Car Rental Manhattan and The Hudson River

Traveling through New York City and New York State in your Manhattan car rental is a wonderful experience thanks to the scenic views and looming skyscrapers. One of the most prominent natural features found within the state of New York is that of the Hudson River; a long meandering waterway running which partially forms the boundary between New York City and the state of New Jersey. Named after Henry Hudson, the Hudson River and its two tributaries are a vital part of New York as they help to drain large areas of residential and commercial land. Although the river was discovered by Giovann da Verrazano in 1524, Henry Hudson was the first Englishman to set sail down the waterway as early European settle began to gather in and around the prominent riverbanks.

Geography of the Hudson River

The Hudson Rivers official source of water is from Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds, which is located way up in the Adirondack Mountains. The Hudson (also known as the North River in parts of NYC) is a long and curvaceous river flowing south towards the Atlantic Ocean. Responsible for one of the busiest and most productive ports in American, (New York Harbor), the Hudson River is an extremely valuable asset for the entire country. Since 18825 the Hudson River has been connected to Lake Erie via the Erie Canal, creating a thriving shipping community between the Great Lakes and even Europe!

Crossing the Hudson River in your Manhattan Car Rental

The Hudson River may be beautiful and serene, but in a world dependent on automotive travel, its really just a big roadblock! But dont worry; major feats of engineering over the last few centuries have enabled the hard working citizens of NYC and New Jersey to span the Hudson in a variety of different locations both above and under ground! From the George Washington Bridge and Verrazano-Narrows to the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, New York has found a way to coexist with their watery neighbor, without causing too much local damage. The following bridges and tunnels are just a few of the major crossings found along the Hudson River:

  • The Holland tunnel between Midtown Manhattan and Jersey City this tunnel requires a fee when traveling eastbound in your Manhattan car rental
  • The George Washington Bridge expect a small toll when entering New York City in your Manhattan car rental
  • The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge this bridge spans the widest point of the Hudson River, connecting Nyack with Tarrytown

Points of Interest Located along the Hudson River

There are a variety of wonderful tourist attractions located along the Hudson River spanning from historic Forts to Technological Institutes! A trip along the Hudson River is a great way to spend an afternoon in your Manhattan car rental, so grab a map and get going! The following attractions are great places to stop for photos or a snack, so be sure to print them off before embarking on your Manhattan car rental journey!

  • West Point The West Point United States Military Academy is located along the west bank of the Hudson River just north of NYC. Notable graduates from West point include the famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Duke University Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.
  • Bannermans Castle Located on Pollepel Island in the middle of the Hudson River, Bannermans Castle is one of the few properties left in the US which can properly be called a castle. Although built in the style of a castle, Bannermans is really and abandoned military surplus warehouse.
  • Liberty State Park Located in Jersey City, Liberty State Park is a 1,212 acre recreational area along the Hudson River. The Park offers magnificent views of American icons like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, so be sure to stop by in your Manhattan car rental.

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