Car Rental New York City and Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach has long been one of New York Citys most popular immigrant neighborhoods, providing a haven of safety for hundreds of thousands of migrating souls. Best known for its Russian background and tough-guy image, Brighton Beach is now home to a kaleidoscope of culture, enticing AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers with old world flare and authentic flavor. Located in southeast Brooklyn, Brighton Beach is spiritually, linguistically and physiologically removed from much of NYC life creating an intriguing atmosphere for AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers. Known as Little Odessa (most of the former inhabitants settled here from Odessa), Brighton Beach inspires nostalgia quite unlike any other neighborhood in the city. Located within minutes of Coney Island, Brighton Beach is definitely worth a visit during your upcoming AAMCAR New York Car Rentals vacation.

For decades people have been traveling to Brighton Beach in order to chase the American dream; Ukrainian and Russian Jews moved here in order to escape anti-Semitism in their home countries; Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican and Pakistan immigrants made the move in hopes of finding something more; and more recent post-Soviet travelers have come to stake a claim on what has quickly become an extension of their now-defunct homeland. Alienating and invigorating all at once, Brighton Beach is a great vacation destination for international AAMCAR New York Car Rental customers looking to find comfort in family sights, sounds, smells and tastes. An immigrant community since 1868, Brighton Beach welcomed its first major surge of immigrant residents during World War II, and then again in the late 1970s. An important part of New York Citys past, present and future, Brighton Beach is home to numerous one-of-a-kind attractions, eateries and venues designed to mix old world sophistication with new world spunk.

Things to See and Do in Brighton Beach

Hungry AAMCAR New York Car Rental customers are bound to enjoy an afternoon in Brighton Beach thanks to the neighborhoods unbelievable array of freshly prepared pastries, meats, pastas and pies. Layer upon layer of diversity and ethnicity is reflected in the areas gourmet food shops, so go ahead and grab something tasty during your upcoming trip. Lamb stews, shashlik kebabs, walnut-stuffed eggplant and meat-filled xhingali dumplings are just a few of the recommended specialties! AAMCAR New York Car Rentals encourages travelers to stop in at the Kashkar Caf, owned and operated by Muslim Uighurs from western China; M & I International Foods, which features some of the citys freshest Bulgarian cheeses; and Primorski Restaurant, a Georgia-owned Russian eatery.

After youve filled up on some of the citys tasty cooking remember to hit up the Brighton Beach boardwalk in order to enjoy some friendly conversation and stunning views. Home to ocean air and charming pubs, the Brighton Beach Boardwalk provides AAMCAR New York Car Rental travelers with an exciting atmosphere of midday bustle and evening energy. Family vacationers are also encouraged to visit the Brighton Beach Playground, which is often overflowing with high-sakes chess tournaments and impromptu games of pick-up basketball. When the sun starts to set AAMCAR ENW York Car Rentals encourages travelers to check out anyone of the citys famed entertainment/eatery venues which often feature live music from around the world. Top picks include the Vegas-themed National at 273 Brighton Beach Avenue, and Ocean Parkways nautically inclined Gambrinus.

An exciting vacation destination for AAMCAR New York Car Rental travelers of all backgrounds and beliefs, Brighton Beach is an important part of NYCs multi-faceted makeup. A short drive is all that separates you and your New York car rental crew from and entirely different dimension of Big Apple living, so what are you waiting for! Grab some friends and get ready to explore the exciting atmosphere that is Brighton Beach!

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