Car Rental New York City and Grand Central Station

Ill meet you at Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station (or Terminal) is by far one of the largest transportation hubs in all of the United States. More than just train tracks, Grand Central Station is a thruway for millions of travelers each week. Built in 1913, Grand Central Station is a must-see for anyone new to the Big Apple so be sure to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. Stunning architecture and amazing dcor awaits you inside this American gem, so dont miss your opportunity to check it out first hand! Whether youre planning a train trip, or just stopping by to see the sights, Grand Central Station is bound to take your breath away, so dont delay and plan on visiting this historic train station today!

About The Architecture of Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is a monumental terminal located in the heart of New York City. Constructed by the New York and Harlem Railroad Company, the Grand Central station is designed in a fashion of Beaux-Art. The buildings faade features large arches flanked by Corinthian arches, along with a group of sculpted Grecian gods depicting the terminals strength and importance. Be sure to take a few moments and snap some pictures of this monumental entrance before parking your AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car, as there is no other entryway quite like it in the world! Once inside the terminal prepare for high ceilings and impressive architecture. The Main Concourse is 470 feet long, 160 feet wide and 150 feet high, providing visitors with an awe-inspiring American gateway. The immaculate ceiling was painted by French artist Paul Helleu depicting numerous zodiac constellations. Over 2,500 twinkling stars can now be seen thanks to the stations extensive restoration, so be sure to take a moment and snap some pictures. Restoration has also helped revamp the gorgeous Botticino marble staircase, which connects the Main Concourse to the Vanderbilt Avenue entrance.

Rebuilding a Masterpiece

Grand Central Station is the last original monumental train hub in the United States. Thanks to landmark preservation laws and unprecedented city support, the Grand Central Station has escaped the wrecking ball to carry on the legacy and romance of train travel in the US. Since 1994 the station has been undergoing an intense restoration headed by the acclaimed firms of LaSalle Partners and Williams Jackson Ewing. Chosen by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for there immaculate work on Washingtons Union Station, LaSalle and Ewing has achieved immense success adding a new entrance to Grand Central Station along with a retail mall and food courts. LaSalle and Ewing also opted to adorn the Lexington Avenue and 43rd Street entrance with the original 1898 Grand Central Station Eagle sculpture, so be sure to keep an eye out for it when driving by in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car!

What Makes Grand Central Station So. Grand?

Grand Central Station has become a national icon thanks to the amazing architecture and expert area design. More than just a train terminal, Grand Central Station was designed like a city within the city, incorporating not just the new rail station but also numerous buildings and apartments. Known as Terminal City during construction, the Grand Central Station Project paid special attention to traffic circulation and pedestrian safety. Driving your AAMCAR Car Rental New York City car rental is easy here thanks to elevated ramps and separated lanes. Over 180 buildings were demolished during the 10 years it took to create Grand Central Station, providing space for one of the citys most revered landmarks and attractions.

Admission to Grand Central Station is free, so please feel free to stop by in your upcoming AAMCAR Car Rental New York City rent-a-car. For more information on tours and terminal services please feel free to visit the stations official website at

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