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cargo-van-rentalIn the great city of New York, one is always on the move.  Whether they are moving themselves, others or stuff, sometimes trains and buses just don’t suffice.  Have you ever found yourself purchasing that lovely book case in the flea market that came pre-assembled but cannot be transported easily in a cab?  Or how about this scenario, the same bookcase, you standing at the corner of 66th and Broadway with nary a cab in site.  Oh, there are plenty of cabs zipping by, but what YOU need for your nifty new bookcase is a Minivan.  Of course, ALL the minivans seem to either be missing your raised hand or just missing in general.

Here is a great solution, rent one!  Especially if you rent them during the weekdays, prices are phenomenally low AND you may just be able to negotiate a better price by simply calling. By doing a quick web search using Kayak. I found Minivans ranging in price from $100-$120 in Manhattan.  I love Jersey, but it adds up to the same costs in time and money to go rent a cheaper vehicle across the water.  In fact, I am moving some things to storage at the end of the month, so I decided to call a couple of area car rental companies.  Their lowest posted price was $109.95 plus tax.  We negotiated and settled on an agreeable $100 total thereby saving the additional 20% in tax!  That is a deal and usually can only be obtained by trying your luck with the small, local rental companies.  National car rental companies are stuck to their prices which are apparently written in stone.  I learned a valuable lesson, deal with the smaller guys AND support local businesses.

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  1. Kyler Brown says:

    I’ve rented cars in the past for quick little needs that arise. Sometimes it is difficult to transport things in a taxi cab, so I agree with you on this subject. I’m glad to find you guys because I will need to transport some furniture soon, so it would be nice to have a rental.

  2. Tony Cox says:

    I travel to Brooklyn often to visit family, and we often spend time in NYC together. I’ve gotten frustrated with public transit, so I think renting a van is a perfect solution. Thanks for the post!

    1. Martin says:

      Thank you Tony. These are the van options we have:

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