New York Discount Car Rental and the New York Giants

Blue-22, HUT HUT! Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls are you ready for some football!? Gridiron action is back in full swing now that falls here, so dont miss your chance to check out one of the Big Apples most popular sports team the NY Giants. Founded with the conception of the NFL in 1925, the New York Giants have long been a part of the NYC community, providing sports fans with tons of exciting on and off-field events. Based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the NY Giants are currently in the midst of there 80th NFL session, so be sure to grab some tickets and catch a game during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rental vacation!

Team History

The New York Giants began their football career on a Sunday in October, 1925. Although the Giants had a dismal beginning (losing their first three games) it wasnt long before they bounced back, winning the championship title just three years later! Since then the Giants have gone on to win six League Championships (including two Super Bowls), nine Conference Championships and thirteen Division Finals. Other memorable moments include:

  • The 1934 Sneakers Game One of the most famous football matches in NFL history took place in 1934 when the New York Giants took on the Chicago Bears during a regular season game at Polo Grounds. Adverse weather conditions had been hindering the Giants throughout the game until head coach Steve Owen came up with an idea. During half time he provided his players with basketball sneakers in order to increase traction and eliminate slippage. Sure enough, the Giants rebounded, scoring four touchdowns, ultimately upsetting the Bears 30-13.
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played The 1958 NFL Championship game between the New York Giants and the BALTIMORE Colts have been christened The Greatest Game Ever Played for a variety of reasons. Twelve future Hall of Fame members took to the field that afternoon to duke it out for gridiron supremacy, providing sports fans with endless excitement and edge-of-your seat drama. A game tying field goal sent this game into overtime, but the Giants continued to battle for the win. The Colts ended up victorious in the end as Johnny Unitas assisted Alan Ameche with a 1-yard winning touchdown plunge.

Off-Field Accolades

The New York Giants are proud to be an active part of the New York City community assisting with a variety of charitable organizations and local projects. More than just a sports team, the New York Giants Organization is committed to the betterment of those living the New York/New Jersey area. AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rentals encourages you to support the Giants and their continual community involvement by checking out the Giants Foundation, which focuses on providing social and financial help for disadvantaged youth in the New York City area. Player Development programs and numerous other side-projects are currently underway in the Big Apple, so dont miss your chance to help make a difference. If you would like to learn more about other off-field projects please contact the Giants Community Relations Department.

All-Stars and Other Memorable Players

Over the years the New York Giants football squad has produce a variety of exceptional gridiron gods. Pro football Hall of Famers include tackle Roosevelt Rosey Brown, halfback Alphonse Tuffy Leemans, end Morris Red Badgro and linebacker Sam Huff. Stand-out players currently in the Giants roster include running back Tiki Barber, linebacker Antonio Pierce and quarter back Eli Manning.

If you would like to learn more about the New York Giants football squad AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rentals encourages you to visit the teams official website at AAMCAR New York Discount Car Rentals understands that nothing beats an afternoon of pulse-pounding football, so go ahead and reserve your game-day tickets today!


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