New York Car Rentals and Newark International Airport

The Newark International Airport is located a short New York car rental drive from Manhattan. A 20 to 60 minute drive, depending on traffic, will take you the 18 miles from Midtown Manhattan to the Newark Airport, and then it’s just a matter of time before you’re traveling the world! The Newark International Airport is found in New Jersey and is operated by the Port Authority of New York. Your New York adventure begins upon your arrival at Newark International, so in order to get yourself oriented with the airport AAMCAR has designed an informative page all about EWR. AAMCAR also has two other New York Airport pages with great information on John F. Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

The Newark International Airport opened in 1928 as the regions first major airport. EWR (another name for Newark International) is now 2,027 acres large and one of the biggest airports in New York. The central terminal area is a 425 acre oval and consists of three main buildings. Over the last 15 years the Newark Airport Terminals have gone through extensive renovations to help make your traveling experience even better!

Terminal A

Terminal A at Newark Airport has gone through a variety of “re-lifting” programs to help beautiful and organize key components of the building. Airline ticket counters, and gates have been relocated for the convenience of travelers, while new and improved food, beverage and specialty shops have also been installed. In 1995 American Airlines completed a huge expansion in Terminal A which included lighter and brighter amenities and finishes. Major airlines that have a home in Terminal A include Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Continental, and other domestic flights.

Terminal B

Terminal B went under a modernization process in 1992 with new concessions and new passenger service facilities. Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines went through a variety of upgrades, along with Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, and British Airways in 1996. The total modernization of Newark’s Terminal B was completed in 2002 when new escalators, revolving doors and freight sized elevators were installed, making it easier for you to transport your baggage from the terminal to the parking garage and your New York car rental. Major airlines that operate out of Terminal B at Newark include international flights on Air France, Czech Airlines, Air India and Air Jamaica.

Terminal C

Terminal C is one of the larger terminals at Newark with three linear concourses that accommodate 60 gates. These concourses offer such amenities as food, beverage and retail shops. Terminal C is also home to the Global Gateway Project which was launched by Continental in 1998. This $800 million project was geared towards making Terminal C more accessible to busy travelers; two levels of New York car rental vehicle drop off space was added for departing passengers, along with new baggage handling facilities and much more. Terminal C allows passenger traveling on Continental international flights to connect with domestic airlines without leaving the building, making connections easy and hassle free. Major airlines that are based in Terminal C include Continental and Express Jet.

Parking at Newark

The Newark International Airport has plenty of parking facilities for you and your New York car rental including valet parking, short term parking, daily parking and economy long-term parking. There are also numerous parking areas reserved for disabled travelers, which are close to each terminal entrance. Parking ranges from $3 to $36 dollars, and all have been proven safe. The Newark Airport also offers an E-Z Pass parking systems along with Free shuttle buses every 10 to 15 minutes between all three terminals.

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