New York Car Rentals and Ground Zero

On September 11th, 2001 the world as we know it changed. For weeks images of that infamous day were replayed over and over again on every national and international television station. Now, four years later, New York City, the United States and the world are still coping with the tragic ramifications of that fateful day. Today the ground where the World Trade Center Towers stood is known as Ground Zero. After months of debris removal and waves of never ending emotion a memorial is in the process of being erect at Ground Zero.

The Design

Driving past the spot that used to be home to the World Trade Centers today in you’re New York rental car is sure to fill both American and international visitors alike with an immense sadness. After the initial shock of the World Trade Center attacks had become less apparent the question of what to do with the grounds was bought up. A memorial was the only suitable option, a place for family, friends, fellow Americans and international tourists to visit and pay tribute to the fallen heroes and victims of that fated day. The architect behind the design of the World Trade Center Memorial was chosen from a record number of entries. Co-designer Michael Arad was the winner of the competitions with a design that includes a tree-studded plaza, subterranean corridors housing artifacts and two reflecting pools. This design is called “Reflecting Absence” and is meant to give visitors a sense of peace.

Memorabilia from the attacks such as a demolished fire truck, the tower’s faade and Fritz Koenig’s sculpture “The Sphere” (which was originally a centerpiece in the foyer of one of the Towers) have been singled out by the Coalition for 9/11 Families as specific artifacts requested to dot the memorials premises. This site, once completed, will be a magnificent site, both up close, or from the window of your New York rental car, calling forth the American spirit, and the will to persevere. The world will never forget September 11th, 2001, nor will we forget the brave policemen and fire fighters who gave their lives in the line of duty. America thanks you.

The World Transit Transportation Hub

Ground Zero will also be the home to a brand new World Trade Center Transit Hub. The new PATH commuter terminal was designed by a Spanish architect named Santiago Calatrava as an open aired gateway workstation. The pavilion will mirror the outstretched wings of a bird capturing “the beauty and promise of a dove flying free from a child’s hand”. The terminal will be a $2 billion dollar project that will link an estimated 250,000 passengers to different ferries and 14 different subways helping to alleviate the flow of Traffic for those of you driving New York rental cars. The hub will hopefully open in 2009, so be sure to give your New York rental car sometime that year and take a ride on the subway, remembering the lives lost September 11th.

Rebuilding the World Trade Center

The area around Ground Zero has been dedicated to rebuilding parts of the World Trade Center and other commercial buildings like hotels and retail space. Proposed building plans include skyscrapers which will rise 1,500 feet into the air, higher than the original 1,350 feet World Trade Center Towers, proving that America will not surrender to the fear of terrorism.

The skyline of New York City will never be the same without the twin towers of the World Trade Centers and nothing can be done to bring back the lives of loved ones lost. Hopefully the proposed memorial at Ground Zero will help to keep their memory alive.

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