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Imagine spending the afternoon in a beautiful European piazza. Children laugh and play on playgrounds next to you, while shoppers browse the mouthwatering selection of greenmarket produce. You can here the barking of nearby dogs and can smell the tempting scent of neighborhood restaurants. Nothing can compare to perfect afternoon in the piazza, but why go all the way to Europe to experience? Union Square Park in New York City is a beautiful recreation European piazza located right at the heart of downtown Manhattan! A stone’s throw from neighborhoods like the East Village SoHo and Greenwich Village, the park provides car rental NYC customers with access to the softer side of the city. You and your car rental NYC companions are invited to enjoy an afternoon of fresh air and friendly merchants inside this landmark place, so why wait! Visit Union Square today and enjoy yet another side of NYC life!

From Lettuce to Lovers: You’ll find it all at Union Square

Union Square Park in New York City is well known for a variety of onsite amenities. Among these is the world famous greenmarket. Farms from all over New York and New Jersey come to this four day bazaar in order to sell their wares and promote their business. Car rental NYC travelers can find everything from fruits and vegetables to cheeses and meats inside this expansive marketplace, so why not stop in for some inspiration meal ideas? The seasonal selection at this outdoor market is unparalleled and the quality of the produce is a million times better than that of a supermarket. If you’re lucky you may even spot one or two famous faces browsing between the rows of leafy greens! New York’s finest prefer shopping here over ordinary grocery store, so be on the lookout for a few famous faces! Once you’ve purchased a few delicacies from the greenmarket, AAMCAR Car Rentals NYC recommends stopping in at the Luna park restaurant for a quick drink. This legendary bar and grill is located at the heart of the park, providing travelers with a stunning view of the surrounds greenery and activity. A great option for social gatherings and a light afternoon snack, the Luna is a prime place to exercise your people watching skills! The line can often be a little daunting outside this local watering hole, but don’t worry! Numerous other restaurants are also located within walking distance of the park. These include the Union Square Caf, the Blue Water Grill, the Zen Palate and the Coffee Shop.

The Everyman’s Park

If you’re looking for a microcosm of the city, look no further than the benches and walkways of Union Park Square! Hundreds of different and diverse people visit this public space everyday providing car rental NYC travelers with a quick look at city life. Common visitors include the hackey-sackers, skateboarders and protestors that dominate the south end steps; the dog walkers on the west side; and the New York Film Academy Students in the northeast corner. Children can also be found on any one of the three fantastic playground facilities. Annual events inside the park attract even more visitors, so be sure to check and see if any free dance performances of music concerts are slated to take place during your upcoming car rental NYC vacation.

If you’re interested in visiting Union Square Park during your upcoming car rental NYC vacation please feel free to visit the official New York City Department of Parks & Recreation website at www.nycgovparks.org for more details. You can also drop by the park on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 8am and 6pm in order to take advantage of the famous greenmarket. Admission to the park is always free, Car rental NYC customers are welcome to stay as long as they’d like as the park is open 24 hours. Union Square Park is located from 14th Street to 18th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue. For more information please call 1-212-460-1208.

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