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AAMCAR New York Car Rental travelers looking to turn back the clock are encouraged to visit one of the citys oldest waterside communities. Hidden just beyond Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, City Island is a treasured New York neighborhood steeped in a rich nautical history and multicultural roots. Connected to the mainland by the City Island Bridge, the community of City Island features picture-perfect postcard looks as well as a down-home New England sort of charm. The perfect place to escape to after a long week in the Big Apple, City Island radiates a comforting old world charm thats simply unlike anything else in NYC! Know for its stunning views and friendly atmosphere, City Island provides AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers with a little something different, so dont miss your chance to check it out!


When City Island was first settled in 1761 it served as a seamans paradise, providing ruddy deckhands with a place to practice sail making, ship building and oyster fishing. A large part of NYCs coastal defense mechanism until the early 20th century, City Island also boasts a wide variety of historical artifacts and wartime stories. A designated port of inquiry for all East River bound steamers during the late 18th and early 19th century, City Island actually played a part in the infamous Fort Totten incident, whereby gunners actually fired an artillery shell at neighboring Fort Schuyler! In 1917 a steamer headed into Eastchester Bay failed to halt at City Island to take on a mandatory pilot, alerting the artillerymen at Ft. Totten. Gunners fired a warning shot across the ships bow, which would eventually ricochet off the water right into Fort Schuylers wall! AAMCAR New York Car Rental travelers interested in investigating the legitimacy of this old shipmans tale are encouraged to visit Fort Schuyler during their upcoming vacation damage and debris is still rumored to be located around the shattered wall!

Island Communities

City Island is currently home to a handful of exciting nautically themed communities including King Avenue, Minnieford Avenue, City Island Avenue, Fordham Schofield and William Avenue. Each area of the island boasts a unique architectural flare quite unlike the prominent skyscrapers of Manhattan. Prominent houses on City Island include the ostentatious castle-like mansion located on Cross Street and Pelham Bay, the North Wind Undersea Institute on the islands northern tip and the islands current skyscraper a residential 6-story apartment building located on Pickwick Terrace! City Island also features a wide variety of Victorian era houses, all of which are kept in mint-condition.

Interesting Facts about City Island

  • During youre trip to City Island remember to take a drive down William Avenue if you cant find William, simply follow Willim. New York Citys Department of Transportation seems to have misspelled this prominent street sign some time ago!
  • In 1962 City Island made it to the silver screen when a house overlooking Eastchester Bay and Pelham Park was utilized in the movie Long Days Journey into Night starring Katharine Hepburn. The house is still located at the end of Tier Street, just west of William Avenue (just look for the tell-tale whale shaped weathervane on the conical steeple!).
  • First time visitors to the Island will want to check out the City Island Museum on Fordham Street, which features the worlds largest collection of maritime-themed books as well as priceless works of watercolor by Professor Harold Walsh. Rooms inside the museum are dedicated to City Islands rich history of boat building oyster fishing and yachting. The museum is currently only open on Sundays and is located in the old Public School 17.

If you would like to learn more about City Island before embarking on your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation please feel free to the official City Island, Bronx homepage at The City Island Chamber of Commerce also maintains a webpage at

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