New York Car Rentals and The Fantasticks Musical

Visit the longest-running musical in the world with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Rentals Company. Since it’s opening on May 3, 1960, when Dwight Eisenhower was still president of the United Stages, the Fantasticks Musical has been serving up outstanding performances, one after the other to audiences. Despite the previous events of May 1960 including the struggle for black equality, the Vietnam War, the drug generation, the woman’s liberation movement, efforts to save the environment, and the energy crisis, the modest musical still managed to survive and thrive year after year in thousands of American cities and towns as well as dozens of foreign countries. Decades later, the Fantastick is still a simple sweet musical comedy with its honest cast and production that should be seen by everyone who decides to visit New York. The Fantasticks is a American musical theatre miniature sized gem. So on your travels with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR, they highly recommend that you see the timeless Fantastick musical to complete your perfect trip.

Hitting the perfect note one show at a time

With your New York car rentals company AAMCAR Rentals Company enjoy a production with your entire family. The Fantastick stays true to its original convention production of small minimalist platform stage, simple and colorful carnivalesque props and costumes, and uncomplicated musical accompaniment. In fact from, 1960 to 2002 The Fantasticks played 17, 152 performances at off-Broadway’s Sullivan Street Theater. It started the “small musical movement”. See the improvements that the Fantasticks have achieved today with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR.

The story of the Fantastick

Be pulled in towards the Fantasticks intimate performance by the singers and flawless piano scores. The excellent musical supervision keeps the production moving on smoothly. Make sure to take note of the harp playing which gives the show a mystical feel that sweeps the audience when you visit with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR. Narrated by the mysterious El Gallo, the musical’s famous opening song is “Try to Remember”. Afterwards audience will see the romance between the teenage hormone driven leads Luisa and Matt. However they eventually find out that their mutual attraction was due to reverse psychology, premeditation on both their father’s part. Typical of teenager behavior, they break up their relationship as soon as they discover the plot. The teenage boy, Matt runs off, while Luisa says at home in search of forbidden romance. Later on however, they both realize that what they really want is each other. The couples mature and through the realities of love they finally return to each other

Some highlights of the Fantasticks…

When you see the Fantasticks with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR make sure to note some of these key points,

  • The melodies of Try to Remember, Soon It’s Gonna Rain, Plant a Radish, and Much More? are some of the Fantasticks’ best pieces.
  • The poetic play Les Romanesques actually is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  • No matter where you decide to see the Fantasticks in New York with your New York car rentals company AAMCAR the stage setting will always be minimal, sometimes with only just a bed-sheet hung between two poles, a couple of trunks, a bench, a chair, and a sprinkle of confetti (for a youthful atmosphere).
  • Most of the performances of the Fantasticks will have no amplified sound, no wires or mikes or any other unsightly gizmo attached to the actors body. This consideration allows for the performers true voice to be heard, allowing the purest notes to reach the audience ears.

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