New York Discount Car Rental and the New York Film Festival

The 44th annual New York Film Festival is set to hit the city later this year, showcasing a handful of break out films and original pieces. This 17-day festival, which features the newest and most important cinematic works, currently ranks as one of the world’s leading international festivals, providing up and coming talents with international exposure and opportunities. Contemporary classics are often crowned at this award winning event, as the who’s who of Hollywood appear to promote their newest creations. Movie debuts at last years New York Film Festival included George Clooney’s, ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’, Bennett Miller’s ‘Capote’, and Dorota Kedzierzawska’s ‘I Am’. An exceptional line-up of films is expected to be announced for this years festival at any time now, as this years festival is set tentatively set for the end of September. AAMCAR New York Car Rentals encourages their customers to check out one, if not all of the films featured at this year’s festival, as the event often stimulates a ton of upcoming Oscar speculation. Hosted at a variety of venues across town, the New York Film Festival is sponsored in part by the HSBC Private Bank, The New York Times and Audi.

Last Year’s Festival

Las years New York Film Festival was a certified hit as hundreds of native New Yorkers and international travelers attended some of the season’s most exciting film releases. From ‘The Sun’ to ‘The President’s Last Bang’, the New York Film Festival continued to wow audiences with sold out presentations and a stellar Hollywood style turnout. Spectators at the two week long event were treated to numerous Oscar-worthy films, many of which included award-winning actors and contemporary screen legends. Little known actors also made huge waves at this international event, through ground breaking performances in ‘Bubble’, ‘Regular Lovers’ and ‘Paradise Now’. Numerous special events were also held at last years festivities including numerous documentary films and exclusive presentations. Short films were also unveiled at the 2005 New York International Film Festival, many of which chose to focus on international themes. Top short film screenings at the festival included ‘Heyday, an Afghan in Tehran’, ‘Machulenco’, and ‘Your Dark Hair Ihsan’.

This Years Festival

Although there hasn’t been much announced about this years festival it is highly probable that the program will be as successful, if not more successful than last years presentation! Potential AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ customers are encouraged to watch for early bird ticket releases which will be appearing shortly on the Lincoln Center website at Simply search ‘New York Film Festival’ on the site to see exclusive ticket offers and other film festival event packages. AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ clients can also watch select short film snippets from the 43rd Annual New York Film Festival, which are made exclusively available at

To learn more about last years New York Film Festival, or to keep tabs on upcoming announcements for the 2006 festival, please stay tuned to the official New York Film Festival website at AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ clients may also be interested in checking out any one of the Lincoln Center’s special tribute programs, which run sporadically throughout the year. Last year’s programs included a Gala Tribute to Dustin Hoffman, events with Woody Allen, Tim Burton and Ralph Fiennes, as well as a Young Friends of Film Evening with Campbell Scott. To learn more about Lincoln Center cinematic events please feel free to contact the Lincoln Society of Film via the Walter Reade Theater Visitor Information Customer Service Helpline at 212-875-5367. AAMCAR New York Car Rentals’ clients can all call the automated information like at 212-875-5600 to learn about upcoming events or programs.


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