The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway


The Drowsy Chaperone is a homage to American musicals that you can see while you are here with your car rental in New York. The show will take you back to the time of Fitzgerald to the late 1920s.

Play a tune

When you come see the Drowsy Chaperone with your car rental in New York you will be introduced to Man on Chair, who is a Broadway fanatic who listens to an old phonograph of a stage show. The music takes the man to another, magical world. The apartment is decorated with seashell footlights, sparkly peacocks, glittery sugarplum trees, and fantastic costumes.

The plot thickens: better pay attention!

Within the story another story is taking place. It is about a showgirl who is about to marry a man she just met and the producer who doesn’t want to lose his starlet. The plot takes every twist and turn possible, to the point of almost being clichd. There are cases of mistaken identity, spit-takes, gangsters, and a full cast of characters. There is the English butler, Latino Lothario, and the cartwheeling heroine. Man on Chair is watching the action as it happens. He wants to keep watching, but also wants to add his own comments on the action.

A shot in the dark

Before you come see the play with your car rental in New York, you may be interested in knowing that the show got its start in 1999 when a spoof of old musicals was put together for a stag party. In this first version, there was no Man in Chair and the style of the musical ranged from the 1920s to the 1940s and the jokes were a lot more risqu. The play was later reshaped for the Toronto Fringe Festival, for which the Man on Chair was added as a narrator. The Broadway production which you can now see with your car rental in New York finally opened in 2006. This was the first musical written and composed by Canadians to open on Broadway in over 25 years.

Plan your trip

When you are here with your car rental in New York there are many attractions and restaurants for you to enjoy around the theater. Some of the noted restaurants that you may want to visit with your car rental in New York include Sardi’s, Angus McIndoe, Carnegie Deli, Bond 45 Italian Kitchen Streak, Chevys Fresh Mex, Mars 2112, and O’Lunney’s Time Square Pub. There are also many attractions nearby if you are here during the day with your car rental in New York. These include the Museum of Modern Art, Macy’s, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Warner, Grand Central Station, Radio City Music Hall, and many more.

The Drowsy Chaperone is a fun play that you can enjoy while you are here with your car rental in New York. It is unique in that it takes many old plays and combines many of the elements that people like.


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