New York Car Rentals and Cooking with Class

Have you ever noticed how food affects your mood? How certain flavors can infuse your life with freshness and fun? Well, your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation is yet another opportunity to experience the creativity of cooking thanks to Cooking With Class culinary courses. The Big Apple has always been on the cutting edge of kitchen creativity, and now you can too with the help of Janeen A. Sarlin and the Cooking With Class team. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals are encouraged to toss on an apron and explore a world of tastes and textures inside Janeen’s East End Avenue studio, creating a colossal collection of dishes and delicacies. Whether you’re already a whiz in the kitchen, or a budding amateur, you’re sure to pick up a technique or two after just one session. From appetizers to desserts, you’ll find all the best recipes at Cooking With Class so call today to book your seat. All of Janeen’s classes are full-participation and hands-on, so get ready to whip up something wonderful during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation.

Meet the Master Chef

Janeen A. Sarlin has been cooking with class her entire life. So, what better way to show off her talents then by opening a culinary studio? Cooking With Class came into fruition back in 1975, providing local New Yorkers and visitors with an exciting adventure into the art of food. Janeen’s cooking philosophy is extremely unique, combining a mix of small town Minnesota techniques and NYC style. Participants in the Cooking With Class program will find nothing but the freshest ingredients in Janeen’s kitchen, not too mention some of the city’s most innovative meal ideas. Trained by world-class chefs, Janeen continues to keep her culinary IQ up-to-date by studying alongside a number of local master cooks. And don’t be surprised is Janeen looks familiar: she’s published seven cookbooks and regularly submits cooking columns to local NYC newspapers. Her skills in the kitchen are beyond compare, so what’s holding you back? Call Janeen today to see how you can get your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation really cooking.

Cooking 101: Select the class that’s right for you

Cooking With Class currently offers a number of exciting culinary classes. All classes are held inside Janeen’s “corporate kitchen” ensuring a professional yet intimate atmosphere for first time chefs. Every class takes full advantage of the available professional equipment as well as the ample counter space. Courses at Cooking With Class are broken down into three part semester arrangements. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals can take one, two or all three of courses, depending on how long they plan to be in the city. Seasonal classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm. Fees are $110 per person, per class. Each class has a maximum of eight participants, so be sure to call and reserve your spot as soon as possible. Upcoming classes include an Autumnal Dinner Party, Thanksgiving Turkey & The Trimmings, and a Holiday Eve Buffet Dinner Party. Past classes have included a Romantic Dinner for Two or More, Hearty Soups, Salads and Wholesome Sandwiches and a Bounty of the Harvest Dinner.

Has all this talk about cooking got you craving a culinary creation of your own? Well, now’s the time to call and book your spot at Janeen’s next Cooking With Class course. For reservations at an upcoming demonstration or to learn more about specific menu offerings, please call Janeen at 1-212-517-8514. Customers of AAMCAR New York Car Rentals can also email Janeen at Janeen’s Cooking With Class courses are recommend by Wine Spectator Magazine. All classes are held inside the kitchen at 110 East End Avenue. For more details please log onto the official Cooking With Class website at

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