Lincoln Tunnel

The Lincoln Tunnel connects Weehawken, New Jersey to Midtown Manhattan through the first triple-tube tunnel construction in the world! Plans for the tunnel were first introduced back in 1930, when the newly appointed Port Authority of New York and New Jersey proposed a twin-tube tunnel connection, later extended to include an extra tube. Chief engineer on the project was Othmar Ammann, the same man who took over for Clifford Holland on the first vehicular tunnel beneath the Hudson River. Working conditions on the Lincoln Tunnel were dangerous, claustrophobic and extremely tedious, but amazingly no workers were harmed during the construction process. Limited to one hour of a work a day, divided into half hour sections, workers avoided serious illness and injury, completing the tunneling process within five years.

The Three Tubes of the Lincoln Tunnel

Today the Lincoln Tunnel is a bustling transportation hub connecting millions of delivery vehicles and Manhattan car rentals to New Jersey everyday. But of course, this wasnt always the case. The first tube of the Lincoln Tunnel was opened to the public on December 22, 1937, costing just over $75 million. This singular tube was only large enough to allow one lane of traffic each way, causing more than its fair share of slow-ups and traffic jams. A second tube was constructed, and later opened to the public in 1945, freeing up many of the Manhattan car rental traffic jams. Traffic on this major trans-Hudson connection continued to escalate after the Second World War, causing the Port Authority to consider building a new twin-tube tunnel between Manhattan and Hoboken. Although a good idea in theory, this new project proved to be too costly and time consuming for the Port Authority, so a new plan was hatched to construct a third tube onto the Lincoln connection. This project was a huge undertaking for the Port Authority as it including the construction of two approach ramps and a peripheral Manhattan car rental parking area, costing close to $85 million. Completed in 1957, the Lincoln Tunnel became the first triple-tubed vehicular tunnel in the world, serving some 43,468,000 vehicles each year!

The Lincoln Tunnel Today

Today the Lincoln Tunnel is the busiest vehicular tunnel in the world, carrying some 120,000 vehicles each and everyday. The three-tubes of the Lincoln Tunnel help to connect midtown Manhattan with three different New Jersey expressways including the NJ 495 Freeway, the NJ 3 and the New Jersey Turnpike. There is a toll associated with the Lincoln Tunnel, consisting of a $6 cash fee when heading eastbound through the tunnel. During the busy weekday morning rush hour the Port Authority offers an exclusive bus lane, helping to clear up the other lanes for you and your Manhattan car rental.

Safety Tips for Using the Lincoln Tunnel

If youve never driven your Manhattan car rental through a vehicular tunnel the experience can be a little nerve-wracking. To ensure a safe and easy passage through the tunnel be sure to keep these safety tips in mind:

  1. The speed limit inside the Lincoln tunnel and any other Port Authority run tunnel is 35 miles an hour, unless otherwise posted
  2. Do not cross double solid lines inside the tunnel in your Manhattan car rental Crossing these lines is unsafe and illegal
  3. Watch for traffic cones when approaching the Lincoln Tunnel entranceways. Bright Orange traffic cones are used to signal construction, rope of unsafe arrays and to create barriers between traffic. Moving one of these traffic cones is against the law, so please dont touch them!
  4. In the case of an accident please stay inside your vehicle. Emergency response teams will assess the damage and instruct you on when and where to move your Manhattan car rental.
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