Car Rental New York and Tarzan on Broadway

Tarzan is the musical based on the stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs as well as the Disney film. The music in this play is by Phil Collins. This is a great play to see when you are in town with your car rental in New York.

Swing from the rafters

The story of Tarzan takes place in the 1888 off the coast of Africa. A family escapes a burning ship and arrives in the wilderness of Africa, building themselves a treehouse. At the same time, a gorilla couple lose their son. While they are moving, they hear the cries of a baby and discover that the parents of the human family are dead. With the feeling of loss from their own son, the gorilla mother takes the human baby in as their own child. The child is named Tarzan, but the father does not accept it.

Why can’t we be friends?

Time passes and Tarzan grows. He is able to earn the respect of his father by killing the leopard who killed both his parents and the child of his adopted mother and father. But all of a sudden there is gun fire heard; humans have come to this land. Tarzan goes to explore and finds three invaders: Professor Porter, his daughter Jane, and a hunter guide Clayton. Tarzan is able to save Jane from some baboons and tried to communicate with her. There is conflict between the gorillas and the humans. Tarzan does not understand why that is so, as he sees the good in both. But Tarzan returns to the human camp to learn more about the people who look like him. He is ready to leave when the humans leave, but again conflict erupts between the two. In the end, Tarzan must decide whether he should stay or go back to the human world where his parents are from.

Planning your trip to Broadway

When you visit with your car rental in New York, you may notice there are quite a few Disney plays to choose from. This is the fifth Disney play produced on stage. Other include Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Mary Poppins. The Little Mermaid will open in 2007. The songs for this play were written by Phil Collins, which if you have seen the movie before coming in your car rental in New York, you may also notice did the music for the film as well.

You can see Tarzan with your car rental in New York at the Richard Rodgers Theater, which has been open since 1924. It was renamed in 1990 for the legendary composer. This theater has been home to How to Succeed Without Really Trying and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas before Tarzan opened. This is one of Broadway’s premier musical houses to visit with your car rental in New York and worth a trip. On top of that, Disney performances promise to be fun for the entire family and are large spectaculars.

Families of all ages can come see Tarzan with their car rental in New York and expect a good time for everyone. This play is based on the movie, so there are no big surprises and it is appropriate for children over the age of three. You don’t want to miss a Disney spectacular while you are visiting.

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