Car Rental New York and The Color Purple

The Color Purple is a Broadway musical based on the novel by Alice Walker. This is one of the most critically acclaimed musicals playing at the moment, and worth a stop with your car rental in New York.

Working the land until you can’t anymore

The story takes place in a time and place far from your car rental in New York. It goes back to 1909 in Georgia with a 14 year-old girl pregnant for the second time. When the girl, Celie, goes into labor, her baby is immediately taken from her. A few years later, a local farmer needs a wife and Celie is offered by her father and Celie is separated from her sister Nettie. Nettie eventually flees from her father, but when Celie’s husband tries to make advances on her and she resists, Nettie is cast from the house and is never to return. The sisters are separated.

Become part of this family affair

Celie’s husband’s son, Harpo, grows up and falls in love with a woman who he eventually marries. Harpo is told by his father that he needs to beat his wife, Sofia, into submission. Even Celie, who has suffered abuse her whole life, agrees that this is the way to make a woman listen. And when Harpo tries to beat his wife, he finds that her will is even stronger than his. Sofia confronts Celie, but finds that she has suffered years of cruelty. Sofia’s sisters come to take her away, and she tries to get Celie to flee with her.

The affair goes deeper

Soon, Shug Avery comes to town, the longtime lover of Celie’s husband. Shug is very sick and is brought home for Celie to take care of. Celie begins to experience feelings of attraction for Shug and they begin to explore their new love. At the end of the first act, Celie gets a letter from her long-lost sister. Soon, Celie discovers the hidden letters from her sister over the years. Celie learns that Nettie traveled to Africa with the family that adopted Celie’s babies and they are now living in Africa. Time passes and Shug discovers that Celie is very angry with God. Shug asks Celie to go to Memphis and leave her husband. In Memphis Celie learns that she has a natural gift for making pants. In the end, Celie realizes that she has found love in herself.

Plan your visit

Coming to see The Color Purple with your car rental in New York is not for everyone. There are a lot of mature themes in this play and it is not for younger audiences. The issue of rape, wife beating, love, and religion all come into play during this play. The play has won numerous awards and the movie is very well-known. Just be aware when you come of who will be seeing it.

The Color Purple is a great play to see with your car rental in New York. It is a classic American movie made into a Broadway musical and features great songs, a great cast, and a very interesting story.

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