New York Discount Car Rental and Tiffany and Co.

If youve ever seen New York City from the top of a skyscraper or the window of a jumbo jet, youll know that Big Apple has a certain sparkle about it. Where exactly does this sparkle come from? The Tiffany and Co. Store, of course! Every love-struck girl dreams of walking into Tiffany one day beside the man of her dreams, and it isnt any wonder why. This NYC jeweler is easily one of the citys most popular icons. First established as a stationary and fancy goods store in 1837, Tiffany opened its flagship jewelry store in uptown in 1940. Everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Audrey Hepburn have left this store with a signature blue box, so whats stopping you? From engagement rings to tennis bracelets and teardrop earrings, youre sure to find the perfect piece to prove your passion at Tiffany. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals are sure to leave NYC with something special once theyve stopped at Tiffany, so why wait? Visit the store of your dreams today.

Blushing brides abound at Tiffany

Tiffany and Co. in NYC is the quintessential wedding planning center. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals will find everything from the engagement ring to the table settings inside this store, (not to mention the invitations, thank-you cards and wedding-party favors). Simply step onto the embossed elevator and head to the second floor to begin your journey into wedded bliss. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals wont believe their eyes when they see the display cases inside the engagement area of the store. Jaw-dropping diamonds glisten beneath the glass cases, reflecting thousands of dreams and desires. Serious buyers are invited to ensconce themselves on comfy couches, while dumbstruck tourists stare in disbelief. Nothing beats the collection of rings, settings and stones at Tiffany, so why buy a ring anywhere else? The Tiffany six-prong setting diamond engagement ring is an industry standard, and who could forget the shimmering Lucida diamond cut? Tiffany and Co. is also home to a wonderful selection of china, stationary and wedding gift ideas. This store is truly a high-heeled girls best friend, so remember to stop in during your upcoming AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals vacation. Who knows, you may find yourself leaving with a heavier left hand.

For the man in your life

Ladies, if youre worried that suggesting a trip to Tiffanys during your upcoming AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals vacation will scare the living daylights out of your man, dont worry! Tiffany and Co. has plenty of non-wedding merchandise. Take the cuff link collection for example. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can leave Tiffany with a beautiful pare of classic silver barbell cuff links for just $115. Feel the need to splurge? Jeweled Schlumberger links go for more than $13,000 a set. Tiffany and Co. also features a beautiful line of watches, proving that those little blue boxes arent just for girls. Conservative types are sure to fall for Tiffany and Co. stunning collection of stainless steel timepieces. Eighteen-karat gold encrusted numbers are also available along with gorgeous platinum pieces. Other exciting gifts are also available on the fourth floor of the store. These include crafted sterling silvery jewelry, silverware and bat mitzvah gift ideas. Even babies can get in on the fun at Tiffany and Co. thanks to solid silver rattles and other sparkly toys.

If youd like to add a little pizzazz to your upcoming AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals vacation, Tiffany and Co. is the place. To learn more about Tiffany and Co., please feel free to log onto the official Tiffanys website at Potential customers can also contact Tiffany by phone at 1-212-755-8000. Tiffany and Co. is located at 727 Fifth Avenue.

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