New York Discount Car Rental and Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is a concert venue in New York City located at 57th Street and Seventh Avenue. It is known as a great place for classical and popular music due to its beauty and good acoustics. Each year, there are about 100 performances in three different auditoriums. This is a great place to see in New York City with your car rental.

The building is named after Andrew Carnegie, who paid for its construction. Carnegie enjoyed the New York Symphony Orchestra, and he wanted a venue for them to play. In 1960, the building was almost demolished when the New York Philharmonic moved to the Lincoln Center. The building was supposed to be destroyed, but many people fought to save the building. The City of New York bought the building and renovated it in the 1980s, and a new building has been added next door with offices and commercial space.

The Main Hall is known as the Stern Auditorium seats 2804 people on five levels. This is an enormous auditorium, with some of the greatest performers of classical music playing here. It opened in 1891, showcasing soloists, conductors, and ensembles. “It has been said that the hall itself is an instrument,” said the late Isaac Stern, for whom the auditorium was named for. “It takes what you do and makes it larger than life

There are also two smaller halls, the Zankel Hall, which seats 599 people, and the Weil Recital Hall, which seats 268 people. The Zankel Hall just recently reopened in 2003 after being converted into a cinema in 1959. In addition to these halls, there is the Rose Museum and the Carnegie Hall Archives in the offices located in the building next door.

You dont have to see a concert to see Carnegie Hall. Tours are available when you are in town with a New York car rental. You can learn about the history of Carnegie Hall and the great artists who have performed here. Tours are given Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. Tours last about an hour. Parking is available at Carnegie Hall for your New York car rental.

Public transportation is available nearby, as well as parking garages for your New York car rental. The Entrance to the Stern Auditorium is off the main lobby. To get to the Weill Recital Hall, take the entrance at 154 West 57th Street. To get to the Zankel Hall, the entrance is located on Seventh Avenue between 56th and 57th Street.


When driving by Carnegie Hall in your New York car rental, the architecture will stand out. It was one of the last large buildings in the city to be built entirely of masonry, without a steel frame. Additions in the 20th century have added steel frames around those areas however. The exterior has a Roman look to it, with terracotta and brownstone details. Inside the foyer, there is Baroque-style decor. There is a vaulted ceiling, with arched openings and Corinthian pilasters that support an unbroken cornice. The interior is done in white and gold, a fabulous sight. This is a great place to see for American architecture with your New York car rental.

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