New York Philharmonic

Considered to be the oldest and most influential orchestra in the United States, the New York Philharmonic has played an important role in shaping the nations musical history. Founded in 1842 by a group of local New York musicians, the New York Philharmonic has been in operation for nearly two thirds of the nations history, performing thousands of concerts and events the world over. The orchestra currently plays about 180 concerts a year, most of which are showcased in the Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center. Since its inception the orchestra has continued to wow audiences with its vibrant renditions of classical cords, so dont miss your chance to experience one of the worlds greatest musical groups live during your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City rent-a-car vacation! Reserve your seats now and get set to experience music like never before!

Philharmonic Firsts

The New York Philharmonic prides itself on being one of the worlds most prominent orchestral groups, often giving the first performances of many of the worlds most important works. First at the Philharmonic have included:

  • Dvoraks Symphony No. 9, From the New World
  • Rachmaninoffs Piano Concerto No. 3 (with the composer at the keyboard)
  • Gershwins Concerto in F
  • Coplands Connotations

American premieres by the New York Philharmonic have also included Beethovens Symphonies Nos. 8 and 9, as well as the Brahmss Symphony No. 4. One of the most important productions ever performed by the New York Philharmonic took place during the 2002-03 subscription season when John Adamss On the Transmigration of Souls (written in memory of those lost on September 11th 2001) was presented opening night.

Officially housed in New York Citys legendary Carnegie Hall until 1962, the New York Philharmonic can now be experienced at the Avery Fisher Hall compound within the Lincoln Center. The group had intended to return to Carnegie Hall in 2006 due to frustration with hall services and facilities, but an agreement was eventually reached, keeping the Philharmonic at the Lincoln Center. If youve never visited the Lincoln Center please feel free to utilize the following AAMCAR Car Rentals New York City directions:

  • The Lincoln Center is located within the Times Square district of Manhattan, on Broadway between West 62nd and West 65th Streets. The entranceway into the New York Philharmonics Avery Fisher Hall is located on the north side of the Center at the intersection of Broadway and 65th Street. It is worth noting that 24-hour paring is available at the Center, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City travelers with safe and secure parking options.
  • About the Philharmonic

    The New York Philharmonic is currently comprised of some 106 virtuoso musicians and is directed by famed conductor Lorin Maazel. The orchestra, which is broken into five distinct music segments, (the strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and keyboards), also features a myriad of behind the stage personnel and archive librarians, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City customers with the very best sound and lighting experience. Since its inception in 1842, the New York Philharmonic has featured many distinguished conductors including legendary composer Gustav Mahler, Arturo Toscanini, Bruno Walter and Leopold Stokowski. Laurel Maazel recently took over the conducting duties in 2003, replacing German pianist and composer Kurt Masur.

    The Avery Fisher Theater is designed with exceptional sound and acoustic range, providing AAMCAR Car Rental New York City customers with tons of toe tapping rhythm and melancholy melodies. Various other features can be located within and around the Avery Fisher Theater/Lincoln Center compound including first-class restaurants, award winning theater and designer label shopping.

    AAMCAR Car Rental New York City customers are invited to experience classical music at its best during their upcoming Big Apple adventure, so dont delay and reserve your tickets today! Subscription information can be found online at the New York Philharmonics official website,, or by calling the Avery Fisher Theater at 212-875-5900.

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