Car Rental Manhattan and Port Authority


Before driving away in your Manhattan car rental during your next stay in NYC, its important to get educated on the major roadways, tunnels and other transportation hubs in the city. A good place to start this learning process is at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey! The Port Authority is in charge of maintaining and managing major bridges, tunnels, bus terminals, seaports, PATH transportation and even bus terminals in the bi-state region, while at the same time playing a major role in trade capabilities throughout the area. The Port Authority is proud to provide New York residents and visitors with a variety of wonderful facilities and services, perfect for helping you navigate the busy metropolis of NYC. The Port Authority is proud to provide the city of New York with safe and efficient roadways and transportation links, creating a great environment for Manhattan car rental road trips!

A Brief History of the Port Authority

The port which separates New York and New Jersey was once an area filled with controversy, as both sides fought to own this vital source of trade and wealth. Throughout the 19th century political unease was a prominent feature of the area until an agreement was reached thanks to the Treaty of 1834. After years of fighting the people finally agreed that the port was, in effect, one community, and on April 30, 1921 the Port of New York Authority was established to govern the interests of both New York and New Jersey Harbors. In 1972 the agencies name was modified to more accurately and equally identify the role of this bi-state agency.

Port Authority Milestones and Major Businesses

  • The Port Authority gained control of the Holland Tunnel in 1930 and is responsible for constructing monumental interstate crossings like the George Washington Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing and the Bayonne Bridge
  • The Port Authority opened the first tube of the Lincoln Tunnel in 1937, before going on to complete 2 more tubes a revolutionary feat of engineering genius!
  • During the 1940s the Port Authority planted the seeds for three of the worlds largest airports La Guardia, Newark and J.F.K International
  • The 1950s and 60s were dedicated to expanding already successful projects, as a second deck was added to the George Washington Bridge and piers were rebuilt in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The Port Authority also opened the PATH rail system during this era, increasing trade and transportation to and from the district dramatically
  • Today the Port Authority is proud to continue its commitment to the communities of New York and New Jersey, provide expansion programs and facility renovations throughout the area. Driving your Manhattan car rental truly is a pleasure when you take advantage of great Port Authority roadways, so be sure to check one out the next time your out for a drive!

The Port Authority Police

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey understand the importance of safety; thats why they are proud to offer a highly skilled force of officers at each and every one of their facilities. The Port Authority Police Force includes Emergency Service Units, Firefighting and Crash Emergency Response, K-9 Units, and even Motorcycle Patrols. The Port Authority Police force is made up of strong, dedicated professional men and women, ready to serve and protect you. If you would like to contact the Port Authority Police Force please call their offices at 201-239-3500 for general inquires.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is a vital part of every transportation service in the city, including your Manhattan car rental, so be sure to check them out during your stay in NYC. If youd like to visit their official website today, just surf on over to for more information. The Port Authority is also available by phone at 212-435-7000.


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