Safe Driving in NYC

So what’s the first thing people notice when they come to visit New York City? Is it the breathtaking skyline, the beauty of Central Park, or maybe the glitz and glam of Times Square? Maybe, but I’m willing to bet there’s something else even MORE noticeable than the above things give up? It’s the TRAFFIC!

New York City is known worldwide for its jam-packed streets and complicated road signage. If this is your first time driving a New York City rental car you may want to check out AAMCAR’s Getting Around NYC page for tips on how to deal with rush hour traffics and intersections. If you’re looking for some more safety hints on keeping your cool while driving in NYC look no further; we at AAMCAR understand that safety is important to our New York City rental car customers so we’ve taken the time to amass a bit of helpful advice for our visiting drivers.

  1. Buckle Up!
    Seatbelts were put in cars for a reasons people, so be sure to take advantage of that. Be sure to buckle up and make sure that all of your passengers are strapped in safely too. In the unlikely case of an accident you’ll be glad you did!
  2. Watch out for Taxicabs!
    New York is literally CLOGGED with these yellow roadhogs. Even though they’re entitled to the same laws as you and I, they don’t always act like it. So be sure to always yield and let them go ahead even though you may not always want to.
  3. Turn on your Headlights!
    Be sure to turn the headlights of your New York car rental on once dusk has fallen. This will help both your visibility and the visibilities of others on the road. Plus it’s the law.
  4. Don’t Gridlock the Flow of Traffic!
    Blocking the flow of traffic is by far one of the most common problems when driving in NYC. When you’re approaching an intersection don’t continue through the light unless you are positive that you can make it completely through in time. If there is already a back up of cars in the intersection, please don’t fall in behind; stop behind the road markings and wait for the next light. Many accidents can be avoided by simply exercising patience.
  5. Don’t Open Your Car Windows to Strangers!
    New York, just like any other big city, is full of roadside window washers and other entrepreneurs. Although it’s difficult to say no to these people it’s just safer to keep the doors locked and windows rolled up on your New York car rental. Not all the people who approach your car do it out of the best intentions.
  6. The Art of Parking!
    Finding a safe spot to park your New York car rental is relatively easy if you know the simple rules to follow
  • Be sure to park near a source of light; this could be a street lamp, or a store front. Studies have show that cars parked in lighted areas are less likely to be chosen as a potential target.
  • Make sure that all valuables are out of sight within the car. Don’t leave any of your days shopping sitting in the backseat or your purse on the dashboard. Thieves are looking for easy smash and grab targets so don’t become a statistic.
  • Lock your doors and roll up your windows! It may sound pretty self apparent but lots of people for one reason or another, often forget this obvious safety feature. So make sure to take a moment before you head up to your hotel room to double check your New York car rental. A few extra seconds to walk around your car can save you lots of pain in the future.


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