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Visit the world-famous auction house with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR. Christie’s Auction House was founded on December 5, 1766 by James Christie in London, England. From its beginnings Christie’s Auction House quickly rose and gained a reputation as a leading auction house, taking advantage of London’s new found status as a major centre of international art trade right after the French Revolution. Up until 1999, Christie’s Auction House had a public listing on the London stock exchange until it was taken back in to private ownership by Francois Pinauly, and is now currently French-owned.

It’s all in the location…

Christie’s Auction House main London saleroom is on King Street in St. James where it has been since 1823. Since then, Christie’s Auction House has opened a second London saleroom in South Kensington in 1975. The Kensington location mainly handles collectibles such as cameras, teddy bears, scientific instruments, toys and dolls and the middle market. Adding to these two locations include the Christie’s Auction House worldwide location including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

When you visit the Christie’s Auction House with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR make sure to take note in the beauty of the buildings exterior design. Featuring a grand limestone and bronze exterior with a post-industrial steel and glass canopy which complements the existing murals, mosaics, and courtyard sculpture of the nearby Rockefeller Center which is in the heart of New York City, the building is definitely a sight to see. This 310 000 square foot facility also contains a triple-height entranceway with a special mural by artist Sol LeWitt and main salesroom with double-height ceiling for a great dramatic effect. Adaptable walls inside the building provide an excellent way to provide maximum exhibition space and expansive galleries for the display of large-scale contemporary works and private viewing rooms. You can see all this and more when you travel with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR.

Some friendly competition…

Christie’s Auction House has had a longtime rival in Sotheby’s Auction House for several hear. However, it has dominated the auction market, holding a greater market share. Currently, Christie’s Auction House has the world’s largest auction house by Markey share and revenues. So what are you waiting for? Visit this amazing auction house today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR.

Visit Christie’s where some of the most notable auctions have taken place…

Christie’s Auction House has had several notable famous pieces auctioned off including:

  • A variety of works and possessions from famous historical figures such as Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Diana, Princess of Wales, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marilyn Monroe, and more.
  • The famous Archimedes Palimpsest was sold in 1998 after a dispute of ownership was legally concluded
  • Christie’s Auction House became the first international auction house to exhbit works of art in Beijing, China in 1995.
  • More recently in October 2006, Christie Auction House put up over 1 000 lots of official Star Trek contents from the CBS Paramount Television studios. Among the items included a model of the Starship Enterprise-D used in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Star Trek Generations for a ring of $576 000

For more information on Christie’s Auction House when you visit with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR visit their official website at

Industrial Scales

Christie’s Auction House

20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020
Tel: +1 212 636 2000
Fax: +1 212 636 2399

Hours: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

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