Museum of Modern Art

New York City is home to some of the best museums in the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, commonly called the MoMa. Located in a newly renovated building on W53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, the MoMA is undoubtedly one of the must-see attractions in New York City. With over 100,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, displays, drawings and architectural models theres plenty to see and experience at the MoMa, so dont miss your chance to witness it first hand! Countless collections are housed at the Museum of Modern Art including masterpieces like Pablo Picassos Les Demoiselles dAvignon, Vincent Van Goghs Starry Night and even Piet Mondrains Broadway Boogie-Woogie! The MoMa offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view original artworks in a majestic environment, so be sure to stop by in your New York City car rental, youll certainly regret it if you dont!

Visiting the Museum of Modern Art in NYC is a full day affair, so be sure to plan your vacation itinerary appropriately. Theres been quite a buzz since the MoMAs returned to Midtown Manhattan, (it held a short two year stint in Queens as a new building was under construction) thanks to Yoshio Taniguchis revolutionary gallery design. Branching rooms and expansive quarters showcase everything from Cezanne to Rauschenburg. This 600,000 square foot facility is almost as beautiful as the art found inside to be sure to revel in its beauty afer leaving your New York City car rental, before entering the museum. Integrated granite, glass and aluminum facades give this building an elegant and sophisticated air, while at the same time maintaining its modern feel.

MoMa History

The Museum of Modern Art was opened in the later 1920s thanks to three influential art patrons Miss Lillie Bliss, Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan and Mrs. John Rockefeller Jr. These three forward thinking women were dedicated to creating a museum devoted exclusively to modern art, challenging the conservative policies of most other traditional museums. The founding Director of the Museum of Modern Art was Alfred H. Barr Jr., a man who shared in the ladies vision. New York City fell in love with the MoMA as soon as it opened to the public in 1929, much to the delight of Bliss, Sullivan and Rockefeller. Today the MoMA continues to push the envelope of artist acceptance, displaying a wide variety of modern works, including some very contemporary names.

Inside the Museum of Modern Art

Inside the MoMA youll find more than just amazing artworks, awe-inspiring sculptures and fabulous prints. Inside the MoMA are exquisite restaurants and cafs, brilliant shops and wonderful audio programs that are perfect for all types of visitors. So park that New York City car rental and prepare to spend the day marveling at all sorts of beautiful creations including your lunchtime snack! Eateries located within the Museum of Modern Art include:

  • Caf 2
  • The Modern
  • Terrace 5

Upcoming Exhibits at the MoMA

If youre planning on reserving your New York City car rental during the months of June, July, August or September, expect to see these wonderful exhibits on display at the MoMA:

  • Friedlander
    This exhibit features countless photographs by world-renowned photographer Lee Friedlander.
  • Pioneering Modern Painting: Cezanne and Pissarro 1865-1885
    This major exhibit displays the work of Cezanne and Pissarro in the context of their distinct artist relationship.
  • Mount St. Helens: Photographs by Frank Gohlke
    This exhibit includes 43 black and white photographs chronically the aftermath of the violent 1980 volcanic eruption.

If you would like more information on the Museum of Modern Art feel free to visit the museum online at This interactive website offers online galleries, ticket information and beautiful e-cards, so surf on over and check it out before visiting the MoMA in your New York City car rental!

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