15 Passenger Van Rentals

Is a mini-van just not big enough for your travel group? The SUV just too cramped? Then AAMCAR Discount Car Rental has the New York rental car for you! The 15 passenger Ford Clubwagon extended van rental is big enough to transport all your travel mates without being bulky. The interior is spacious and comfortably with enough room to comfortably seat 15 fully grown adults. So whether you are transporting family to a reunion or picking up some friends for a big night out on the town, the Ford Clubwagon extended van ensures that you won’t forget anyone and allows you some extra space to pick up a few new members along the way!

The Interior

The Ford Clubwagon New York rental car is a true person hauler. The interior has a full cloth headliner and full vinyl/rubber floor covering. The front seats are bucket designed with fixed headrests, 2 way adjustable seat settings and armrests. The rear seats are bench designed and extremely comfortable. AM/FM radio is available in most models along with air conditioning, (contact AAMCAR for more information).

Steering and Suspension

Driving the Ford Clubwagon 15 passenger extended van may seem a little daunting, but there’s really nothing to fear. Extended side mirrors are included which correspond to the length of the rental, allowing for increased safety. The hydraulic power-assist re-circulating ball steering system allows for supreme control over the road. The front coil spring suspension is independent in design, allowing for either front wheel to track over road imperfections with minimal disturbances and effects on the opposite front wheel. The rear suspensions are on a rigid rear axle with HD rear shocks.

Powertrain Engine Information

The 1998 Ford Clubwagon 15 passenger New York rental car model has a 5.4 liter (329.7 cubic inch) V-8 engine with SOHC SMPI 16 valve technology. The electronic ignition revs up the super powerful engine which runs on unleaded fuel and a 72 CCA battery. This Ford Clubwagon is a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a 4 speed automatic electronic transmission with overdrive.

Safety Information for 15 Passenger Veichles

The Ford Clubwagon 15 passenger New York rental car extended van is a great rental option for those of you visiting New York with a large group of people. Extended vans have been extremely dependable throughout the years, requiring few altercations to its designs. Extended vans are roomy enough to transport basketball teams and great for driving the band across country. Extended 15 passenger van rentals are also extremely safe. Many models include automatic door locks and all include three point seatbelts. These seatbelts are often height and width retractable allowing for increased comfort and personal safety. The braking system is a standard 4 wheel anti-lock system capable of stopping on all types of surfaces. From snow, to rain; dry pavement to icy cement, an extended 15 passenger van is easy to control when braking.

If you are planning on moving some heavy furniture while in the New York area, (or even just planning on doing some serious shopping!) you need to look into the AAMCAR’s cargo van rentals. The Ford Econoline extended cargo van rental is perfect for transporting all sorts of cargo. AAMCAR Discount Car Rental also offers SUV, minivan and car rentals so be sure to check out their fleet online. For more information on the Ford Clubwagon 15 passenger New York rental car call 1-800-722-6923 or to reserve your own van visit the Rental Center.


Cargo Van Rentals near NY

Are you in the process of moving? Not sure you trust those discount moving companies to take care of your valuable possessions? Why not just move yourself?! With the help of AAMCAR’s Econoline Cargo Van you’ll be able to pack-up, load-up and move-out at your own pace, taking the time to careful load and position your personal effects. The Econoline Cargo Van New York rental car is also great for those of you doing a little furniture shopping. Lots of furniture stores charge an arm and a leg to have same day delivery, whereas AAMCAR offers their Econoline Cargo van rental at a truly affordable cost. With all that money you’ll save you could maybe throw in a matching loveseat with that brand new couch! Feel free to browse this page for more information on the Ford Econoline Cargo Van. For more information on rental rates please call AAMCAR’s hotline at 1-800-722-6923.

The Ford Econoline New York Rental Car

The line of Ford Econoline Cargo Van rentals have long been a trusted brand of extended vans. They’re perfect for moving those awkward objects like couches and kitchen tables, yet remain surprisingly easy to drive. The Econoline comes in three different length extensions (please contact AAMCAR fore details on model availability) perfect for all different types of cargo. Cargo Vans are also extremely easy to maneuver. If you have ever driven a minivan or pickup truck, getting used to a Ford Econoline extended cargo van New York car rental will be a piece of cake! Plus there are extended mirrors installed to allow for increased rear visibility, both on the road and during loading.

Inside a Cargo Van

The interior of an Econoline Cargo Van New York rental car is extremely comfortable. Most models include air-conditioning to keep you and your fellow moving mates cool and comfy. Both the driver’s and passenger seat are bucket designed with adjustable settings to allow the occupant to personalize their comfort zone. AM/FM radios should come standard (contact AAMCAR for more details) creating a truly enjoyable driving atmosphere. The actual cargo bay of the Ford Econoline Cargo Van rental has a minimum capacity of 235 cubic feet.

Engine and Mechanical SPECS

The engines in AAMCAR’s Ford Econoline Cargo van rentals are super powerful. Depending on the model the engines range from a 4.6 liter Triton SOHC SEFI 16 valve V-8 to the even tougher 6.0 liter Power Stroke Diesel 32 valve V-8. The brake system in this New York rental car is a standard power 4-disc anti-lock set-up ensuring the safety of you and your possessions. The suspension is also super smooth allowing for the elimination of hazardous jarring during transportation.

The Exterior Setup

Just because you have an extended van, doesn’t always mean that loading and unloading your cargo will be a snap. That’s why the Ford Econoline Cargo Van New York rental car comes with a comprehensive five door setup. With two rear doors, a driver and passenger door, plus 2 side doors creates a easy loading atmosphere perfect for bulking cargo like mattresses, dressers and much more! The rear doors also open wide allowing for the insertion of a loading ramp (not included with the rental) which allows for smooth moving.

Do you like the room available in the Econoline cargo van, but in need of some extra seating? Why not look into AAMCAR’s 15 passenger rental van? This van is perfect for transporting large groups of family, friends, band members and even sports teams!



New York Discount Car Rental and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has come to represent the very best in urban gardening and horticulture, display hundreds of beautiful flowers every season of the year! Located just minutes from the downtown Brooklyn area and neighboring midtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is one of the citys most stunning attractions, showcasing a picturesque landscape of blossoming blooms and beautiful berries! Designed to provide travelers wit ha unique yea-round tourist attractions, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden features a stunning variety of both indoor and outdoor horticultural exhibits, as well as season art shows and reoccurring festivals. The Gardens also hosts numerous restaurants/banquet facilities, providing AAMCAR Car Rentals New York wedding planners with plenty of first-class ceremony and reception space. Green-thumbs of all shapes and sizes are sure to appreciate this natural New York oasis, so dont forget to drop by during your upcoming Big Apple vacation! Admission to the Gardens is just $5 for adults and $3 for seniors and students, so why wait enjoy a breath of fresh air today inside the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!

Visitor Services

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is proud to provide travelers with an array of first-class visitor services, all of which are intended to provide AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City clients with expert advice and outstanding performance. Services at the Botanic Gardens currently include the Terrace Caf, free weekend tours, a charming Garden Gift Shop, a state-of-the-art Gardeners Resource Center and a volunteer operated Visitors Center. Guests at the garden are encouraged to take advantage of these stellar services, as each showcases a different section of natural beauty and splendor. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are also entirely wheelchair accessible, as are most of the onsite facilities. Visitors in need of wheelchair assistance can find complimentary chairs at the front desk at 1000 Washington Avenue. A $20 deposit or drivers license is required.

Guidelines at the Garden

If youre planning on visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City vacation please remember to abide by the following rules and guidelines:

  • No outside food or beverage is permitted within the garden exceptions include bottled water and baby bottles. Picnicking is strictly prohibited within the garden and all food purchased at the Terrace Caf must be eaten in the designated Caf areas.
  • Picking flowers within the garden is strictly prohibited, as is sitting on any area beside the Cherry Esplanade Lawn and designated garden benches. Blankets and lawn chairs will not be allowed inside the garden.
  • The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is a non-smoking facility please refrain from smoking on any of the garden complex grounds.
  • Tripods and easels are not permitted in numerous sections of the gardens including the Conservatory, the Japanese Gardens, flower beds or on any outdoor path. Commercial photography is allowed, but only through prior arrangements.

Weddings and Catered Events

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is one of New York Citys most famous natural settings, providing AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City customers with a stunning event venue all year-round! Whether youre planning a small celebration for friends or an over-the-top wedding jubilee, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens have just the spot for you and your guests! The Brooklyn Botanic Garden currently features a wide variety of romantic and pastoral settings, providing couples with a spectacular arrangement of trees, flowers and shrubbery. Popular spots within the Garden include the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, the Cranford Rose Garden, and the Osborne Garden. Full-service catering is also available inside the garden thanks to the Charles, Sally & Charles contemporary American cuisines. For more information on wedding ceremonies at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens please feel free to contact the Registration Offices at 1-718-623-7220.

To learn more about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden simply dial 1-718-623-7200. More information can also be found on the establishments official website at www.bbg.org.

New York Car Rentals and Central Park


Central Park was the first ever landscaped public park in the United States. It was modeled after the lush public grounds of Paris and London in order to create an internationally recognizable monument. For years it has offered an attractive setting for carriage rides, and tourists providing a place for outside activity. In 1853 stat legislature authorized the Central Park project acquiring an eminent amount of land – over 800 acres, in the center of Manhattan.

The Park landscaper was chosen through a contest in 1857 by the Park’s Commission in the US’s first competition of the kind. The winners were a Fredrick Law Olmsted and a Calvert Vaux, whom had submitted the “Greensward Plan”. There plan was to create a pastoral landscape that would capture the English romantic ideals. It consisted of over 40 bridges and miles upon miles of pedestrian and carriage trails.

Today Central Park is one of New York’s top tourist attractions; from weddings and birthdays, to school field trips and simple afternoon works. The Park is 843 acres big and can be cut into 4 segments: the South End, Great Lawn, The Reservoir and the North End. The entire park is covered with scenic roadways perfect for taking a cruise in your New York car rental. Central Park is also full of statues, playgrounds, fountains, recreation centers and so much more! The numerous parks and trails are popular with dog walkers, roller bladders, joggers and bikers alike, so park that New York car rental and get active!

There are over 58 miles of paths within the park and over 12 miles of Drives around the park for built specifically for your car rental. New York City understands how important Central Park is not only to the tourists, but also to the New York natives, therefore there are over 136 acres of woodlands, 250 acres of lawns and 7 bodies of water that cover 150 acres. There are also 21 separate playgrounds perfect for young (and young at heart) travelers, 7 ornamental fountains and 125 drinking fountains. Feelings a little tired? Why not sit down on one of the 8,968 benches! Feeling a little sweaty, but think its too hot to walk back to your New York rental car? No worries, Central Park is full of beaches and public pool open throughout the summer months.

Central Park is visited by over 25 million people a year and is home to numerous festivals and events throughout the year. There are also many restaurants and food vendors throughout the park, just in case you forgot to pack a picnic in your New York car rental. Central Park is just one of the parks in the City that constitutes the largest outdoors museum in the United States. The parks in New York consist of some 300 sculptures and 1,700 monuments. There are also triumphal arches throughout the park of various sizes, which honor the people and events that helped to shape New York City, the United States and even the international community.

Central Park also offers various permits for sports teams, vendors and wedding ceremonies. What could be more romantic than a carriage ride through Central Park on your wedding day?

For more information on all of the events happening in Central Park right now, visit the Central Park’s official website at www.centralparknyc.org/home. This page as extensive information on the past and present Central Park, important rules and regulations for using the park and much, much more!



New York Car Rentals and the Beauty and the Beast on Broadway

When you travel to New York City with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals no trip is complete without a Broadway musical. Beauty and the Beast is a lovely classic tale known by many. Do the tale justice by watching it in a large Disney theatrical production with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals. Only in New York can you see Beauty and the Beast in all its grandeur with the use of pyrotechnics, costuming and special effects to produce one of the greatest Broadway productions.

See the classic tale with your New York car rentals…

Beauty and the Beast on Broadway premiered on April 18, 1994. Owned by The Walt Disney Company, Beauty and the Beast is Broadway’s sixth – longest running production by Disney Theatrical. Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairy tale which has its origin as far back as 1740 where it was believed to be first published. The story begins when Beauty’s father takes refuge in Beast’s castle during a bad storm. He plucks a rose from the palace intending to give it to his daughter. The owner of the castle, Beast is enraged and as a thief he must die. Beauty’s father begs to see his daughter one more time. The Beast offers him a deal; he may live if one of his daughter’s will come back and suffer in his place. Beauty becomes the mistress of the enchanted palace and the Beast asks her to be his wife. She declines, only wanting to be friends but as one last request she wishes to see her father one last time. The Beast allows it but with the delay of her promised return Beauty returns to find the Beast distressed almost to the point of death. Begging for his life, Beauty agrees to be his wife and the Beast becomes transformed into a handsome prince. Unknowingly, Beauty had broken a spell cast on the prince by a witch long ago.

The people behind the theatrical production…

Beauty and the Beast Disney film were adapted as a theatre production by Linda Woolverton and Alan Menken. Lyrics by the original lyricist Howard Ashman were used with the addition of lyrics made by Tim Rice. These seven new songs are not included in the original movie and you can only hear it during the Broadway performance with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals. The songs include “No Matter What”, “Me”, “Home”, “How Long Must This Go On?”, “Maison des Lunes”,”Human Again”, and “If I Can’t Love Her”.

Before you go with your New York car rentals…

  • Beauty and the Beast on Broadway is recommended for a general audience but as an advisory Disney does recommend its production for children over the 6 years of age
  • The show runs for two and a half hours with a 15 min intermission
  • No smoking, outside food, or recording devices are allowed in the theater
  • If you need wheelchair – accessibility, hearing devices or Showtrans audio translation system (available in Italian, German, and Japanese) when you travel with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals they are all available through the Lunt – Fontanne Box Office. You can call (212) 575 – 9200 for more information.

Visit the Beauty and the Beast on Broadway’s official website at http://disney.go.com/theatre/beautyandthebeast/index.html for more information on your visit when you travel with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Discount Car Rentals.

Beauty and the Beast on Broadway

Lunt – Fontanne Theatre
205 West 46th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue)
New York City, NY
Telephone: (212) 575 – 9200

New York Discount Car Rental and Battery Park

Battery Park is at the Southern tip of Manhattan with beautiful views of the Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. Parking is available near the park for your New York car rental, or take public transportation. This is one of New Yorks oldest open public spaces, with 23 acres of waterfront land. In the summer, there are beautiful promenades and other activities, such as open-air concerts. Also, many other famous New York landmarks are within walking distance. They include the New York Stock Exchange, the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, and the Staten Island Ferry. You can drive your New York car rental down for the day and explore this section of New York City.

A New World

The land where Battery Park now stands is where the Hudson and East Rivers meet. Dutch settlers landed here in 1623 and built a battery of cannon to defend the new city, which they called New Amsterdam. Fortifications were built over the years, until the War of 1812, when Castle Clinton was built. After tensions between Canada and the U.S. calmed down, Castle Clinton was renamed Castle Garden and made into a cultural center. By the mid-1800s, Castle Garden became the first immigrant receiving center before Ellis Island was established. At the end of that century, the Castle was turned into the New York Aquarium, one of the first in the country. Come down with your New York car rental and experience this part of early American history.

The Gardens of Remembrance

Battery Park has extensive gardens on the property. The Upper Promenades gardens are now called the Gardens of Remembrance as a tribute to the survivors of September 11, as well as a place of solace and renewal. There are 109 varieties of hybrid perennials and native plants through all four seasons.

Monuments and Memorials to See

Netherlands Memorial this memorial was dedicated by the people of the Netherlands to commemorate their history at Battery Park.
Fort George Memorial this memorial marks the spot of the southwest bastion. It has disappeared and been rediscovered twice since 1817.
New York Korean War Veterans Memorial this memorial is dedicated to the veterans of the Korean War.
There are many more memorials dedicated to important events in New York Citys history. Be sure to visit them when you come down with your New York car rental.

Recent Findings

Come see Battery Park and the history of early New York with your New York car rental. On December 8, 2005, workers found a 200-year-old stone wall where they were beginning to work on a new subway station. “This wall most likely is a portion of the gun batteries that once protected the city in the late 17th and 18th centuries and gave rise to the modern park name,” said Robert Tierney, chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Come down to Battery Park for a relaxing day and to experience part of New Yorks history with your New York car rental.

Belvedere Castle

Constructed in 1872 by designer Frederick Law Olmsted, Belvedere Castle is one of Central Parks most enchanting attractions, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City travelers with a unique mix of medieval and modern culture. Perched atop an immense outcropping of bedrock, this delightful structure is currently home to the Henry Luce Nature Observatory, as well as art exhibits and seasonal displays. Located within walking distance of Central Parks Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn and the Delacorte Theater, Belvedere Castle is one of NYC most prized architectural monuments. Named for the castles large belvedere tower, Belvedere Castle adds a dash of unexpected class to the carefully crafted pastoral land landscape.

The Castle Then and Now

The Belvedere Castle in Central Park was originally constructed as a Victorian folly in 1872, showcase a myriad of open window frames and doorways. In architectural terms a folly, or fantasy building, is simply a pint-sized representation of a Greek or Roman temple, or as in this case, a Gothic Castle. Today the castle features true windows and doors, playing host to one of the parks most popular attractions the Henry Luce Nature Observatory. This state-of-the-art building features a variety of exciting displays showcase the natural world beneath high powered microscopes and technologically advanced telescopic lenses. Designed to inspire car rental New York City travelers of all ages, the Henry Luce Nature Observatory also features a display of paper mch reproductions, representing most of the local birdlife. Belvedere Castle is also home to one of the citys most advanced meteorological instruments, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City travelers with up-to-the-minute weather reports and temperature readings.

Located atop the second highest vista in Central Park, Belvedere Castle is a great place to begin any Central Park adventure providing travelers with wide-spanning views of the surrounding landscape and tourist attractions. Facilities located within walking distance of Belvedere Castle include:

  • Turtle Pond and Turtle Island: Located directly beneath Belvedere Castle, Turtle pond features an extensive natural habitat of shoreline plants, providing insects, reptiles and birds with a sound ecological niche.
  • The Great Lawn: The Great Lawn is located just next door to Belvedere Castle, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City travelers with a place to stretch their legs and enjoy some physical activity. The Great Lawn is also the site of many annual events and open-air concerts.
  • The Delacorte Theater: The Delacorte Theater, which can be seen from the top of the Belvedere observation tower, is home to numerous summer theatrical presentations, including the ultra popular Shakespeare in the Park festival.

If youre traveling with young nature enthusiasts during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City vacation, remember to drop by Belvedere Castle and ask for one of the free backpack packages, which feature binoculars, reference material, maps and notepaper. Budding naturalists are encouraged to borrow these hand knapsacks before embarking on a further adventure of the surrounding areas. AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City recommends investigating the Ramble area (located just outside the castle) first, as it houses many exciting insect and bird species.

Belvedere Castles mix of old and new creates an exciting tourist attraction at the heart of Central Park, so dont miss your chance to drop by and check it out! Open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm, Belvedere Castle is unlike any other attraction in the city, so grab a friend and remember to check it out during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City vacation. If you would like to learn more about the history of Belvedere Castle please feel free to visit the official Central Park website at www.centralparknyc.org. Visitors are also invited to contact the Castle information center for more details on current exhibitions on display at the Henry Luce Nature Observatory by calling 212-772-0210.

New York Discount Car Rental and Battery Park

If youre longing for a little green space during your New York discount car rental trip downtown, be sure to stop by lower Manhattan and visit Battery Park! Situated at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, Battery Park is a great place to reconnect with nature, so be sure to stop by! Inside the parks boundaries youll find loads of greenery and great monuments, along with breathtaking views of the New York City Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. Built initially as a defense post during the war of 1812, Battery Park is now an area beloved by all, providing the perfect place for an afternoon picnic! Whether youre interested in history, or just looking for a place to relax, Battery Park is the ideal spot for an afternoon outside!

About Battery Park

Battery Park is unlike any other New York City green space because of where and how it came to be. If you were to drive past the park today in your New York discount car rental you will notice that the skyscrapers of Manhattan abruptly end where the park begins; this is because the land on which Battery Park is built wasnt always there! You see, Battery Park is an addition to Manhattan Island, created back in the 19th century atop a gigantic landfill site created after the war of 1812. Home to a historic Fort, Battery Park was salvaged and turned into a beautiful public space, perfect for tourists and locals alike! Measuring in at just over 21 acres, Battery Park is named for the artillery which was stationed there during war times.

Attractions Inside the Park

Inside Battery Park youll find a variety of wonderful statues and gardens even a castle! The Castle Clinton National Monument is a circular sandstone fort designed by John McComb Jr. and Jonathan Williams. Constructed between 1808 and 1811 out in New York Harbor, Clinton Castle was built as a complementary defense mechanism to the already existing Fort Williams. As Battery Park began to expand after the war, thanks to subsequent landfill action, Castle Clinton was connected to mainland Manhattan and preserved as a national monument. Originally named Castle Garden, the fort has been used for a variety of non-military purposes, including public entertainment and as an Emigrant Landing Depot in 1855. Castle Clinton was even the site of the New York City Aquarium until 1941! Today the fort is completely rehabilitated and protected as landmark museum facility.

The Gardens of Remembrance

If youre planning on visiting Battery Park in your upcoming New York discount car rental, AAMCAR strong encourages you to check out The Gardens of Remembrance. These gardens, which were in construction on September 11, 2001 are entitled The Gardens of Remembrance not as a memorial, but as a tribute to the survivors of the tragic New York terrorist attacks. Designed by Dutch horticulturalist Piet Oudolf, The Gardens of Remembrance is just the first phase in an extensive landscaping plan for Battery Park. The Gardens of Remembrance features and international walkway along New York Harbor which includes the flags of 82 nations nations whose citizens were lost during the attacks of September 11th.

Events in Battery Park

If youre looking for something to do during your New York discount car rental trip to lower Manhattan, look no further than Battery Park! Battery Park is home to a variety of events throughout the year including free concerts and exciting festivals! Battery Park is proud to be the largest public assembly area in the downtown Manhattan area, providing plenty of space for local events and activities, so remember to stop by! If youre interested in holding an event at Battery Park, be sure to request a permit from the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation.

New York Car Rentals and Empire State Building

Looking for something to do during your trip to New York? Why not visit the Empire State Building located at 350 Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan! Observatory hours are 9:30 AM to Midnight daily, with special holiday hours for Christmas and New Years. The Empire State building is open 365 days a year and has a large staff waiting to answer all of your questions. The Empire State building is located right in the center of Manhattan so why not drive on over in your New York rental car; it isn’t everyday that you get to see one of the largest buildings in the world!


  • The Empire State building is 1,453′ 8 and 9/16″ tall, from the ground floor all the way to the top of the lightning rod
  • There are 102 floors in the building housing office space, restaurants, banks and local retailers like Diamond’s Hallmark and Walgreen’s
  • The Empire State Building was built in 1930 and was completed one year later
  • The Empire State Building was engineered to “give”. This means that during winds of 110 miles per hour the building will give approximately 1.48 inches, allowing the structure to retain its stability
  • There are 1,860 steps from street level to the 102nd floor, 6,500 windows, 73 elevators, and 70 miles of piping that delivers water throughout the building

You may notice when you drive past the Empire State Building in your New York rental car a splendid array of colored lights that decorate the top of the building. These lights are not just erected during the Christmas season; instead they are lit year round as a symbol for different events. For example, when all of the lights are gold on the top of the Empire State Building it is in honour of the Academy Awards and Oscar week in NYC. When the lights alternate blue, white, white it is for United Nations Day and the pattern of orange, blue, blue symbolizes the New York Knicks opening basketball game! These lights allow for quite a view from below in your New York rental car, and are even more spectacular when viewed from the neighboring buildings.

The Observatory

Driving through NYC in your New York rental car is one way of seeing the sights, but by far the best way to see New York is from the top of the Empire State Building. On floor 86 of the Empire State building lies the Observatory. This floor has spacious outdoors promenades on all four sides, creating a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. The Observatory also offers a heated and air conditioned glass-enclosed gallery (for those visitors who aren’t exactly excited about heights!). The Observatory is handicap accessible and offers a snack bar along with souvenir counters.

High powered binoculars are available for visitors to use, at a minimal fee, which are perfect for scanning the horizons of New York City’s skyscrapers. Please note that the Empire State building, for obvious reasons, enforces a variety of safety precautions within the building. Security checks are mandatory when entering the building and are described as being similar to those preformed at airports. Cameras and camcorders ARE definitely allowed during your tour of the Empire State Building, but please no glass bottles or large duffel bags.

The Empire State Building is such a charming and beautiful building that it has even appeared in some major motion pictures and documentaries over the years! Some of the most famous include: When Harry Met Sally, King Kong, Guys and Dolls, Sleepless in Seattle and of course, Independence Day. The Empire State Building has also had some famous visitors during its almost 75 year run. They include Queen Elizabeth in 1957, Fidel Castro in 1959, KISS in 1976 and even the soccer star Pele in 1975.

For more information on the Empire State Building or to order your advance tickets visit the buildings official site at www.esbnyc.com!

New York Discount Car Rental and Bergdorf Goodman

As you walk down the aisles of the department store, you realize that you didnt need to buy anything. You have been looking at the clothing, furniture, beauty products and bedding and suddenly, your arms are full of items. All you wanted to do was come into the store and have a look around because youve heard all of this hype about it. Now you are going home with piles and piles of things that you feel you just cant do without. Arent you glad you came into the Bergdorf Goodman department store? Thats right Manhattan car rental customers, come into this retail wonderland and you will not be disappointed. Founded in 1899 by an immigrant who came from Alsace, this department store with many luxurious supplies is located in Midtown, Manhattan. Herman Bergdorf decided to open a tailoring store above Union Station when he came to America. Someone who worked at Bergdorfs bought the store from him and decided to move it to Fifth Avenue. This someones name was Edwin Goodman and the Bergdorf Goodman enterprise began from there. For a great shopping experience and amazing gift ideas for family and friends, Bergdorf Goodmans is the place to check out on your future Manhattan car rental vacation.

Everything has its ups and downs

You may be interested to know, Manhattan car rental customers, that Bergdorfs hasnt always been the huge success it is today. During the 1960s and 1970s, the store was in a bit of a hole and things were not going well for the sales. Dawn Mello was hired as the vice president of fashion and soon, things began to look up. She became president in 1984 because of all her hard work and her great ideas. There have been lots of changes in the store over the years. The womens store has been expanded 3 times and the mens store even moved across the street to give each section more room. The penthouse in the apartment was turned into a salon and spa and Goodmans Caf was soon opened. The caf offered lunch and afternoon tea to busy and exhausted shoppers. In 2002, the store had a huge renovation, introducing new stores and restoring the older ones. Come to the Bergdorf Goodman department store Manhattan car rental customers and enjoy what has been made out of the history that began.

Its a perfect fit!

After the big renovation in 2002, Bergdorf Goodmans opened many new boutiques to increase the competition with Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor and Barneys (their rivals). Gucci, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel were introduced into the scene. If you have ever wanted to shop like a movie star or be that gorgeous model you saw on television, these are the stores to look at. There are shops for women and men as well as home decorating stores and beauty stores. Bergdorfs has some of the biggest name brands available for people who love to shop. You can find great shoes and handbags, as well as many other accessories to go along with a new outfit. You can get hats, scarves and gloves for those cold winter months or a pair of sunglasses for when you are relaxing in the sunshine. If you like to wind down with music or by reading, Bergdorfs has some great books and CDs that may be of interest to you. Bergdorf Goodmans is open Monday-Friday from 10:00am-8:00pm. It is also open on Saturdays from 10:00am-7:00pm and Sundays from noon-6:00pm. You can find everything you need and more at Bergdorfs on your upcoming Manhattan car rental vacation.