New York Discount Car Rental and the Apple Store SoHo

Do you like technology? Are you a gadget and gizmo fanatic? If you like electronics and all of the latest technology out there, the Apple Store SoHo is the place for you to check out. Its a great place to shop for gifts or even to indulge yourself with all of the latest trends and some of the greatest deals. On your upcoming Manhattan car rental vacation, check out the Apple Store, which was opened in 2002 in an old SoHo post office. Everything you see today is about Apple and it truly is an Apple world out there nowadays. The Apple Store has served over 5 million customers in just a short period of time, so get there fast to discover all of the fun and exciting new things available. This store is sleek and modern to keep up with everything inside of it. It has been packed with people looking for all of the newest and fanciest gadgets around and the Apple Store has it all. Visit this store on your Manhattan car rental vacation for all of your mysterious desires.

Take it all for a test drive

Each floor of the Apple Store is unique and has different services and devices to offer. On the first floor of the store, there are all of Apples hardware contributions. If you are looking for music, movies, home or photos, you have come to the right place. Ever since the introduction of the iPod, business has been booming at the Apple Stores and things have only gotten better. Each section on the first floor has related accessories like iPods, headphones and speakers that can be found in the music area. You can also find printers, cartridges and cameras in the photo section. Please feel free to test out the technology and all of the fun and interesting new things you discover. The staff at the Apple Store understands that you wouldnt want to buy anything if you didnt know how it worked. So, sit down and try out a computer or put on some headphones and test out your new MP3 player. On your next Manhattan car rental trip, you can enter a world of wonders at the Apple Store in New York.


Dont forget to go up to the second level of the store, Manhattan car rental customers. If you have any questions or comments about anything, this is the floor you need to go to. The second floor contains software, scanners, printers and other accessories you might need to fashion your home. If you are bringing children along, feel free to bring them upstairs to the childrens section. There are tables, comfy seats and computers with kids games on them for your children to enjoy. If you have a question about your merchandise, come up to the Genius Bar which offers technical support to you, Manhattan car rental customers. The second floor also has many more items including an iPod corner, a little business center and a theater. No, this is not just a normal theater playing a movie of the week. This theater lets you have tutorials on how to use or set up your gadgets and it allows you to have some free educational training. With the amazing service, great educational help and all of the things to choose from at the Apple Store, why not check it out and see what you can find? The Apple Store is open Monday-Wednesday from 9:30am-8:00pm and Thursday-Friday from 9:30am-9:00pm. It is also open on Sundays from 10:00am-7:00pm. Visit the Apple Store on your future Manhattan car rental vacation and discover the unimaginable.

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