so dont be shy!

B&B Picks From AAMCAR Car Rentals, New York City

The following Bed and Breakfasts include some of Manhattans finest accommodations, so be sure to check them out before reserving your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car!

  • The Chelsea Lodge West 20th Street
    If youre looking to lounge in the lap of luxury, look no further than the Chelsea Lodge! This exciting guest house features 22 rooms and 4 specialty suites designed with your comfort in mind! Built to mimic an 1880 European-style hotel, the Chelsea lodge has been recently renovated to provide visitors with clean, secure and quiet rooms. Located in Manhattans Chelsea District, the Chelsea Lodge is located within a short drive of local tourist attractions, restaurants, dance cubs and art galleries.
  • The Inn at Irving Place 56 Irving Place
    Located in the exclusive neighborhood of Gramercy Park, The Inn at Irving Place is designed like a small luxury hotel, providing visitors with the very best of amenities. With just 12 guest rooms and suites, The Inn at Irving Place is ultra-private, so be sure to get your reservation in today! Amenities at The Inn at Irving Place include in-room fireplaces, a mini-bar and fine bathroom amenities provided by Penhaligons. Local attractions within walking distance include Union Square Park, Greenwich Village and the National Arts Club. A quick drive in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car will connect you with the Empire State Building, Madison Square Gardens and the Statue of Liberty.
  • Crystals Castle Bed & Breakfast West 119th Street
    Located in the Mount Morris Historic District of Harlem, Crystals Castle Bed & Breakfast is one of the areas finest establishments, providing visitors with friendly service and a stellar location. Located within walking distance of the Apollo Theater and Sylvias Soul Food Restaurant, Crystals Castle Bed & Breakfast is proud to provide fine lodgings and quiet accommodations in the city that never sleeps!


Manhattan Rent A Car and Mamma Mia! on Broadway

Mamma Mia! is the hit Broadway musical based on the songs of the popular 1970s band ABBA, which you can see with your Manhattan rent a car. Some of the group’s most popular songs, including “Super Trouper”, “Dancing Queen”, and “SOS” are featured in the show.

This story revolves around mother Donna and daughter Sophie. Sophie is about to get married to Sky and wants her father to walk her down the aisle and give her away. The problem is that Sophie does not know who her father is, because there are three possible men that could be her father, which Sophie learned about by reading her mother’s diary. Sophie secretly invites all three men to the wedding. When you see this with your Manhattan rent a car, you will see this hilarious tale unfold.

Take a trip: without your Manhattan rent a car

The story of Mamma Mia takes you to a fictional island in Greece. Donna never told Sophie who her father is, so Sophie must read her mother’s diary. She decides to send each of them an invitation to the wedding without her mother knowing.

Next, you will learn about the three men. Harry is a nerdy banker with a unique laugh; Bill is a stereotypical Australian; and Sam is an architect who had an affair while engaged to another woman.

Who’s the father?

As you will learn before leaving in your Manhattan rent a car, Sophie believes that Bill is the father because his Aunt Sophia left a large amount of money for the family. On top of that, Sophie knows that she was named after a Sophia. But, there are a few more twists and turns in the plot that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Mamma Mia is a play that you will want to see with your Manhattan rent a car if you have the opportunity. It has surpassed the original productions of The Sound of Music, The King and I, and Damn Yankees in terms of performances. It is loved by both critics and audiences.

Seeing a play on Broadway

In order to see these two great plays, you might want to save a little money. There is a very easy way to get cheap tickets while you are here with your Manhattan rent a car. For discount tickets, you can go to Duffy Square, near Times Square. Here, there is a ticket sales office called TKTS, which sells tickets at half price for same-day shows.

Mamma Mia is the story of one woman with three possible fathers. Through some twists in the plot, you will learn that fate of those involved while you listen to some of the greatest hits by ABBA. This musical is a lot of fun.


New York Car Rentals and Madison Square Gardens

Are you looking for a little excitement during your trip to New York? Something that will get your heart pumping and your feet stomping? Then you need to head over to Madison Square Gardens in your New York car rental! Whether you’re interested in music or sports, Madison Square Gardens is your center for action! Madison Square Gardens is home to numerous pro sports teams like the NBA Knicks, the WNBA Liberty, and the New York Rangers. Plus Madison Square Gardens is THE place to catch a concert. From Santana to Sarah McLachlan and everyone in-between, Madison Gardens brings in the best bands and best tours from all over the world! Visiting New York just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the city’s largest entertainment center, so go ahead and book your tickets!

Madison Square Gardens History

The current Madison Square Gardens is located in Manhattan on Sevenths Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets. But this was not always the case. The original Madison Square Gardens was located in Flatiron District amongst the other towering buildings that made up Madison Square. The first MSG opened in 1879 along the northeast corner of Madison Avenue. This first entertainment giant was made famous as the venue in which legendary boxer Jack Dempsey took place. In 1889 a new complex was designed by Stanford White, which featured a concert hall, theater and roof garden along with the rink. In front of the building was erected a tower designed after the Giralda tower in Sevilla; at its top stood a nude statue of the Greek goddess Diana. The third Madison Square Gardens was built in 1925 moving from its original home in Madison Square to a new location at Eighth and 49th Avenue. The current Gardens debuted in 1968, 17 blocks south of the prior center, rising prominently over the historic Penn Station.

Famous Dates in Madison Square Gardens History

  • May 8, 1970: The New York Knicks win their first NBA Championship
  • March 8, 1971: The first Ali vs. Frazier fight
  • June 14, 1994: The New York Rangers win their first Stanley Cup in 54 years
  • June 12, 2000: Bruce Springsteen opens a 10 night concert series at the MSG
  • October 20, 2001: Madison Square Gardens is honored to hold a concert benefiting the victims of the World Trade Center disaster

Madison Square Gardens is a great place to go, regardless of who you’re traveling with in your New York car rental. For those of you on a family vacation, why not see if Sesame Street Live is playing and surprise the kids? If your New York car rental is packed full of college buddies you’ll definitely need to get some foam novelty fingers and check out a Knicks game! A romantic concert at the Gardens is a great way to surprise a sweetheart during a romantic weekend trip to NYC. Whatever the occasion, Madison Square Gardens has an event perfect for a celebration!

For those of you visiting New York on business in the future, why not book Madison Square Gardens as your convention center headquarters! There’s plenty of parking for New York car rentals and the staff at MSG are the best in the business! Madison Square Gardens is a great place to conduct conferences, conventions, trade shows, meetings and consumer expos. But business isn’t the only the MSG does! Why not rent the legendary landmark for a graduation celebration or even a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?! Madison Square Gardens is more than just an arena, so be sure to check it out!

For more information on renting Madison Square Gardens or for a schedule of events please visit the Madison Square Gardens official website at !


New York Cheap Rental Car and LoveMusik on Broadway

LoveMusik has won three Tony awards, which you can see with your New York cheap car rental. It is the story of unlikely lovers. One is the brilliant German composer Kurt Weill and the other is a girl from the streets who becomes his muse and star, Lotte Lenya. The show takes you through their courtship and marriage. This show has lasted more than a quarter of a century, and will make you believe in love again when you see it with your New York cheap car rental.

Plan your show

When you come see LoveMusik with your New York cheap car rental, you will go to the Biltmore Theater on West 47th Street. There are regular performaces Tuesday through Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The best availability for the show is during the week, but if you plan ahead then you should be able to get the tickets you would like on the weekend. Alternatively, there is a ticket booth in Duffy Square, TKTS, which sells discounted tickets for same-day shows. Sometimes you can get tickets up to half off! Of course, there is no guarantee that the show you want to see will be available that day, but there is no harm in trying!

The Biltmore Theater was completed in 1925-1926, with renovations in 2003. It was originally built during the heyday of Times Square and the theaters being built there, as you may see when you visit with your New York cheap car rental. The theater opened with a production of Easy Come, Easy Go in 1925. The theater has remained a Broadway venue for its active life, except for a 10-year period during the 50s and 60s when it was used as a CBS studio. The theater was closed after a 1987 fire destroyed the interior, but it was restored in 1993. Today, the Biltmore has been renamed the Manhattan Theater Club, where you can go with your New York cheap car rental to see LoveMusik.

Dine at the speakeasy

If you are looking for a bite to eat with your New York cheap car rental before the play, you may want to visit New York’s most famous speakeasy, 21 on West 52nd Street, is just up the street from the theater. Since there is no eating allowed in the theater, this may be a good option to hold you over through the play. They have a special dinner menu for theater-goers that is $38 per person and includes parking for six hours at the adjacent Central Garage for your New York cheap car rental. You will be seated between 5 and 6:30 for a three-course meal in the Bar Room or Upstairs at 21. The theater is only a short stroll away (about 15 minutes). Of course, there are snacks and refreshments available during the intermission, but it gets quite crowded during this time.

LoveMusik is the story of a German composer and his muse. It is a great romantic musical of unlikely lovers to see while you are in New York if you are looking to catch a Broadway play. This show will open again in late April 2007 with both old and new songs.


Manhattan Rent A Car and The Little Mermaid on Broadway

The Little Mermaid on Broadway is a musical based on the hit film of the same name. When you are here with your Manhattan rent a car, you will not want to miss this, especially if you are coming with kids. Although it is not currently open, the production is in the works and will be ready for you to see with your Manhattan rent a car in December 2007.

The story is based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Music is being written by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater. This will be added to the original lyrics written by Howard Ashman and the book by Doug Wright. The director is making her Broadway debut – Francesca Zambello. You can catch this at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre with your Manhattan rent a car, where you can see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Broadway until July 2007, when that production will close to prepare for the opening of The Little Mermaid.

Under the sea

You are likely familiar with the tale even before you come with your Manhattan rent a car. The story of The Little Mermaid follows Ariel, a strong teenager who is sick of life under the sea and ignores her father’s warning of the world above. Ariel loves to explore sunken ships to see human treasures and goes to the surface to learn about humans from a confused seagull.

Under the sea, Ursula the evil sea witch is watching Ariel. Ursula would like to get revenge on King Triton, Ariel’s father, for banishing Ursula from the kingdom. Ursula knows of Ariel’s obsession with the human world and will use that against King Triton.

One day, Ariel hears a lot of noise and commotion above her. She goes to the surface where she sees a fireworks display in celebration of Prince Eric’s birthday. Ariel falls in love with the prince. All of a sudden the celebration is cut short by a storm. Eric falls into the sea and almost drowns, but Ariel saves him and sings to him until just before he wakes up. Eric falls in love with the voice that he heard.

Ursula uses the information she has gathered about Ariel to make her a deal she can’t resist: Ariel will be human for three days. If she can get Eric to kiss her before that time, she can remain human, If not, she will go to the garden of lost merfolk. As payment, Ursula takes Ariel’s voice. All of this unfolds on stage when you visit with your Manhattan rent a car.

Dive in

Disney musicals are great to see with kids when you are visiting with your Manhattan rent a car. These productions have great costumes, colors, and special effects that kids love. And they will be familiar with the story – so kids won’t get bored. There are new songs and scenes added to the play that will be different from the movie version.

New York Discount Car Rental and Little Italy

If youre planning on taking a vacation to the Big Apple dont forget to take a trip to one of the citys most diverse neighborhoods! Little Italy, which is currently located between Canal and Broome streets, is one of the areas oldest neighborhoods. Home to countless boutiques and mouthwatering restaurants, the community of Little Italy is steeped in tradition, providing visitors with an air of exciting acceptance. Historically known for its large population of Italian immigrants, Little Italy is still home to numerous Italian American families providing tourists with a wide variety of distinctively Italian goods and services. More than your average neighborhood, the community of Little Italy offers New York discount car rental travelers a tantalizing glimpse at Italian culture, so dont miss your chance to join in on the fun! AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rentals encourages you to visit this one-of-a-kind NYC attraction, so grab a map and check it out today!

Little Italy Landmarks

The community of Little Italy is currently home to numerous NYC attractions, so dont forget to purchase a camera during your upcoming journeys. One of the neighborhoods most notable areas is that of the Canal and Mulberry streets intersection. Here you will find the legendary Welcome to Little Italy sign. This stunning sign is located on the border of Little Italy and the neighboring Chinatown community, creating an international flavor unlike anything else out there! Once youve basked in the glow of the Little Italy sign, remember to take a stroll down Mulberry Street. This laneway is the center of Little Italy, providing tourists with tons of exciting retail outlets and specialty shops. And dont forget about the restaurants! Little Italy is THE place to be if youre looking to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine, so come prepared to feast on some of the citys finest pasta and flakiest pastries! Top AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental restaurant picks along Mulberry Street include:

  • La Bella Ferrara Pasticceria if youve got a sweet tooth youll love La Bella Ferrara Pasticceria! An endless array of deserts can be found within this quaint Little Italy establishment, providing hungry tourists with tons of calorie loaded, mouthwatering desert sensations. AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rentals encourages you to try the vanilla custard filled French Roll during your next visit.
  • Amici II vacationing families absolutely love the atmosphere at Amici II restaurant thanks to hearty home cooked meals and ultra friendly service. Owned by one of Little Italys own, Maria Sarna, the Amici II restaurant is proud to provide visitors with much more than just quality food. If youre planning on visiting Amici II during your upcoming AAMCAR New York City Discount Car Rental vacation remember to order the lobster house specially its simply divine!

The Feast of San Gennaro

The Feast of San Gennaro is an annual festival celebrated every September in the heart of Little Italy. Since 1996 the San Gennaro Festival has rocked Mulberry Street, providing tourists and locals alike with endless entertainment and tons of uncensored fun! Live music, free food and lively parades are all apart of the Feast of San Gennaro, which commemorates the patron saint of Naples, Italy. New York City is currently home to one of the largest San Gennaro Feasts, attracting over 1 million guests each and every year! This years celebration was held September 15th through to the 25th and included everything from cannoli eating contests to a candlelit procession. Hosted by Figli di San Gennaro, Inc. the San Gennaro Feast is a definite must-visit for anyone interested in learning more about the neighborhoods culture and local practices. More than 300 licensed vendors participate in this annual celebration along with 35 local restaurants, so be sure to come out and enjoy the festivities during your upcoming AAMCAR New York City Car Rental vacation.

If you would like more information on current happenings in and around Little Italy please feel free to visit the official New York City Little Italy website at


Car Rental New York and The Lion King on Broadway

The Lion King on Broadway is one of Disney’s most successful plays. The play is based on the Disney film of the same name and features actors in animal costumes and puppets. Whether you are here with your car rental in New York with kids or not, this is a great play to see.

Come to the jungle

The play opens with the rising sun over Pride Rock. Simba is presented to the animals here, as his dad Mufasa is king. Meanwhile Scar is upset about his lost chance at becoming king. Simba grows up and his father explains to him the delicate balance of life, known as the Circle of Life. Simba is warned not to go beyond the boundaries of the Pride Lands because danger lies beyond. Scar eventually convinces Simba to go to the Elephant Graveyard because he knows that Simba is very curious and not allowed to go there. Simba asks his best friend Nala to go with him, but they do not tell their mothers. This journey proves to be a frightful experience, as hyenas attack them. Thankfully, they make it back to the Pride Lands alright.

Be part of the circle of life

Mufasa is disappointed that Simba disobeyed him, but Simba only wants to be brave. An important life lesson about life and death follows. But Scar is still conspiring to become king by killing Simba. Scar promises the hyenas they will never go hungry again if they help him become king. Scar brings Simba to the gorge and the hyenas start a stampede. Mufasa saves Simba, but is killed. Simba believes that he was the reason his father died. Simba leaves and Scar claims the throne. Simba has left and ventures into the desert.

Hakuna Matata

Since Scar became king, there has been draught in the Pride Lands. Scar laments that he is not loved by the kingdom and wants to have children. At the same time, Simba has meet Pumbaa and Timon and they make their way to the jungle. One night, while Simba is signing to the stars, his father’s friend Rafiki hears the song and knows that he is still alive. In the jungle, Simba finds Nala when she tried to eat Pumbaa. Nala tells Simba what life in the Pride Lands has come to and encourages him to go back and claim his throne. Rafiki also meats Simba on his own and tells him that his father is still alive within him. Simba returns to Pride Rock with Timon and Pumbaa and sees what has happened.

This Disney play is just as good as the Disney movie. When you are here with your car rental in New York you will want to stop by and see this production. It has won many awards and is considered to be one of the best you can see with your car rental in New York. Come see the Circle of Life take place, either with or without kids. The musical adaptation has improved upon the movie and there are different elements in the musical that you will not expect from the movie. This is a lot of fun for everyone in the family with your car rental in New York.